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Extent to which the child is the central image in Macbeth Essay

William Shakespeares Macbeth is filled with many vivid and take place images. Such imagery permeates the text and provides strong striking images which, when performed on stage, carry on firmly in the audiences minds. Many critics amaze proposed arguments expressing their opinion on what constitutes the key image in Macbeth. On reading the text, or maybe reflection the play, some of the images are more prominent than others. Images such as tear and darkness seem to hold most significance to the plot and to the themes. However, it is only with detailed reading that the image of the child is recognised as creation profoundly significant. On first reading, the image of the child may non even be considered, but through meticulous study, this image may become more prominent and prove to be the pivot on which Macbeths character swings, it also provides the dynamic which drives the plot forward. Blood is perhaps one of the most striking and gruesome recurring image in the play. Blood has both symbolic and literal meaning in Macbeth, whence it is widely recognised as one of the major motifs throughout the play. The rootage that is shed in Macbeth is a reminder of Macbeth and Lady Macbeths guilt, and it acts as a metaphorical stain on the Macbeths consciences. These recurring damn images play a particularly important role in scenes such as Act 2 Scene 2, when Macbeth returns from the scene of the crime carrying bally(a) daggers, and with his hands drenched in the King Duncans blood. Lady Macbeth withal has blood stained hands after she goes back to replace the daggers which her economise has brought back to their chamber. Blood also plays a key role in Act 5 scene 1 when guilt consumes Lady Macbeths mind and during her sleepwalking,... ...ace from day to dayTo the last syllable of recorded time,And all our yesterdays subscribe to lighted foolsThe way to dusty ending. (55 18-22)The image of dusty death, contrasts with the earlier images of fertility which abounded in the early scenes of the textI have begun to plant thee and will labourTo make thee full of growing. (14 28-29)Macbeths proto-lineal dreaming dies towards the end of the play. He comes to the conclusion that because he has failed in his ambition to found a dynasty, life is pointless. Macbeth sees no reason to live and the sense of utter hopelessness overwhelms him. Lady Macbeths demise signifies that Macbeths dynastic dream is dead. He now realises the futility of his crimes, his war on children 7, has been wholly in vain. For the babe signifies the future which Macbeth would control and cannot control. 8

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The Black Power Movement

The subdued post thrust During and after the days of Jim Crow, blacks in the United States were economically and socially oppressed. coloureds still faced lower compensation than whites, segregation of public amenities and racial discrimination. At this period many groups were created to challenge these injusticces. The Black Power sweat and the civilian Rights movement were alike because they both fought for equal rights and equal treatment for African Americans. However, they sought to get different goals and implemented different forms of action to achieve change. The cultivatedRights driveway fought for desegregation and believed in non-violence, while the Black Power Movement spurned integration for racial seperation (Jefferies, 2006). In this essay, I am going to go on discuss the tactics used by the Black Power Movement to gain change, and the accomplishements they achieved. Emerging after the civil rights movement of the 1950s, the Black Power Movement was argua bly one of the most influential and controversial movements of the twentieth century. Black Power as a political idea originated in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committe (SNCC) n the mid 1960s (Jeffereies, 2006). At this time a leader emerged by the name of Stokley Carmichael. Upon gaining leadership, Carmichael ejected white atoms and believed that the only centering to bring about change for blacks was to have an all black union. Stokleley Carmichael believed that Black Power would instill a fear in whites and love in blacks ( Carmichael, 1967). In 1966, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale formed the Black Panther Party for self Defense (BPP) in Oakland California. By the late 1960s, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating charge SNCC) and the Black Panther Party for Self Defense began to gain momentum. Martin Luther poove Jr imitated Ghandi and his use of non-violebnce to gain India independence from Great Britain. Because of the Civil Rights Momvement, in 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed and a year later the Voting Rights Act was passed, stop segregation and ultimately gave blacks the right to vote (Muse,1968). However, non-violent protestors were being beaten, cut with razors and knives, baking cigarettes and cigars were burnt into their arms and aces, they were spat upon and kicked to the floor, guardmen locked them up by the thousands into cramped unhealthy jails (Muse,1968). Even with the obvious progress, discrimination could not be eliminated. Many members of the SNCC grew well-worn of the non-violent approach used by King and other groups within the Civil Rights Organization. Increasing members of the SNCC had come to reject the moderate path of cooperation, integration and socialization of their elders (Ogbar,2005). Divisions grew betweeen the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Panther Movement. The eaders of the Black Power Movement argued that assimilation or integration robs blacks of their identity and dignity (Algernon, 2003). Malc om X, a member of the nation of Islam, believed that Africans historically fought to protect their lands, cultures and freedoms from European Colonists, and that to seek to integrate into a society that has stolen ones people and their wealth is an act of trick (Algernon, 2003). As a result, aggressively more radical voices came foward to challenge racial discrimination. Black Power advocates began to insist the Blacks carry guns and receive ilitary training in order to protect themselves. Members of the Panthers openly carried weapons and made death threats towards police officers. The Black Panthers sought to oppose police brutality in African American neighborhoods. Police Officers were frequently followed by armed Black Panthers The Black Panthers re-create violent protests which often resulted in the death of Panthers and Police officers. From 1967 to 1969, nine police officers were killed and 56 were wounded in confrontations with the panthers (Marine, 1969

Meaning to Human Life Essay

Is in that respect any meaning to human life? After listening to the outset two lectures I gathered what I felt to be professor Amrbosios definitions of the milling machinery and the saint. I took notes and after going back finished and reading them it helped me to put a few things together. He asks the question round whether or not human existence is meaning(prenominal) or absurd. We die in a hostile and deadly environment so we endeavour to find our purpose and meaning so we have some reason of security. It is a defense mechanism. Why is there so much unworthy in this world? We have the practised and the bad.The good being our kind parents and the soldiers who put their lives at risk to defend our freedom and our lives. But and then you have the bad and the evil such as the homeless raft and the terrorist attacks and the holocaust. It is unfair how there are so more people with secret code and living on the streets when there are just as many people who have much m ore then they need to survive.The hero and the saint represent traits that can and will be inherited and passed on across different cultures and over clock time. The hero and the saint are metaphors that gentleman have used to search for the meaning of life. With the hero, reality is formed and compulsive by the struggle of humans.They believe in honor and self-esteem along with self-fulfillment and admiration. They always run up against bad things and they believe the good guys will come in last. The Saint believes that reality is made up of our personal and loving relationships. These relationships are based around unconditional organized religion. They determine like humans really have no goal simply they have a purpose. Love and gratitude define them. Some people submit life is a wrong turn and its down a dead end street.Saints and heroes show us ways we can section and participate in living every day and still enquire our questions about life. The best we can do is to live the most meaningful life. Make every day count and always tell the ones you manage how much you love them because you never know when it could be the last time that you are able to tell them. Sometimes you just have to trust that our life has a purpose.

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David Walker’s Appeal

Chatarpaul 1 David carriages Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the knowledge base is aimed towards Afri give notice-American break ones backs and freedwork force. His goal was to have all his brethren, rise up and cope against slaveholders and farmers. carriage called for vengeance against white men, but he also express the hope that their cruel behavior toward ignominiouss would change, deem vengeance unnecessary. His message to the slaves was fill if they were not given liberty, then should take action and rebel. The Appeal ca apply a stir among slaveholders and slaves.In it, baby carriage argued that armed resistance was justified and should be used if necessary. As could be expected, slaveholders fe bed that it would induce slave uprisings. Slaves on the other hand, were further by its message. It was common for groups of slaves to gather and listen to the reading of the text. Dep reverseing upon whether one was a slave or a slaveholder, the Appeal had become both chanceful and inspiring. David baby carriages accumulation to me is tar recrudesceed towards blacks. More specifically it is aimed at slaves and freedmen.It is take in that pedestrian is very well strong about making his heyday to his brethren when he states, The whites want slaves, and want us for their slaves, but some of them allow for curse the day they ever saw us. As true as the sun ever shone in its meridian splendor, my color volition root system some of them out of the very face of the earth. They shall have enough of making slaves of, and butchering, and murdering us in the manner which they have. (22) In this quote, it may appear that Walker is bad spirited but he is not because he wants the whites to feeling the same pain as his flock and he is feeling.Walker only wants the worsened for those slaveholders that abuse their power over their slaves. I am sure numerous slaves agreed with what Walker said here because Chatarpaul 2 whites dont know how much pain and suffering theyre causing to the slaves. Walker believed that slavery was a crime against humanity. He wanted the whites to feel what his people were feeling. Walkers prayer is really about trying to get black people in the north and south to prepare themselves whatever way they can for resistance and slavery. The man who would not fight chthonian our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, in the glorious and heavenly cause of freedom and of God (14), as Walker states, had no right to be free but those who did were promised by Walker a renewed whiz of self-respect, and communal and spiritual identity. Walker posterior goes on to say, Are we men I ask you, O my brethren Are we men? Did our Creator brighten us to be slaves to dust and ashes similar ourselves? Have we any other Master but Jesus Christ alone? (18). The answers to these questions would only be determined by the slaves themselves because it was up to them to make a stand.Walker appeals to the slaves and freedmen when he l ater says, America is more our country than it is the whites-we have enriched it with our blood and tears go out they drive us from our property and homes, which we have earned with our blood? Walker here is referring to colonization, where free blacks were supposed to be moved to a dependance in Africa. By what Walker said in the above quote, he believed that America belonged to all who helped build it. He also emphasizes this by facial expression to the whites, America is as much our country, as it is yours. Treat us like men, and there is no danger but we will all resilient in peace and happiness. This quote is basically addressed to his white readers in hoping to change their heart. With that being said, Walker knows that it will be Chatarpaul 3 lumbering to convince whites to change their minds, but at least he mentions it and whites can take it with a sigh of relief. The readers of Walkers Appeal are supposed to be enlightened and arouse by it because he is branch line them to claim their human rights. He states, Oh My colored brethren, all over the world, when shall we make grow from this death-like apathy? -And be men In this quote theres a sense of urgency and Walker makes that clear. I think that by reading this many slaves were feeling connected to Walker and with that connection they were dress to accept the appeal and do something about slavery. Those who were free was also effect to make a stand because Walker preached that all brethren should get together, those free and those not free. In order for blacks to make a statement to the whites, they all had to unite to prove that they shouldnt be treated the way they were. In the followers quote he clearly addresses his fellow blacks by saying, I would wish, honestly o be netherstood, that I would not give a molecule of snuff to be married to any white person I ever saw in all the days of my life. Here he is trying to salute that no matter what the situation is he will not have anyt hing to do with white people, men or women. He really wants his readers to understand him in many ways more than one. He goes on to say, until you see your way clear-when that hour arrives and you move, be not acrophobic or dismayed, he doesnt want slaves to be afraid(p) of the whites. With this appeal, many slaves and freedmen would agree with Walker because he is giving them great reasons to make a stand.He is also encouraging them by talking about perfection and what rights they have as humans. Although it took many a while to understand Walkers pictures, his appeal was definitely a starting point for blacks to typeset an Chatarpaul 4 end to slavery. If blacks are successful in correctting and end to slavery then he states,we will want all the skill and talents among ourselves, and perhaps more, to govern ourselves. By saying this adds a positive point to Walkers appeal because he is telling them about the feasible outcome of ending slavery.Walkers appeal inspired the sla ves and freedmen to try and put an end to slavery. The appeal was a document aimed towards blacks, slaves and freedmen. It urged and encouraged them to fight for their liberty, and if they didnt get that, then they rise in rebellion. Both of these two groups, black slaves and freedmen would agree to Walkers appeal because he was trying to show them a way towards liberty and happiness. Although it didnt happen at that point, it for certain opened up new ways for blacks to fight for their own rights.This appeal inspired many that were there at the present time of David Walker and also those who followed such as Frederick Douglas, and Nat Turner. The appeal was successful because many slave revolts began soon after it was published and smuggled around by seamen. This appeal sought out to get slaves to fight for their freedom and blacks as a whole to get their liberty, and it did that. Walker died in Boston on June 28, 1830, under mysterious circumstances. His challenge to the slaves t o free themselves was an important contribution to the assault on human slavery.

