Monday, March 25, 2019

Comparitive Essay On Ladies Shoes :: essays research papers

Shoes have incessantly been something that women want to go shopping for. Over the latter part of this century, it has beseem more likely for women to buy many shoes because of the growing regeneration of shoe fashion. Shoe producers have taken advantage of this growing mutation to create as many types of shoes as they heap. Ladies shoes can be classified into three categories audacious shoes, evenhandedly priced shoes, and expensive shoes.The send-off types of ladies shoes argon the threepenny shoes. First, cheap shoes usually price anywhere from twenty-five dollars to around sixty dollars. They atomic number 18 often on sale because of large quantities stocked by department stores. These shoes are often sold out during sales because their prices are marked subject considerably to dress room for the next shipment of cheap shoes. Secondly, cheap shoes are low quality. Cheap shoes have really bad workmanship, for example they are easily ripped or torn, the soles often are non glued properly to the shoes, and each pair of shoes is a slightly different size. When cheaper shoes are manufactured the companies use precise cheap material such as low grade plastic, foam, burlesque leather, and coarsely woven fabric. Cheap shoes are generally not actually comfortable at all. Next, cheap shoes come in styles to appease to the economical customer. These customers are generally the very young and the very old, or those who cannot afford shoes that are more expensive. The most commonalty styles for cheap shoes are the slippers and the very low-heeled shoes for old women, and the high gear platforms that appeal to younger women.Moderately priced shoes are the second types of shoes. Firstly, pretty priced shoes can cost anywhere from sixty dollars to ninety-five dollars. They go on sale from time to time. They go on sale because the manufacturer has stopped producing that particular style of shoes, and the few sizes that are left in the store need to b e sold in order to make room for the next line of somewhat priced shoes. In addition, the quality of moderately priced shoes is generally far better than that of cheap shoes. The workmanship of moderately priced shoes is fairly good, for example less manufacturing defects, better craftsmanship on glued parts, and the shoes are more structurally sound than cheap shoes. Moderately priced shoes use higher quality materials in their shoes, such as leather for the upper portions of the shoes.

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