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NCAE result and course preference of 1st yr college students of USI SY 2013-2014

Over a lifetime, both every individual and the industry will change; it is expected that many people will change occupations during their lives. Careers can make or break a person and the people around them. Youth of today, however, fail to recognize this. Career planning and preparation are often done during the last years of high school life, more often than not, Career preparation is not happening.During senior year in high school, students are faced with the dilemma on what they want to do right after graduation: pursue college education, learn a trade by enrolling in technical-vocational program, or work immediately. Ideally, counselors should conduct career education activities beginning in elementary school. When students start thinking about their careers in elementary school they are more likely to have better knowledge of their personal interests as well as what career options are available to them (Kayson, 2007).Helping students make successful transitions from high school to their next step in life is one of the most basic, but important tasks a school counselor faces (Lapan, 2007). Skorikov & Vondracek, (2007) contends that career planning should be viewed as a long term, ongoing career oriented process and one time, occupational choice approaches should be avoided. Whatever career decision the high school seniors eventually make, it is important to determine the career decision making process they undergo.It is also important to know which factors they consider or disregard in their career decisions. At stake in making the right career decision is their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Thus, it is very important that they choose the career that best fits each of them. Villar (2009) stated that most parents aspired for their children to become professionals. Whatever their socio-economic status, they wanted their children to pursue a course that would attach a title to their name upon graduation.Current research and trends have emphasize d the importance of career education and comprehensive school counseling programs in schools. To date, few researchers have asked students directly what they know and need to know for post-high school planning. Most of students, especially from the public secondary schools do not have accurate information about occupational opportunities to help them make appropriate career choice ( Atienza et. al, 2010). NCAE result and course preference of 1st yr college students of USI SY 2013-2014 Over a lifetime, both every individual and the industry will change; it is expected that many people will change occupations during their lives. Careers can make or break a person and the people around them. Youth of today, however, fail to recognize this. Career planning and preparation are often done during the last years of high school life, more often than not, Career preparation is not happening.During senior year in high school, students are faced with the dilemma on what they want to do right after graduation: pursue college education, learn a trade by enrolling in technical-vocational program, or work immediately. Ideally, counselors should conduct career education activities beginning in elementary school. When students start thinking about their careers in elementary school they are more likely to have better knowledge of their personal interests as well as what career options are available to them (Kayson, 2007).Helping students make successful transitions from high school to their next step in life is one of the most basic, but important tasks a school counselor faces (Lapan, 2007). Skorikov & Vondracek, (2007) contends that career planning should be viewed as a long term, ongoing career oriented process and one time, occupational choice approaches should be avoided. Whatever career decision the high school seniors eventually make, it is important to determine the career decision making process they undergo.It is also important to know which factors they consider or disregard in their career decisions. At stake in making the right career decision is their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Thus, it is very important that they choose the career that best fits each of them. Villar (2009) stated that most parents aspired for their children to become professionals. Whatever their socio-economic status, they wanted their children to pursue a course that would attach a title to their name upon graduation.Current research and trends have emphasize d the importance of career education and comprehensive school counseling programs in schools. To date, few researchers have asked students directly what they know and need to know for post-high school planning. Most of students, especially from the public secondary schools do not have accurate information about occupational opportunities to help them make appropriate career choice ( Atienza et. al, 2010).