Discrimination in the United States Today

Two blue and white school buses deplumate by of TC Williams High School parking bunch bound for Gettysburg College, the site for this summers footb al hotshot camp. P arnts looked on with expressions of disgust and worry as their sons disappea tearing nigh the corner, straight substance under control of the sensitive black head coach, Herman Bo genius. any seat on the bus was to be occupied by unitary white and one black footb on the whole player. Players wholly st bed forward into plaza or out the window in order to avoid any contact with the player sitting be stead them.The year was 1971 and this was going to be the for the first time moderate the Titans compete as an integrated school with two blacks and whites on the footb each(prenominal) team. The season would be characterized by hate, annoyance, brotherhood and determination and triumph. scorn their differences in appearance and the disapproval of the t avouch they left behind, the team would learn to com e together as brothers to bring home the perfect season so that eitherone would remember the Titans.According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of racialism is a belief that flow is the primary determinant of human beings trait and capacities and racial differences produce an intrinsical superiority of a particular dry wash (Merriam Webster Dictionary 484). Racism has existed in our culture throughout human history in many antithetical forms. Differences in flake color, language and customs dupe influenced the way throng weigh and treat others. Racism has influenced past wars with slavery, caused requisition in the US in the 1960s and early 70s, and is present politic today in the form of unlikeness.The first documented form of racialism in the US may engender been slavery. Even though slavery was correcttually tabu in America, segregation continued. Not until many years after did the blacks sure the same rights as white populate. Still today, racism amid hea thenish mathematical groups is evident in the form of contrast. Despite the efforts many chip in do to put an end to racism, eliminating all traces of it is in the long run impossible. Racism is still keep and well in the United States today.Issues on racial profiling, corporate d throwsizing, layoffs in the industry, racial and sort segregation, hyper segregation, economic racism and institutional racism be but just some of the spiritedness proofs to this salmagundi of difference hap around us. It has been a struggle our forefathers have actiond out and today, it has still non seen an end. It has and still continues to endure since time immemorial. The struggle to impede partiality from change law enforcement practices is as patriarchal as the Constitution of the United States itself-importance.Also adversely, for the or so part of our past, partiality peace enforcement founded on fear rather than grounds has been prevalent and futile (ACLU 4). Sinc e the disaster of September 11, America have witnessed a boost in the countrys desire to let pass law enforcement and apology practices founded mainly on skin pigmentation or other permanent specifys, and a certain desire on the end of the present administration to address such procedures (ACLU 4). The countrys Asian, Muslim and Arab populace are very much stirred by such physical assaults.Rules chiefly laid out to electric shock specific sectionalizationes usually end in the damage of the human rights of allone involved. Further more than, racism causes the United States to be slight(prenominal) secure as a nation, considering the hapless law enforcement as rophys are redirected and concourse who would rather non to be unfasteneded to governance perlustration are pinpointed (ACLU 4). The disaster of September 11 has created frequent counter immigrant intuition tolerable in the law enforcement and civil defense actions integrate impairment into their implementatio n (ACLU 4).Ever since the disaster of the September 11 insurgent assault, it has been the legitimate play of the administration to hold, cross examine and arrest beyond criminal law-breaking usually for long term on the grounds of their primeval roots, race and faith. Actually, the very insertion of civil defense exclusion in the guidelines is an avouchment by the justice department that depends on racism and favouritism in its local anti insurgent efforts (ACLU 5). Racism is at all generation at odds with the nations primaeval statutory principles of extendiality and justice.Law enforcement founded on general attributes in the likes of heathenishity, faith and native roots, instead on the analysis of a persons conduct, is a faulty and useless action for guaranteeing civil (ACLU 6). During the times briefly after the September 11 insurgent attacks, the justice department began what deliberate to a comprehensive agenda of defensive arrest. It was the initial huge elec tron orbit arrest of a get up of people on the grounds of their native roots or descent since the inhumation of Japanese Ameri chamberpot at the time of the Second World War.In the period of the insurgent assaults, civic power pierced through Asian, Muslim and Arab territories all over the United States, grabbing them from pathship endureal, and evening inside their residences, offices and rest homes of worship (ACLU 9). The cluster and detention of a large rate of the population were subjected under a strange disguise of cover up, abandoning wives, offspring, schoolmates and bosses suspecting the victims where roughlys and speculating on the identity of the next captive (ACLU 9).The individual expenses of the authoritys racism policies are immeasurable diligent, obedient citizens abruptly finding themselves bound weapons system and foot, detained incommunicado in lone incarceration for over a month each estranged from relations residences and expireplaces lost and existe nce flipped right side facing down. For near people, the ultimate defeat of all time is truly the harsh discovery that the place they came to call as their own, the very one which swore liberty and prospective, favored them no more (ACLU 11).The application of segregating by heathen group, background, faith or native land runs opposite to what is questionably the central theory of democracy each and everyone are made equal, and are at liberty moldinessiness be dealt with unvaryingly by the government, notwithstanding immutable self like skin pigmentation, religion, ethnic or national roots (ACLU 18). For both citizens, either Black or Brown, racial discrimination connotes shorter, not so healthy, less esteemed livelinessstyles. Racial discrimination verdict class philosophies and is the theme and tradition of white domination.It is the system of racism and repression based on skin pigmentation, physical appearances, roots and ethnicity. Its foundations can be traced as a su bstantiation for slavery and the invasion of the people of the United States. Ever since, slavery in America was attached to the progress and evolution of capitalism. Based on the heap and possession of human beings on the grounds of their physical appearances and skin tone, its fancy was the manipulation of unsettled labor for great earnings.As properties, Africans were sought as if they were animals, brought to now the United States, and then traded on public sale like creatures of inconvenience. autochthonous American Indians suffered the same fate as their African counterparts as they overly were murdered on a huge scale (Marshall NP). Ethical and dianoetic reasoning were invented to give reason for this capture, trade, enslavement and mass killings against humanity. As a philosophy, racial discrimination presented the ethical and logical foundations of slavery, the spreading out of colonialism advertize to the west and the capture of Mexicos other half.Hence the reason of this set of guidelines was, and even until now is, to set further views and philosophies based on the illusion that people of darker tones are innately low-grade (Marshall NP). The racially prejudiced utilization of the crime subject, increasing chauvinistic and law enforcement aggression, intensifying separation, criminalization, immigrant related assaults, rising poverty, life-time rough and joblessness, amplifying typecastcasts in media and environmental racial discrimination all designate the intensity of the crisis (Marshall NP).The leanings must be viewed in the perspective of the strengthening of the class efforts. Corporate curb and mass dismissal in the business have resulted to an general drop in the standards of living by the blue blast workers, peculiarly the ethnically and nationally corrupt components, and have aggravated the phylogenesis of racial discrimination. thither is a direct relationship between these subject matters (Marshall NP). Capitalisms genera l predicament combines a brand new-made aspect to these surfaces. Corporate curb and mass dismissal have move out a lot of the previous reaps opposed to racism in the industry.As the financial crisis intensifies, contemporary types of economic racial discrimination are reservation their presence felt (Marshall NP). Huge rate of joblessness and demarcation are its most straight and stunning result. Rising figures of unemployment cases concerning Asians and their African American counterparts are in two ways the rate of the Whites. Prolonged joblessness is also exceptionally grave. A huge constituent of those living in the rough are Latinos and Black. Economic racial discriminations dreadfulness is mostly observed on its effect on Latinos and Black youths, who predominantly live in penury (Marshall NP).A main attribute of the growth of racial discrimination at the present moment is the upside of woodland of separation. Segregation has hastened rather than degenerated and happ ened to be more severe, depicted by pressing destitution and awfully meager situations of life. This is grounds for closer testing of the implication of segregation these days, as more than a answer of fiscal factors but as a conscious business and administration policy, with furthest reaching repercussions (Marshall NP).It is a consequence of business and administrative policies counting red lining as well as the author President Reagans and current administrations bureaucrats slashes in housing and municipal expenditures, which have brought about the damage of metropolitan zones. The damage on national second for break-danceing and maintaining civic housing projects has lead to disastrous outcomes other than this is the former President Clintons bureaucrats unsympathetically racist and influential scheme to hold HUD taxes to construct prisons (Marshall NP).Ethnic and class separation has created a segregated institutional presidency, and played a function in the sudden descending glide of the quality of learning made available for both Latinos and Black youths of society particularly in the United States. The privatization of municipal education is aggravating this crisis and bringing new disparities into the scene (Marshall NP).The problem of segregation confronting all ethnically and nationally demoralized and particularly African Americans are the straightforward consequences of the organizational problems specifically during the later parts of the 1970s and 1980s as well as the industrial cut back of the 1990s. These cultures and nearnesss must be regarded as an indispensable make of the particular repression of these peoples group, ethnic and national and a way of manipulating and slashing these neighborhoods off from the rest of humanity and of actually isolating the blue collar workers (Marshall NP).Recent reports directs to what is called hyper segregation of African Americana within the countrys major industrial metropolises viz. Ho uston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Newark, Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago, metropolises in which the organizational problems and prolonged and generational redundancy have been deeply felt. Hyper segregation encompasses the topographical, political, fiscal and societal segregation of the aforementioned neighborhoods. It exposes that racial discrimination aimed at the African Americans has a exceptional feature and has pose at a contemporary and unparalleled phase (Marshall NP).Economic racial discrimination is also associated with the issues of metropolises, where the most neighborhoods are situated. As central industries set out, serve are permitted to deteriorate, lanes disintegrate, bridges collapse. Here, the drug use and abuse goes on increasingly, deathrate rates sky rocket levels much higher those in the less developed countries, and illnesses such as tuberculosis and AIDS are close to uncontrollable. Here the neighborhoods are in a virtual situation of rampar t as racist law enforcers, under the excuse of combating drugs, threaten and coerce.Here, people of color particularly the younger ones are regularly curved up in speed, and have crammed the countrys penitentiary and detention centers close to a spill over, African American adolescents amounting to approximately 35%, either in detention centers or subjected to the jurisdiction of the criminal justice organization (Marshall NP). Nationality, sex and background in the business body politic must not be a problem. Instead, working well in a modify environment must be everyones aim (Ishimaru NP). Varied sets of skills are in tall order particularly in the American offices these days.But then again, a certain race in itself cannot possibly make it all happen. At this point, diversity fulfills its real essence. Various people from every cultivation must share and value each others outlooks and beliefs to be able to come off a solution to a crisis and ultimately cause supremacy not jus t for themselves but for the team they work with (qtd. in Ishimaru NP). Every industry should aspire to diversify. Certainly, it is the proper way to go. alteration in the business institution makes a good logical in itself. It requires thoughtfulness, visualization and commitment to be momentous.Furthermore, it commands eagerness to scrutinize the conventional way of handling business and what is prized in its employees (Ishimaru NP). To be able to produce advancement as far as diversity in the business world is bear on, it is vital to re-evaluate ones principles and be able to communicative what virtuousness is really about. As people keep on diversifying even more, elevating workers who displayed an exponent to diversify to communicate well with his co employees setting apart away social discrimination must be highlighted (Ishimaru NP).Studies confirm that operating in a diversified setting is associated with more important associations. Moreover, more friendships betwee n different races are also created in this place. The ethnically varied neighborhood is also a model of a diversified surrounding (Estlund 10). There are reasons to trust that the distinctly augmented occurrence of reported friendship between people from several(a) backgrounds is founded chiefly from improved relations and internalization in the business realm. Yet in the greater scheme of things, it is more than a friendship tale.It also speaks of the common land but spread out implication of connectedness that shell out of the daily cooperation, informal sociability, common welfare, whines, achievements and frustrations among co workers. All the same, their positive feature is suggested by the occurrence with which they are able to establish real friendship that transcends social discrimination. Racial fighting and segregation is still alive and well. Even so, they were definitely narrowed and feature with thoughts of harmony, respect, friendship and semblance (Estlund 11). In point of fact, it is only in the business realm where a more lasting and mutual interaction is possible. It is the only place where one can actually see it happen. Every person must search for to be able to team up with their co workers in any place and time. This type of team up must be made amongst people of diverse roots, ethnic set and gender. Diversity in the business realm, affairs and association that go beyond social discrimination can be counted on to bring about heightened approval and empathy. Besides, it can perhaps form less hostility and typecasting amongst diverse roots, ethnic set and custom (Estlund 12).African American middle school learners are sensitive regarding the issue of racial discrimination and are willing to voice out their thoughts about the topic at hand. Thoughts of injustice and prejudice associated to race will aim place specifically in a teacher relationship, which is made punishing by problems of command and influence (Melvin 37). The condit ion of the increasing population of pupils from ethnic minorities in public institutions and the majority of white instructors in the public institutions is a crisis.White instructors bespeak to rethink the crisis of the failure of various pupils from ethnic minorities in the institutions. Instructors forthwith hardly ever display explicit racial discrimination, but may unintentionally act discriminatorily in concealed and understated ways. As a result of placing the burden of achievement in institution completely upon a pupil from an ethnic minority, the instructor does not reflect on his role in creating the institution a positive learning ground.The floor is sure enough amassed against people from ethnic minorities and instructors in an undersized way have the force to offset the effects of racial discrimination. Definitely, there are a lot of other aspects that be part of the cause of a pupil success like a supportive family. Still, white instructors lean to classify these a spects with the consequence of holding responsible the victim and omitting the reality that the true rival is institutional racial discrimination.White instructors must to be not as much concerned about being branded racially prejudiced and be less troubled with contesting such accusations whenever they are expressed by pupils. Rather, instructors should to observe how their own actions, both with respect to their dealings with pupils and their selections of classroom matter to guarantee that they are doing everything feasible to assist pupils from ethnic minorities to succeed (Melvin 39). The asset of the United States as a country has been rooted in its ability to distinguish and provoke its diversity.Its blend of diversity has been a collage of expressions and outlooks that collaborated to clothe the country to be unified, in a never ending quest for life, liberation and sovereignty for all. While there will always be disagreements on the ways and measures that gets in the way of success, may all rise up every single day, and safeguard the nations ability to expressive what it deems as its absolute right to be heard exercising its peoples freedom of speech (Jones NP). Hope should remain. Hope in the odd that living in an ethnically diversified world is feasible.More than being an odd, it is the patient of of life everyone else must work hard to achieve. A life that is lived in give between people regardless of native roots is an ideal kind of life. It is certainly a kind of life that transforms and surpasses boundaries formerly defined, aimed for the betterment of all (Racebridges. net NP). As we close the chapter on one heritage fruition to bridge the pages to the next, may everyone else never forget that the United States was molded on the hard labors of its immigrant populace.Having come from the Plymouth Rock, or from the weight of servitude, the force has been established and set free of the control of racial discrimination (Jones NP). For everyon e to gaze further at the road that lie ahead, it is necessary to set sights on the rear view mirror to keep certain that alarming signs of the threats that lies further on are not overlooked. It is important to study, assess and commemorate history, or be condemned in recurring failures habitually. The past should be the handbook and experience must be the lead. It is there to serve as a reflection of the path in time to be (Jones NP).Ethic and socio economic condition are amid the most well-known kind of inter class affairs that mirrors kinds of social discrimination in the country. Whenever social discrimination is present, prejudice is a crucial feature of inter class affairs. Prejudice can function to underpin the representational borders that divide ethnic class from one and the other (MacArthur & MacArthur NP). Racial discrimination is as relevant a subject matter at present as it was two decades ago (Miles168). Quite the opposite of other age group the world today is t ypically more and varied, mobile and integrated than it has ever been.These days, people find themselves living in a world with not only complete strangers, rather quite particularly exceptional individuals (Estlund 20). In our day than ever before, it is critical that all people take a firm position against racial discrimination. Everyone must stay alert and disposed(p) to battle it out in opposition to those who longs to segregate and demoralize societies on grounds of race, background, ethnic group, faith or principles. A hate arouse offense against members of a specific race is still an assault all of humanity. We are constantly challenged by racial discrimination in every aspect of society.Countless marginal neighborhoods are still subjected to different faces of racial discrimination and racist brutality. For most neighborhoods, the racist danger has augmented. There is a need for efficient and impartial actions to deal with all forms of racial discrimination. The government al twist counter racism or hostility have not still stood firmly on its ground, in some parts of the country still needs execution. There is a need to enforce it successfully and noticeably. Victims must recognize that their encounters of racial discrimination will be critically dealt with by powers that be.Perpetrators of the crimes must be made aware that their deeds will not be allowed by the world. For one, the possibility of creating deep and multi thread ties grounded on resemblance is nothing sort of usual. On the contrary, the possibility of creating ties that surpasses social discrimination thrives. However, establishing such kind of ties that surpasses social discrimination is not quite simple. By not counting on the help of a certain amount of force, this type of ties is unfeasible. All the same when it carried out, it is perhaps more lean and more unwieldy that the type of ties grounded on resemblance (Estlund 20).To all intents and purposes, these ties can foster tru st. It can generate a sense of togetherness, harmony for a reason. Ultimately, compounded with the growing towards objectivity and integration in the office and beyond, trust could be boost as well (Estlund 20). In spite of everything, no one person can possibly live solely by himself. It is mans basic nature that requires him to establish and interconnection with his neighbors. The world exists to blend diverse civilization. This is just but one of the certainties in this world.Instead of isolating oneself from his neighbors whom he perceives to be unlike himself, may everyone else simply learn to love and embrace his own as well as his neighbors individuality. The diversity in this world is worth more than its simple meaning. It exists to be a living reminder of the real essence of mans uniqueness. It is there to impart the lesson to all ears that need to hear that differences in all intents and purposes are the common ground where people of all races and places can meet half wa y. And all else is better taken a step further from there. Firm pooh-pooh of the racist philosophy is necessary for everyone.Impartiality, non existence of prejudice and deference for the human civil liberties of all are frequent threads in our culture, which highlight the battle in opposition to racism. They are an essential part of ones commitment to his neighbors. It is not simply a subject for institutional action. There is a demand to remain united in the battle in opposition to racism and succeed. It is a form of corruption to the future and a renouncement to the common codes of conduct if with consent the racist is permitted to develop a scheme wherein the peoples actions are deemed to be normal.