Microeconomics †Summary Essay

Linear demand curve: Q = a – bP Elasticity: E d = (ΔQ/ΔP)/(P/Q) = -b(P/Q)E d = -1 in the middle of demand curve (up is more elastic) Total revenue and Elasticity:Elastic: Ed < -1↑P→↓R (↑P by 15%→↓Q by 20%) Inelastic: 0 > Ed > -1↑P→↑R (↑P by 15%→↓Q by 3%) Unit elastic: Ed = -1R remains the same (↑P by 15%→↓Q by 15%) MR: positive expansion effect (P(Q) – sell of additional units) + price reduction effect (reduces revenues because of lower price (ΔP/ΔQ)/Q) 1. Monopoly – maximizes profit by setting MC = MR Monopolist’s Markup = price-cost margin = Lerner index: (P-MC)/P = -1/ Ed (the less elastic demand, the greater the markup over marginal cost) 2. Price Discrimination Perfect price discrimination – the firm sets the price to each individual consumer equal to his willingness to payMR=P(Q)=demand (without the price reduction effect), no consumer surplus,find profit from graph Two-part Tariffs – a fixed fee (= consumer surplus) + a separate per-unit price for each unit they buy (P = MC) 2 groups of customers – with discrimination: inverse demand function for individual demands → MR → MR=MC * without discrimination: sum of not-inverse demand functions = one option for aggregate demand. Other option is the â€Å"rich† people demand function. Compare profits to find Qagg. * max fixed payment F (enabling discrimination) = ∆ Ï€; max d added to MC1 = ∆π/q1 (with discrimination) Quantity-dependent pricing – one price for first X units and a cheaper price for units above quantity X. profit function = Ï€ = Pa*Qa+Pb(Qb-Qa)-2Qb Qb includes Qa, so the additional units sold are Qb-Qa. Example: P=20-Q. Firm offers a quantity discount. Setting a price for Qa (Pa) and a price for additional units Qb-Qa (Pb). Pa=20-Qa Pb=20-Qb. ÃŽ  =(20-Qa)Qa + (20-Qb)(Qb-Qa) -2Qb = 18Qb-Qa^2 – Qb^2 +QaQb derive π’a=-2Qa+Qb π’b=18-2Qb+Qa compare to 0. 2Qa=Qb. Plug into second function: 18-2(2Qa)+Qa=0. So Qa=6 Qb=12 3. Cost and Production Technologies Fixed costs: avoidable – not incurred if the production level = 0; unavoidable/sunk – incurred even if production level = 0, don’t exist in the  long run, for the short run typical Efficient scale of production – min AC: derivative of AC = 0; MC = AC Production technologies – production method is efficient it there is no other way to produce more output using the same amounts of inputs Minimization problem – objective function: min(wL+rK), constraint: subject to Q=f(K,L) → express K as a function of L, Q (from production function)→ plug the expression into objective function (instead of K)→ derive with respect to L = 0 → express L (demand for labor) → plug demand for labor into K function → express K (demand for capital) → TC=wL+rK Marginal product ratio rule – for f(K,L)=KaLb – at the optimum: MPL/w = MPK/r : find MPL, MPK from production function → find relationship bet ween K,L using marginal product ratio rule → plug K/L into production function → find K/L for desired level of production – for f(K,L)=aK+bL: compare MPL/w, MPK/r → use production factor with higher marginal value, if equal – use any combination 4. Perfect Competition Short run – 1. Quantity rule – basic condition: MR = P = MC → 2. Shut-down rule: P(Q) ËÆ' AC(Q) produce MR=MC, P(Q) Ë‚ AC(Q) shut down, P(Q) = AC(Q) – profit = 0 for both options * shut-down quantity and price: min AC (derivative of AC = 0); AC=P=MC (profit = 0) * when computing AC ignore unavoidable/sunk fixed costs (not influenced by our decision) – market equilibrium: multiply individual supply functions (from P=MC example TC = 4q^2 so MC = 8q compare to p so 8q=p so q=p/8) by number of firms = aggregate supply function Qs → Qs=Qd (demand function) → equilibrium price and quantity Long run – profits = 0 → P=AC, equilibrium: MR=P=MC=ACmin * in the long run, unavoidable/sunk cost don’t exist → fixed costs are avoidable → take them into account – market equilibrium: find individual supply function (MC=P), quantity produced by 1 firm (MC=AC =price → plug price into demand function â⠀ â€™ total quantity demanded → number of firms in the market = total quantity demanded/quantity produced by 1 firm 5. Oligopolistic Markets Game Theory – Nash Equilibrium: each firm is making a profit-maximizing choice given the actions of its rivals (cannot increase profit by changing P or Q); best response = a firm’s most profitable choice given the actions of its rivals Bertrand Model – setting prices simultaneously; 1 interaction:  theoretically max joint profit when charging monopoly price (MC=MR) but undercutting prices → P=MC, Ï€= 0; infinitely repeated: explicit x tacit collusion (when r is not too high) Cournot Model – choosing quantity (based on beliefs on the other firm’s production) simultaneously → market price – market equilibrium: residual demand for firm 1 from the inverse demand function → profit 1 as a function of q1, q2 → derivative = 0 → best response function for firm 1 → same steps for firm 2 → find q1, q2, market quantity → price, profits Stackelberg Model – choosing quantities sequentially ; firm 1 not on its best response function → higher profit, firm 2 is – market equilibrium: find best response function of firm 2 → plug into profit function of firm 1 → derivative = 0 → q1, q2 (from BR2 function) → price, profits

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Analytical Jurisprudence Essay