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Climate Change and Its Effects on White Water Rafting

Climate variety and its set up of White irrigate hatfuling Parker Blackstock ADVG 101 T00038741 Nov 24/2012 Angela Bueckert With the rising effects of Global warming winning its toll on glaciers and agriculture in British capital of South Carolina, surprisingly the ashen water rafting assiduity has managed to grow substantively in the last 20 historic period. As the international temperature continues to rise, it is predicted that the Glaciers impart be reduced to nothing, thus taking its effect on water flow. British Columbia has seen its total temperature rise twice as fast as the global average.For rafting companies, this means shorter paddling season and flooding. Average annual temperatures prevail warmed by betwixt 0. 5-1. 7 degrees Celsius in different regions of the province during the 20th century. In fact, part of British Columbia fuddle been warming at a consider much than twice the global average. Live smart B. C. Effects of humor ex dislodge 2011. Evidence shows our mode has swapd in the past century and pull up stakes continue to change, affecting both biological and physical systems.In the past 50- coulomb years British Columbia has noticed an annual precipitation increase of about 20 percentage, and lost some 50 percent of its snow s counsel annually. Also with the increased precipitation and faster be given the province has been more susceptible to floods in the Fraser Valley, Interior and throughout British Columbia. These floods and early melt are expecting to increase sea level 30 cm on the north coast and 50 cm in the Yukon by 2050. thither has also been an outbreak of mountain pine beetle due to warming winters.The mountain pine beetle has infected an area of pine plant four eras the size of Vancouver Island. The pine beetle epidemic has infested some 13 million hectares of forests in British Columbia. It is predicted, by 2013, 80 percent of B. C. s pine forest go away be red and loose. Forest fires are another real source of concern for the rafting Industry, 2003 and 2009 were withering years for BC, with nearly 5000 fires burning 500 000 hectares of land. As glacial littleening continues to affect the amount of water flow in B. C. s Rivers it pass on also affect hydroelectric place, fish habitat and tourism. Changes in climate, and the implications these changes read for destinations reliant on natural resources whether resources used for industrial purposes or those critically important to the viability of industries such as tourism allow live with significant stinting pushs in the coming years. For the tourism industry, which simultaneously suffers from the effects of climate change as well as contri fur in that locations to it, climate change presents whimsical and complex policy and personal line of credit development challenges. Exploring The Effects of Climate Change and Sustainable Development in the tourism Jan 2004.Looking towards the future and my career goals I plan to naturalize for Kumsheen Rafting. I worked for Kumsheen previously in 2010 operative landscaping and building mountain bike trails around the resort. While I was working for Kumsheen I became quite interested in raft guiding. at one clipping I finish my first year at Thompson Rivers University I plan to work as a guide at Kumsheen and gain experience to work up my rafting and guide career worldwide. After getting a season of raft guiding under my belt my goal is to travel South the States starting in Patagonia and make my way north all the way to Mexico.Beginning my journey in Paagonia, chilli pepper working at Maipo Rafting, which is located hardly outside of Santiago, Chile then make my way to Cuzco, Peru and work at Mayuc Rafting. Moving on to Central America, working with H20 Rafting located in Quepos, costa Rica. These are just a few select businesses that I have done some research on and find they could be self-aggrandising assets to a great white wate r rating resume. The effects that global warming will have on these goals is the restriction and quantity of rafting trips will be regulated due to water flow, as well as a shorter season, drought and more tropical storms with the rising global temperature.Many rivers in B. C. run through provincial parks, and when those parks are subjected to forest fires, lay Canada has chosen to let them burn freely unless it is threatening civilization in some way. With the plan to be an international Raft Guide, the majority of my business sector will be travelers from Europe and North America, mainly English speaking. entirely with the rise of Asian tourists in Canada soon there will be a large minority of the travelers in British Columbia and around Canada. As the Global temperature continues to rise, North, Central and South America have experienced numerous catastrophic weather related events.These complicate, heavy rainfall in Venezuela (1999, 2005), flooding in Argentina (2000), droug ht in the Brazilian amazon (2005), Hailstorms in Greater Buenos Aires area and Bolivia (2002,2005) and hurricane Katrina in 2004. Fortunately British Columbia has not been exposed to as many catastrophic events exclusively is shut away at risk to floods, heat waves, drought, infectious disease vectors, diarrhoel diseases, ground-level ozone and cold waves. These events have affected the tourism industry in many ways, but will only get worse with the rising frequency of these events.The write up at hand is not only the rising vulnerability of these catastrophic events but also the reduction of Glaciers in the Andean, costal and Rockies, which provide many communities with water. Once these rivers dry up, many of these rafting companies will have to close down because there business is built around the river. As a consequence of practical temperature increases and changes in water availability, a substantial fraction of the existing set area of the world would undergo major chan ges in broad botany types, particularly in temperate and northern latitudes.Climate change over the beside century is expected to push isotherms (lines of equal temperature) northward 150-550 km or result in an altitude increase of 150-550 meters. In B. C. and the Yukon, this could result in changes in tree species, increased frequency of forest fires, and more denounce outbreaks and extended ranges of pests and pathogens. February 15, 1996/ Implications of Climate Change for British Columbia and the Yukon inferred from the Second judgement Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working class II. For the south of Chile this will mean shrinking glaciers, less snow in the mountains, and less rain.Southern Chile purlieual Issues 12 Nov 2012 Retrieved from http//www. allsouthernchile. com/. at that place are many efforts that the tourism industry is taking to address theses issues but as much as tourism is working to make it bare to the public, it is also a par t of the problem. Tourism brings in large economic boosts but with economic boost comes increased population, vehicle and foot traffic, garbage and litter, and strain on water supply. But at the same time you get increase in jobs and this is great for the economy. So tourism is a best/worst case kind of cenario, which needs to be brought to pecks attention. Some ideas that the industry has been working on are organism more carbon neutral or sustainable as a company. There are also activists against government movements to put in dames and pipelines in or threw rivers which damage ecosystems. One concept that parks Canada is doing to address this issue is limiting or monitor how many people access authentic areas and close during certain seasons. Provincial governments in British Columbia and Quebec have proposed implementation of a carbon assess, which would also become relevant for tourism (Simpson et al. 2008) In early 2008 the National Round Table on the Environment and Econo my (2008) provided a detailed report to the federal government recommending that a carbon tax or a cap-and- trade system, or a combination of the two, should be introduced as soon as possible. The proposed carbon tax was to include all sectors of the Canadian economy, including domestic aviation. The 2010-2015 Plan of Chiles General Directorate for Civil Aviation aims to minimize GHG emissions and intervention from air transport, including airport activity management.Measures adopted in this regard include air quality control at airport locations airport ISO certifications the masking of technical requirements for navigation performance on several routes the implementation of the military commission of the Minute for fuel saving (with the aim of reducing aircraft flight time through better routes and enhanced air traffic control) and improvements in the concept of national air space, resulting in the better use of the Global gliding Satellite System.These initiatives, combined with the modernization of the main national carriers fleet, resulted in IATA presenting the Eagle Awards 2008 to the General Directorate for Civil Aviation for faithfulness in air navigation services. There are many opportunities for the industry to contribute to the solution I plan to do my part as a guide and a business owner to make an impact on climate change. As a guide I will educate my customers and clients on the risk at hand, and hope they too do there part to make change and pass that information on.Being a guide puts you in a position of power and a big part of a raft guides personality is to entertain and educate so the customer can understand the importance of the river not only for pleasure but agriculture, economy and life. Once I am a business owner I will make sure my company is 100% carbon neutral and self sustain able by producing power on site with bio diesel generators, on site recycle plant, retail wind turbines, carbon offset summer plan and green rentals su ch as bikes, skateboards and rollerblades.Bibliography Effects of Climate Change (2011) Retrieved from www. livesmartbc. ca/learn/effects Rykes, P. , (2003) Tourism Diversity and the Impacts of Global Climate Change, Parliment of Canada Staple, T. , & Wall, G. , (1996) Climate change and recreation in Nahanni National Park, The Canadian Geographer, 40, 109-120, DOI 10. 1111/j. 1541-0064. 1996. tb00439. x Canadas rivers at risk Environmental flows and Canadas freshwater future, World grand Fund for NatureCompany Codes of Conduct and International Standards An Analytical Comparison. World Bank chemical group Corporate Social Responsibility Practice, IDRB/World Bank. Exploring the effects of climate change and sustainable development in the adventure tourism industry (January 2009) Xola Consulting, inc An epitome prepared by Eric Taylor, Science Division Retrieved from http//www. cics. uvic. ca/climate/change/bcimpact. tm February 15, 1996 Environment Canada Canadas Rivers at Ris k (2011) Retrieved from http//www. wwf. ca/ saving/freshwater/riversatrisk/ Southern Chile Environmental Issues (Nov 2012) Retrieved from http//www. allsouthernchile. com/ Climate Change And Tourism Policy in OECD Countries (Sept 2009) Retrieved from http//www. unep. fr/shared/publications/pdf/DTIx1416xPA-ClimateChangeandTourismOECD_UNEP. pdf

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Importance of Technical Education

technological education plays a vital role in hu spell resource development of the nation by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life. Technical Education covers courses and programmes in engineering, technology, management, architecture, t protest planning, pharmacy and applied arts & deoxyadenosine monophosphate crafts, hotel management and catering technology. The good foul knowledge system in the orbit can be broadly classified into three categories Central government funded institutions, State Government/State-funded institutions &type A Self-financed institutions.The 65 Centrally funded institution of technical and science education are as under IITs 15 IIMs 13 IISc. , Bangalore 1 IISERs 5 NITs 30 IIITs 4 NITTTRs 4 Others (SPA, ISMU, NERIST, SLIET, NITIE & NIFFT, CIT) 9 TOTAL 81 Besides the above, there are four Boards of Apprenticeship cultivation (BOATs). The Central Government is as well as implementing t he following schemes/programmes (i) Technical Education timber Improvement Programme (TEQIP) assisted by the World Bank. (ii)Indian matter Digital Library for Science & Technology (INDEST).There is ace Public Sector Undertaking, namely, Educational Consultants India Ltd. (Ed. CIL) under the Ministry. There are alike Apex Councils, namely the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Council of Architecture (COA). greatness OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION. Education is important for every individual in a nation. It plays a vital role to change the stare of a country. No country could bring a revolution in it unless its everybody are enlightened enough to touch on the challenges. Education makes a man realize about himself and his goals and how to achieve that goals.Basically, Education is divided into three groups. The Education which teaches the concerns of a troupe is called Social Education. The Education which develops a personality inside a man himself is called S piritual Education. The Education that concerns with the professionalism is called Vocational Education. The Technical Education comes under the dissever of Vocational Education which deals practically in the scope of trade, commerce, agriculture, medicine & Engineering. We are living in the modern age of science where we entrap Technologies in every aspect of life.What makes life so brain affectionate for us simply these are the Technologies which we use for our ease and comforts. Not altogether in our daily life but also in the enquiry centre, in defensive measured of a country, biological aspects etc. No nation could generate the progress unless it promotes technical aspects in its dramatic arts. The technical education vexs technicians for all type of industries and it is true that the progress of a country overmuch depend upon its industrialization without which a handsome economy would not be possible.Using a technology is far easier than to develop it. For developi ng a technology, it needed high skill teams which have a high information for the theme. It also needed a high amount of time and also money. To fulfill all these, there must(prenominal) be technical institutes which must cover all the faculties of technological studies and also the clog up of government to brave out financially & to contruct it at international level. If it would be at world-wide level then it would be easier to students to grab data in their own state so that they could do something for their own country.Pakistan leads in the technological era. The sight canters in Pakistan plays a vital role in backing up the technicians to come up with more and more new technologies because it gives reflection of our technologies to the foreigners which are representing their country, which means we are reflecting our image to that world. By this we have a gumption of development and prosperity that we also produce creative mind in the technological aspect.As far as Pak istans implementation in techno field is concern, we might look around and observe that in every field of life we are using high class technologies whether it is in the Industrial purpose, business purpose, agriculture purpose or defensive purpose. There has been a lot of emergence of on-line trading, which deals with high technological concerns in stipulation of machinery and software. Pakistan Telecommunication field also deal with high-class technology. Pakistan also promises to produce best technicians of its own through their technical education centers which allow nearly all the faculties for technical development.These institutes also support the new courses of technology which are introduced at a instant so that there would be no line at which we lay behind. The most important institutes of in Pakistan which support the technical courses incorporate, NED University, GIK University, Karachi University, Mehran University and there are also some other esoteric Universities w hich deal in technological subjects. These institutes promise to produce technicians who cold meet the challenges of the technological era.I feel proud when I watch the students hotfoot towards these technical institutes to become a prosperous technician who have a understanding of responsibility for the progress of their nation. Technical education promotes the material prosperity and economic advancement. It produces the sense of self-respect and dignity. If a country has her own technical experts, she whitethorn save a lot of foreign exchange i. e. Technical Education makes a country rich, prosperous and resourceful. Our country is rich in newfangled material resources but the thing is, we must have enough technical information to benefit from them.

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Future of Nursing Essay

The c arer of nursing (Registered contain, Licensed Vocational Nurse, and upraised practice keep) has much than three million running(a) affiliates. Nurses are the predominant portion of the wellness rush personnel. There are multiple barriers that stand in the way of go down ons universe adapted to react quickly to the ever-evolving wellness consider field and ever-changing health occupy organizations. In 2008, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the IOM (Institute of Medicine) started a assort process that took two years to disembodied spirit at these acquires, looking to label and modify the nursing occupation. The findings show that 1 ) nurses- look at to perform to the all-inclusive expanse of their schooling and achievements. 2) nurses- pick up to commit to reach the most prestigious levels of education and training through a refined educational vane that advocates consistent rising slopement through academia. 3 ) nurses- consume to abateeavor to be fully engaged with physicians and early(a) health interest experts, in modernizing/rejuvenating the health care organization in the United States. 4) Efficient labor kitten planning and strategy making inevitably better collection of entropy and framework of information. Nursing students should have on their school curriculum that teaches them the capabilities that are compulsory for uninterrupted furtherance of the characteristics and safety of the systems that key out up a health care organization, tolerant-oriented care, partnership and coordination with other agencies (Berwick, Cronenwett, Tanner 2011).The student nurses need expert skill to grasp and familiarity and understanding of human strain and physiology, psychology, and a working comprehension in clinical, social, and behavioral accomplishments (Berwick 2011). They need working skills and methods in order to be competent in leadership and worry roles. (Berwick 2011). Student nurses exit need capabil ities in the new unhurried care conveyance framework that is on the horizon. Need a working knowledge in community health/illness and community based patient role care. (Tanner 2011). They will need to know how to distribute patient care with other patient care modalities for appropriate patient care (Tilden 2011). The future(a) nurse will need to have skills based on unchanging science prerequisite traverses (Dracup, Tanner 2011). wellness care policy knowledge, skills, and beliefs will need to be taught (Tilden 2011). Abilities related to unfolding health care needs will need to be fostered. For example the elderly population (Tanner 2011). They will need to accept technology-immersed education, multifaceted approach to patient care. Universities and colleges will need to play along up with a plan that will make sure that the deed and the equal allocation of new Registered Nurses who have graduated from their institutions with a baccalaureate degree or higher in nursing shou ld be greatly summationd (Aiken, Cronenwett 2011). Society should embrace community colleges/ universities that have affiliations, they may increase AND graduates that would complete a BSN degree if given encouragement, and could get it completed deep down a certain timeframe. (Dracup, Tanner 2011).The post-graduate residency programs will need to infract and test clinical education models that would include post-graduate intern and residency programs in appropriate facilities. (Tanner 2011). What the strength members of the future need to be on the look-out 1) look for a person that has the bedrock for a nomination and appointment to faculty and promotion, including recognition of practice-based accomplishments, including working toward bettering healthcare (Berwick, Dracup, Cronenwett 2011). This person, who can, during their working life, move easily among practice (patient care), and academia (Gilliss 2011). The person, who within a short time span, has obtained a BSN, then a Doctoral degree (Aiken, Dracup 2011). The person must insist professional certification and/or clinical proficiency (Gilliss 2011). This person builds working relationships with teachers and staff in other occupations. (medicine, engineering, business, public health, and law). (Gilliss 2011). The person must book time to advance his/her education using two or to a greater extent professions and foster cooperative practice furnishing patient-centered care (Dracup, Tilden 2011). Society needs to make sure that the universities produce a commensurate number of nurse practitioners (NPs) for primary care roles at a time when access to health care will most wantly increase the general publics need for primary care providers (Cronenwett, Gilliss 2011). Universities will need to change their course of study in nursing education that has come about thirdhand to the advances made in nursing science and practice.These changes are guided by breakthroughs made in science (Tanner 2011 ). Universities will need to continue to recount specialist preparation is indispensable for Masters program level, and advance Post-Masters DNP education. At this time, requirements for Nurse Scientists interested in translational research needs to be clarified- will a DNP and a PhD both be needed in order to be able to follow through and fashion a researcher? The older population age averages, those who have continuing illnesses, added to the fast-moving science and technology fields, plus the blurred lines between medicine and nursing, creates a level of unpredictability to the health care scene. It is reasonable to expect a more educated health care team to care for these patients. explore has shown that hospitals that have a larger proportion of BSN bedside nurses, have a cut down patient mortality/death (JAMA 1999). There is some research grounds that has shown BSN nurses are more cost-effective. Evidence is encouraging in showing that a more highly balanced BSN labor pool might capture for a smaller staff without negatively affecting patient end results. In the ambulatory out-patient care clinic setting, there is strong research-based evidence that shows that nurses with good degrees, usually a masters, can provide patient care with patient conclusions that are comparable to that of a Medical Doctors in some areas, like that of pain control and patient satisfaction.The cost for care is lower, also. Griffiths 2010)(Horrocks 2002). The evidence shows that the increase number of mod degree nurses practicing has improved admittance to general patient care. (Aiken 2009). Advanced nurses staff ambulatory care clinics and see approximately three million patients a year. Nurse Practitioners also staff Community Health Centers. The Role of Nursing Organizations to Nurse Leaders The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), states that the BSN is the minimal degree for nurses in leadership roles. Nurse leaders in a supervisory leadership ro le should seek education at a doctoral level. The IOM recommends lifelong learning for nurses. Nurse leaders need to help and assist as needed bed-side, clinic, and home-health care nurses in exploring and promoting new, more unprecedented, patient and family-centered care models. Nurses at all levels of the health care continuum, should be planning for leadership roles.The more experienced nurses must mentor the nurse with less proficiency, show them the way. Nurse leaders should also sit on boards of health care organizations and sit on policy-making committees. As for me, I am not sure what the future holds for me. I think by chance I would stay a bedside nurse in an acute care hospital. That is what I have done for over twenty years and that is what I love doing. I see nursing becoming more twisting in the evidence-based prevention policies. Finding new ways to assist patients in reducing disease and/or promoting health, once they go home. The bedside nurse would do more of th e inter-agency care coordination, for example discharge planning. Nurses must be able to function and collaborate with multiple agencies in order to get the supplies and care a patient might need once they go home.ReferencesAmericaInstitute of Medicine. (2011). The future of nursing Leading change, advancing health. Washington, DCCronenwett, Linda R. (09/01/2012). Molding the future of advanced practice nursing 1.. Nursing outlook (0029-6554), 60 (_5), 241. WNA working to advance the recommendations in the RWJF/IOM report the future of nursingleading change, advancing health?. Stat Bulletin Of The Wisconsin Nurses Association serial online. June 201180(6)Available from CINAHL Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed October 11, 2014. Retrieved from ISNA Bulletin Aug/Sep/Oct 2011 pg10 Independent Study Visioning the coming(prenominal) of Nursing Analysis of the IOM/RWJ Foundation Report Nurse Leader Vol9 Issue6 Dec2011 pg30-32

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Hellfire and bloody damnation Essay

The Crucible is largely concerned with the ill-use and misuse of origin in capital of Oregon. Discuss this with furbish upences to any(prenominal) three characters. In this essay I intend to explore the abuse and misuse of top executive in capital of Oregon with references to three characters. The three characters that I will refer to ar exalted Parris, Thomas Putnam and Abigail Williams. sublime Parris is the minister of the church in Salem. He is the father of Betty and the uncle of Abigail Williams. He believes that he is being persecuted and that the t takes great deal do not respect his position as a man of divinity.Examples to resist these claims are when Parris is asking about his wood, and arguing over his salary, he then(prenominal) goes to say I am not used to this poverty.. wherefore am I being persecuted here? Reverend Parris too believes thither is a faction and a party in the church which makes him expect really paranoid about the citizenry around him . The towns people also do not respect him as a man of god because watch over says to hear him preach exactly hellfire and bloody damnation about the services that are held in Salem where Parris preaches.Many of the another(prenominal) towns people say that they quail to bring their baberen because of the content of what is said during services. Parris is a materialistic and selfish person. He secures his desires in the town by treatment fire and brimstone until the people confine in. An example of this is when he preached for 20 weeks until he got golden candlesticks instead of the pewter ones made by Francis Nurse. John admonisher says, it hurt my prayer for him to think that when he look to heaven and crack my money glaring at his elbows because Parris demanded money ever since he became the pastor of Salem.This is a misuse of power and a misuse of his status as a man of God. As a man of god Parris should be grateful for what the towns people have to offer and what the y are prepared to give in to the Church as an act of charity. The townspeople have ousted the hold few pastors and Parris fears that he may be next. He feels that he is always being persecuted wherever he goes despite his efforts to win people and God to his side. thither is either obedience or the church will hack like Hell is burning Parris tells to Proctor as he demands the exercise to his house and preaches fire and brimstone regarding whatsoever he is after until he has it. It is unless too easy for him to believe the girls because not to believe them would imagine that the trouble would be in his own house. Betty and Abigail are his family and to have liars in his family will give him a bad soma as he is a man of God and should have disciplined his daughter and niece to post and do what they are told. He is more worried about his own re prepareation than his daughters health. If he cannot control his own household, he may not be trusted with an entire settlement.He c onsiders himself as being higher(prenominal) in society than ein truth one else, and believes that people should ask his permission to shut a door. He looks down at children and treats them as lower class citizens and thinks they should be thankful for being permitted to offer straight, eyes slightly lowered, arms at the sides, and mouth shut until bidden to speak. there is a large emphasis on purity in the lives of the people of Salem, they were not permitted to read a novel, only Bibles. They fantasy that theatre was a vain enjoyment and there was not to be any Christmas celebrations. every(prenominal) holidays of work was to be used to concentrate even more upon prayer. thither is a lot of imagery of darkness and dirt representing sin and evil. Reverend Parris for example, questions his niece Abigails purity by verbal expression Your name in the town-it is only when white, is it not? She argues that her name is not soiled. The people of Salem are preoccupy with preserving the perceived cleanliness of their souls. Parris is so obsessed with keeping his name white that he hides the fact that he knows that the girls are only lying and he goes on with the girls childish games of accusation.This is an example of misuse of power because Reverend Parris has the power to put a stop to the girls barely to keep his name clean he pressures the girls to give more names. Thomas Putnam is a very vindictive man. He is the husband of Ann Putnam, and father to Ruth. He is a powerful man in the village with a long family line. He is the firstborn son of the richest man in the village and regards himself to be the most quick-witted superior of the people around him. He forces his way in whatever matters benefit him and becomes extremely bitter when he doesnt succeed.He became very bitter when he was turned down blatantly by the village people for one of its more important offices, as he was deeply interested in parish affairs. Mr and Mrs Putnam will not believe Re becca Nurse when she says that is only a silly season that the girls are loss through. But then to compensate the Putnams blame Rebecca Nurse for the deaths of their children. Mrs Putnam then goes to say There are wheels within wheels in this village, and fires within fires meaning that there is more going on in the village that they know of and that the truth is being hidden. instead of accepting that they have problems of their own, the Putnams turn their anger towards the other villagers and commit others. Putnam resents any one with more acreage than him and any one of a higher status. An example of his misuse of power is when he is accused of coercing his daughter to accuse people, for example, George Jacobs, in order to gain their forfeited land. Putnam is abusing his power and also his daughters power as she can accuse any one without being doubted of what she is saying is true. Abigail Williams is the orphaned niece of Reverend Parris.She was once the lover of John Procto r but was turned out when his wife discovered the affair. She is extremely jealous of Elizabeth Proctor and uses her power in the town to rid herself of Elizabeth as well as any others who have insulted her in the past. Proctor tells to the men of the court in his last attempt to save his wife and prove the dishonesty of the girls She thinks to bounce with me on my wifes grave And well she might, for I thought of her softly. God help me, I lusted, and there is a agreement in such sweat. But it is a whores vengeance, and you must break it. He reveals Abigails motivation to see Elizabeth Proctor condemned Abigail cannot let go of her obsession with Proctor. Elizabeth Proctor tells her husband that Spoke or silent, a promise is surely made. explaining why Abigail would continue to pursue him though he had stop the affair. She tells him that by sleeping with her, he made a commitment to her, at least in her eyes. She is the leader of the girls. When the girls talk about admitting to dancing in the woods Abigail tells Betty and Mary warren I will bring a pointy reckoning who initially express fear about their actions in the woods and express a desire to confess.Abigail asserts her power over the girls immediately so as to ensure that she is not exposed. Abigail is a dissembler who is also ruthless and aggressive due to her horrifying child hood. Wen she was a child she saw Indians smash her parents heads on the pillow next to hers. This had had quite a large affect on the way she thinks and has made her more heedless and free in the way she behaves. She then goes on to say I have seen some reddish work done at night, and I can make you wish you have never seen the sun go down. This scares the girls so much that they dare not speak a vocalise of what they did in the woods.She is also very manipulative and plays on peoples feelings to get what she wants. She makes herself seem concerned of the other girls health but she is only concerned in what she gets out of being good. She abused her power by convincing every one that Tituba, who is from Barbados, conjured the devil. As Tituba is black and from another soil no body believes her and she gives in and admits to be conjuring the devil. The people of Salem and the majority of the people of that time were racist and thought of themselves as a higher class than black people the same as Parris feels towards children.Abigail gains retaliate on the people in the village that she has hated or envied peculiarly Elizabeth Proctor. Another example of Abigails misuse of power is when she deviously puts a molest into her stomach and into a dolls stomach and accuses Elizabeth of set it there. The story she made up fits in well with what happens because the placement of the needle is precise because Abigail saw Marry Warren make the doll and put the needle there for safe keeping. Every one in the fashion at that time believe Abigail, because she suddenly let out a loud scream and the peopl e around wouldnt think that she would do such a thing to herself.Abigail also convinces the court that Marry Warren is lying when she admits to making the doll and putting the needle it the doll. Abigail then pretends to be cold and witched by Marry Warren because she tells the court that it was only make-believe that the said they saw the devil and also saw others with the devil. The court believes Abigail as well because her skin is cold and she tells the court that she feels a cold breeze. There is a very large amount of misuse of power in Salem and the above is only a little.The accused in Salem were essentially condemned before they went to trial. Those who decided to live by admitting to witchcraft were ostracized by society much as those thought to be communists were blacklisted. People as a group can get caught up in the import and act in an irrational manner. The events in Salem are a solemn reminder of what can happen when we allow ourselves to be carried along with the crowd. We must think hard about how we can preserve our remains of justice so as not to risk repeating such an awful moment in history.

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Composers use language to create images

Composers use language to pull in images that communicate main ideas and provide richness and depth to their texts BY Chrts961 Composers Wilfred Owen, writer of poems Futility and Exposure, and Jessie Pope writer of Whos for the patch? use a diverse range of language techniques in their poems to create images to communicate main ideas . AII words in their poems are important because the counselling these poets use language is exactly in description which may be used to create tone, atmosphere or mood or simply to add richness and depth to their texts.Wilfred Owens Futility is about the existence of mankind. From the beginning of Futility we face a rather scarce sand of emotion and feeling, but towards the exterminate of the poem as the narrator starts to question things we begin to feel how apprehensive he becomes full nerved Still warm Too hard to kindle? Was it for this day grew tall? O what made fatuous sunbeams toil to tell Earths sleep at all? These rhetorical que stions indicate to us the sense of urgency being felt for the soldiers life. Ultimately, the composer uses rhetorical questions to communicate deeper emotions. In the s stanza of Exposure, Owen uses a clear description of he sound that the wind makes by dint of the barbed wire like twitching agonies of men among its brambles. The use of allegory helps to create the extreme horror of no mans land and connects with the idea of the call Exposure.Although Whos for the game? Which is composed by Jessie Pope is about a skillful topic, he helps us see the bright side to a war. This is through through rhyme. The use of rhyme gives a musical element in the poem and when combined with a serious topic it would feel as if the poem is trying to fire you up to go sign up and fight for your country in war. Wholl give his country a reach out? And who wants a seat in the stand? suggests exactly this. Where is the love?

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Jerusalem Art Essay

Art involving capital of Israel is rattling contr oversial. One has to place into context the fact that capital of Israel is a important metropolis for three study faithsIslam, Judaism, and Christianity. Having ane city be so satisfying leads to both the stolon appearance of conflict and peach. There is conflict in the sense of war and destruction, and beauty in the sense of ruse on the subject. The three slices of art this author selected were all twentieth century voices, only if all show solid scenes, buildings or represent momentous Psalms in the spiritedness of capital of Israel.Because of Jerusalems historical signifi fecesce, this author has chosen a piece of Muslim art that turn ins the old city of Jerusalem, a piece of Jewish art that represents the Psalms, and a piece of Christian art that depicts the triumphal entry and al or so of the crucial thus farts of consecrate Week, which is the final week of Christs life. The first piece of art is an Arab work that shows the old city of Jerusalem. In the painting, unity recognizes a blue-gray chuck out that overlooks a sandst peerless colored city. There is a uncomplete wall surrounding the city, and there appears to be two large appeal towers in the background.There argon too some(prenominal) people, men, in the picture, face towards the city and in a couple of cases walking towards that spiritual city. The city appears to be old, but not ancient, which means this is belike dated someplace around the Crusades. Though this is a contemporary piece, the artist has chosen to depict Jerusalem at its height in Muslim hands. This painting probably represents Jerusalem during the Crusades. This piece would be really inspiring to Muslims, as it shows the city as theirs. It as well as gives them an image to look to when contemplating their own religious heritage.This brings us to the point of religious iconography and the Islamic faith. Religious iconography does not play as sign ificant a role in Muslim religious life than in other religions. This is due in part to their trepidation or so displaying the human form in a religious setting. This writer tipls that this piece could be taken a number of several(predicate) ways depending on the perspective, whether Muslim, Christian, or Jew. For Muslims if would take them back to a time of Muslim supremacy, when they possess one of the most important cities in their religion.Jerusalem is a significant city for the Muslims. According to various scholars, Jerusalem is significant because it is believed it is the city from which Muhammad travel to heaven. It is also significant because some of Islams most significant prophets (Abraham and deliverer) preached and taught. It is also a place to which Muhammad made an historic night pilgrimage. For Christians and Jews, it would be a solemn reminder that there was a time when Christians and Jews lost their most consecrated city to a people they deemed infidels.It wo uld bring nearly a profound sense of sadness and loss and might inspire a fighting spirit in Jews and Christians to reclaim their city. Over the years, the manias the Muslims shake off over Jerusalem down become inflamed to the point of outright violence. The attitudes feed only gotten more intense and more inflexible towards the Holy City. This writer feels that the times have only served to strengthen the resolve of Muslims to reclaim the city that they perceive as theirs. Emotionally, the tensions in the region have made Muslims even more determined to control the city completely.As significant as Jerusalem is to Muslims, it also has a supreme significance to Jews. Jews actually fee as if the city be bigs to them and was bequeathed to them by God thousands of years ago. It is so significant that dozens of Psalms were written somewhat the city. One of the Psalms is 125, which says in part, as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people from this time f orth and endlessly (verse 2). In this painting by Irv Davis, one turn backs an encapsulated city of Jerusalem ring by grey mountains.The city is cream, almost white, and it is implied that the city is made of marble. The sky is blue and the sun is shining, adding to the shine on the city. One can point that the encapsulation is the spirit of God surrounding the city and protecting it from outsiders and enemies. The contrasts are very sharp, the darkness of the mountains are contrasted with the whiteness and purity of the city. This obviously represents a very bleak-fangled Jerusalem. This also represents a time when the Jews were extremely fervent about their faith and wished to travel along the Lord and render his will.This picture represents a Jerusalem on the rise. It is also a bit on the allegorical side, with the young city representing a young faith. The newness of the city represents the fervency of the believers. They wish to follow the Lord and, as with anything ne w, the new city represents a new faith. This piece of art could be taken by the three concourses in different ways. For Jews, it represents a time in their hi romance when they had a true passion for God and would write songs of praise to the Lord using their most holy city as an inspiration.For Muslims, it would be a dour reminder that a region and city of the world they felt they originally owned had been forcibly removed from their possession and would remain in control of another group for several thousand years. They would also bemoan the fact that a new faith system would be replacing the polytheism that had dominated the region in the years prior to the Jewish takeover. Jews visual modality the city of Jerusalem with as many passions and emotions as the Muslims. They see it as one of the most significant cities of their faith, and as such(prenominal), wish to reclaim it as a purely Judeo-Christian city.The emotions of the Jews towards the city have always been strong, but o ver time, have wax and waned, leading to the times that we have now where the Jews are fighting as passionately for the city as their Muslim counterparts. Both groups have coherent religious and traditional claims to the city, yet either refuses to give in and bear towards their passions for the city. They each want the city, and are willing to do just about anything to get and maintain control over it. Christians have a substantial other unique perspective on the city of Jerusalem.Before we can discuss the artistic expression of the selected artwork, it bears discussing the cultural ties that bind Christians to the city of Jerusalem. Christians follow the city as very important because not only did Jesus make his triumphal entry into the city during Holy Week, but also taught in the region. Additionally, the apostles taught in the region and it was from the city of Jerusalem that Christianity was established in the form of Christs death and resurrection. The piece of art that w as selected was some hand painted tiles from Jerusalem that show scenes from the triumphal entry and major scenes from Holy Week.The tiles are well-painted and detailed. Though they are also twentieth century, the story they tell condenses the entire story of Christianity in four small tiles. They are done in yellows, blues, white, black, and red. These tiles show an older, wiser Jerusalem. There is an overall sadness to the scenes, when one places the tiles in the context of the Bible, one can find that there is then a sadness, but at the same time a mirth in the scene being depicted. It is ironic that death represents life and deliver, but that is indeed what this scene and this depiction of Jerusalem shows.For Christians, Jerusalem represents the birth of their religion and the new life that is promised from the rising from the dead of Christ. Though there may be other cities that are significant in Christendom, for Christians, the events that transpired the week of Holy Wee k in Jerusalem are what assured the promises made in all the other cities. This piece of art could be taken by the three religions in different ways. For Christians, obviously, there is an association with the outright birth of the religion.The death that occurred outside Jerusalem represented the birth of a unanimous new belief system. For Jews, while the beliefs of Christian might be unusual, would see Christians as having as legitimate a claim to the city as they do, since they feel that the two groups worship the same God. For Muslims, the scenes simply show significant scenes in the life of a major prophet of their faith. They may view the Christians claims towards the city as interesting, but not as significant nor as important as their own claim towards the city.Christian attitudes towards the city have always been passionate, and they actually fought seven crusades that were specifically designed to take back the city from the Muslims. While they were not successful for lon g in keeping the Muslims out, they were able to develop a life of placid coexistence with the Muslims. Christians traditionally have supported the Jewish claim towards the city, as manifest in the fact that we actively support the mission of Israel today.Christian passions have always been high for the city, but they have cooled over time, and we no thirster actively seek to crusade against those we perceive as infidels. Christians now kind of seek peaceful coexistence with other groups, but especially the Muslims. Christians are a pragmatic people that see the realities of the situation and only seek to have the best possible outcomes for all the parties. As one can see from the above statements, Jerusalem holds a special place in the paddy wagon of all three religions. While it has inflamed passions, it has also inspired Psalmists and believers for centuries.We should seek understanding of the situations that create the passions and instead of seeming to remain in a state of constant conflict. We should view Jerusalem as a parentage of inspiration and not as a source of contention. The worlds three largest religions each have legitimate claims to the city and each needs to give up something in order to get access to the one city that they all deem to be the most important in their religion. The city is a true test of negotiation and faith, and as such should remain a source of inspiration. Bibliography about. com, Painting of Jerusalem Psalms. 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Resume Example

With 18 years gravel as a Cosmetologist, 13 + years as stake Manager/Director of instruction dedicated to protecting the health of citizens. Results of investigating problems and complaints of consumers led to the development of educational programs based on preventative techniques. Health, in force(p)ty, and sanitization are the primary focus and goal respectable in some(prenominal) my education and occupation. I lease excellent relationship holding skills, highly effective at converse work efficiently alone, and a motivated group up player.As a chemistry and microbiology school-age child independently investigated 6 + moon bedroom illnesses by bearinging, analyzing samples, reviewing scientific information from multiple forms of media, and reporting the results. This led to an sensory faculty and in-depth study on methods recitationd to sample carrefours, the nature of bacterium, a variety of media and tests used to probe and learn, and how to give minute reports both written and vivaly. Designed study and science laboratory experiments coifed by investigating sources of bedroom illnesses such(prenominal) as Colostomies botulism.Appropriate sampling techniques such as swabbing were used to obtain bacteria from food sources, oil, and a variety of other raw materials. The bacteria were grown and cultured on Agar plates and later Gram Stained in order to identify the gram positive bacteria seen with a microscope. Each type of bacteria sampled and analyzed required investigating sources, proper sampling techniques, growing the bacteria, and properly identifying distributively colony. This led to detail lab reports regarding all aspects of the investigation, methods, techniques, and results. demonstrable analytical problem-solving skills, strong cartridge clip management and organizational skills, maintained detail oriented records and data musical composition monitoring time and temperature sensitive bacteria. This allowed for a ccurate information to be pass alongd with the team orally and in written form. As a dietary student I managed a group of 6 students and 12 kitchen mental faculty in the planning, provision, and serving of a theme meal for 1 00 + students and faculty. The ferocity of food asylum and sanitation resulted in D incident of impairment or illness.Negotiated theme meal plan with team a of 6 students and 2 kitchen management staff. Communicated and designed flow charts for all students and kitchen staff to keep in line all tasks were accomplished individually and as a team. Led team to practice high standards of food proficientty and sanitation in the preparation of each overlap used according to specific guidelines provided by the subject field Restaurant Association and FDA Food Code. These standards were met by implementing and monitoring use of thermometers and notations do on time.This resulted in healthy yet creative dining experience that successfully served over 1 00 cons umers in a safe and hygienic way. Ability to analyze and report through effective communication skills and take aim individuals on essential nutrients. Researched vital role of vitamins and minerals on overall processes of the body. Developed application strategies of vital nutrients its relevance to supporting life. Analyzed dietary economic consumption of newborns through end of life stages. As a communications student analyzed and interpreted a variety of media, practiced negotiations on civil issues, and advanced my skills in writing and speaking.This has resulted in the ability to be resourceful, build long lasting relationships with mutual consciousness and effectively communicate both orally and in writing. Organized and effectively informed fellow students and instructors on a variety of topics such as the importance of biotic community gardens. By researching every aspect of community gardens from soil to harvest was able to suspensor plan and implement a community g arden at slang Mary College. This was initiated by a speech on the bene foregathers of gardening and oral communication with the Dietetics Department Director.Serving as a resource plans were written up regarding the proposed location, preparation Of the soil, plants to be used, maintenance of the soil and plants, harvesting the crops, and distributing the produce. This resulted in implementation of a community garden which is maintained by students and distributed to the detent community as thoroughly as local community members. Effectively communicate with a multitude of personalities, views, and statuses as part of a team or leadership role in collaborative and individual context.Ability to compromise and pull off divergent ideas, conflicts, and relationships through written, oral, or visual messages in multiple formats and contexts composition ensuring the message is mutually understood. As a Cosmetologist I assisted well over 1000 people over the past 18 years with technic al skills, highly creative skills, dear(p) interpersonal skills, effective communication, and time management skills. This led to a 50% increase in retail profits and 65% increase in profit of services. Service orientated with strong people skills provides lasting relationships and opportunities to generate new ones.Active listener with good interpersonal skills allows for identifying the needs Of the customer and achieving them through critical analysis of the challenges beforehand and critical thinking in relation to logic, reasoning, and approach. Ability to apply theory and practical chemical application using creativity and technical skills. This requires actively gathering information and learning ab pop the use and ingredients of the chemicals while maintaining accordance with safety rules and regulations set forth by the FDA and Cosmetology Examination table.Maintaining up-to-date and slender records are required for every service performed. Data obtained from monitore d use of each chemical allows for possible improvements in application technique or product and correction in actions taken. As Brand Manager/Director of preparation have investigated consumer complaints, written detailed reports pertaining to the results, advocated on behalf of consumers and the company, taught over 1,000 classes. This resulted in improvements in product performance, technique of application, and generated over $200,000 in additional sales inwardly the first year.Assisted in development and implementation of investigative techniques used to construct and resolve customer complaints with relation to product performance. Thorough visual and oral investigation with detailed data recording of product usage and outcomes allowed for accurately written reports delivered to proper authority. This led to being an active contributor to the team and mission of the company to provide quality products that reform safely and effectively. Managing and lede a team of 12 educa tors and 65 + sales consultants generated a 45% increase in sales for the company.Ability to oversee performance of educators and sales consultants while assisting them in attaining their goals through advocating for consumer needs as well as safe method of product usage. Planned, coordinated, and directed creative marketing plans and events for individual and corporal level establishments. Resulting in achieving sale goals and brand marketing. Demonstrated and effectively communicated a well designed program retaining to the safe and effective use of product and techniques of application.This provided uniform delivery of information to consumers from all educators and sales consultants. Allowing for less admiration and decrease in risk of unsafe product usage. Resulting in craved outcome of product use and consumer loyalty. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Eastern bull Artists Cosmetologist March 2002 to trustworthy As a Cosmetologist I developed and practiced service oriented behaviors desi gned to assist individuals in attaining a in demand(p) outcome by utilizing a variety of techniques, skills, and duties.My duties let ind continuing education, secretarial jobs, actively learning new technical skills brought out by advancements do in products and techniques of application while maintaining compliance with all federal and plead regulation. Staying current in technique and product knowledge requires seeking discipline through the Department of Regulation and Licensing as well as communication with local product distributors. Continuing education hours are accomplished by attending training sessions both online and in a classroom.Online classes provide current sanitation laws required by the State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing and Cosmetology Examining Board. classroom training sessions consist of learning details of product usage and safety precautions through hands on experience working with the products. Secretarial duties include scheduli ng appointments and maintaining records. Communication skills are used to determine the needs of the customer and schedule the time necessary to perform services while reply any questions the customer may have.Records are maintained in detailed client files providing information regarding allergies, medications, services performed, products used, dates of services, processing times and applications. Attaining desired results is a duty that requires careful analysis of data, an understanding of chemicals, analytical thinking, and creativity. By analyzing detailed client profile records the chemicals used to perform the services must be carefully thought out. For example, if a client is allergic to particular ingredients an awareness of what is in the products must be acknowledged and find out as fit or unfit for the service.Analysis of the integrity of the hair and chemical components in a product must also be thought out and determined as fit or unfit for the service. By listening without interruption, interpretation the message, and creating a mutual understanding along with the careful analysis of data obtained creativity leads to the desired result. Taking action to ensure a safe environment is a duty performed by maintaining compliance with safety and sanitation regulations. This is accomplished by keeping a sanitary station with chemical use and storage in compliance with regulation guidelines as well as clean and sanitary tools such as combs and shears.To maintain up-to-date compliance, the Cosmetology Examining Board and Department of Regulation and Licensing web sites roved safety rules and regulations set forth by federal and local government agencies. Four Star Beauty supply/Nexus Beauty Products Company/Essence Hairier Milwaukee, Wisconsin September 1996-2009 As Brand Manager/Director of Education assisted in investigations, communicated findings of the investigation, advocated for positive changes, and better others by utilizing a variety of t echniques, skills, and duties.My duties included developing and implementing techniques of investigation, maintaining open communication, working as a member and leader of a team, and coordinating events. Duties convoluted in developing and implementing investigations entailed working with consumers and other regional Management or Directors through written and verbal communication. Careful records were maintained regarding observations, reactions, concerns, and issues encountered by consumers. This was carried out by regular emails, phone conversations, and detailed reports of problems encountered by consumers.Working with the team of Managers and Directors allowed for pile up data that resulted in improving product performance and techniques used to perform services. Once improvements were made or advancements in technique were signed a follow up conversation provided strategies to reconcile consumer complaints. Actions taken to ensure understanding of the strategies designed to reconcile concerns where handled with open communication through email, telephone, and personal appearance.Coordinating and design inning classes for consumers, education team members, and sales consultants required communication with a variety of individuals and establishments, booking guest speakers, and overseeing marketing media. Keeping open lines of communication allowed for determining the need to coordinate and design classes that fit needs of consumers in determined areas. Booked appropriate guest speakers by communicating with them in regard to availability and specified topic to be covered. Worked with a team of graphic designers to design marketing materials such as posters and fliers.