Analytical jurisprudence is a method of legal study that concentrates on the logical structure of law, the meanings and uses of its concepts, and the formal terms and the modes of its operation. It draws on the resources of modern analytical philosophy to try to understand the nature of law. It is not concerned with the past stages of its evolution or its goodness or badness. Law exist as it is, regardless of good or bad, past or future. â€Å"a law, which actually exist, is a law, though we happen to dislike it, or though it vary from the text, by which we appropriate our approbation and disapprobation† Analytical jurisprudence is a legal theory that draws on the resources of modern analytical philosophy to try to understand the nature of law. Analytical jurisprudence is not to be mistaken for legal formalism (the idea that legal reasoning is or can be modelled as a mechanical, algorithmic process). Indeed, it was the analytical jurists who first pointed out that legal formal ism is fundamentally mistaken as a theory of law. Analytic, or ‘clarificatory’ jurisprudence uses a neutral point of view and descriptive language when referring to the aspects of legal systems. This was a philosophical development that rejected natural law’s fusing of what law is and what it ought to be. David Hume famously argued in A Treatise of Human Nature that people invariably slip between describing that the world is a certain way to saying therefore we ought to conclude on a particular course of action. But as a matter of pure logic, one cannot conclude that we ought to do something merely because something is the case. So analysing and clarifying the way the world is must be treated as a strictly separate question to normative and evaluative ought questions. The most important questions of analytic jurisprudence are: â€Å"What are laws?†; â€Å"What is the law?†; â€Å"What is the relationship between law and power/sociology?†; and, â€Å"What is the relationship between law and morality? Analytical School has got different names: * Positive School – because it focused on â€Å"positivism† (latin) which means â€Å"as it is†. * English School – because this school was dominant in England. * Austinian School – because it was de facto founded by John Austin. Jeremy Bentham- Originator of Analytical School One of the earliest legal positivists was Jeremy Bentham. Bentham was anearly and staunch supporter of the utilitarian concept (along with Hume), an avid prison reformer, advocate for democracy, and strongly atheist. Bentham’s views about law and jurisprudence were popularized by his student, John Austin In 18th century England law was not organised , but it was present in a very haphazard way as a result of customs and morals or thoughts, there was no absolute guiding principle behind law. It was said that law had grown in England rather than being made. Justice is nothing but social happiness guaranteed by social order and protecting certain interests which are socially recognised and worthy of being protected. This idea led to the foundation of analytical school. Jeremy Bentham is the real founder father of the English School of Jurisprudence but the real and full credit has never been paid to this Jurist because of his indolence in not getting his works published in spite of his whole life has been devoted to legal writing. Bentham was really a realist in temper and in his approach to Jurisprudence are two important aspects namely 1. The Analytical tool of law; and  2. The Utility tool of law John Austin took from Jeremy Bentham the analytical tool but rejected the utility tool as a one that beyond the realm of Jurisprudence proper. Austin’s utilitarian answer to â€Å"what is law?† was that law is â€Å"commands, backed by threat of sanctions, from a sovereign, to whom people have a habit of obedience. The major premise of analytical school is to deal with law as it exists in the present form. It seeks to analyse the first principle of law as they exist in the given legal system. The exponents of analytical school of jurisprudence consider that the most important aspect of law is its relation to the state. They treat law as a command emanating from the sovereign, namely, the State. This school is, therefore, also called the imperative school. The advocates of this school are neither concerned with the past of law nor with the future of it, but they continue themselves to  the study of law as it actually exists i.e. positus. Characteristics of Analytical School of Jurisprudence: As stated earlier, Bentham’s concept of law is imperative one i.e. law is an assemble of signs, declaration of volition conceived or adopted by sovereign in a state. He believed that every law may be considered in the light of eight different aspects. 1) Sources – law as the will of sovereign. 2) Subject – may be person or thing. 3) Objects – act, forbearance or situations. 4) Extent – law covers a portion of land on which acts have been done. 5) Aspects – may be directive or sanctional. 6) Force. 7) State 8) Expression. Criticism: Customs ignored – analytical school regard only the command of sovereign and ignores the history of the evolution of law thus ignoring the important role of custom. It only takes customs as to me mere source of law. No place for judge made law –judge made law is the important factors of law in the modern world but the analytical school completely ignores the value of precedents. Command over-emphasised –the modern progressive law is nothing but the general will of people whereas the analytical school over emphasise the command of sovereign giving a dictator viewpoint. International law is mere morality –one more point is, that analytical school thinks that international law is mere morality due to the lack of sanction and enforcing capacity. No legal system exist in vacuum and hence can not be fully understood by focusing on law itself. Modern trends also suggest that bending of socio economic factors is also a part of jurisprudence. The school whereas, do es not take into account the legal change. It takes for granted the perfection of legal system and proceeds to explain its fundamentals, however change in the important factor in all aspects of life.

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A Political Life of Pablo Picasso Research Paper

A Political Life of Pablo Picasso - Research Paper Example The research paper "A Political Life of Pablo Picasso" highlights Pablo Picasso's political side of life. Pablo Picasso is one of the pre-eminent artists of the twentieth century, having mastered various art forms such as painting, sculpting, print-making, ceramic-making and stage designing. Alongside Henri Matisse and Marcel Duchamp, Picasso is considered to have revolutionized plastic arts in the early part of the twentieth century. His political commitments have been one of the most underexplored areas of his life and work. But new scholarship and evidence from exhibitions identify the political facet of Pablo Picasso. This essay will argue that though not much publicized or documented Picasso held strong political beliefs. This is evident from the events of his personal life and the content of his artistic works. Although art critics often suggest that art should transcend politics, this assertion does not always holds true. The most important event in Picasso’s life, whic h betrays his strong political sympathies, is his joining the French Communist Party in 1944. Picasso’s contribution to the party came via his three drawings of Maurice Thorez in 1945. He also gifted to the Communist town of Vallauris, his sculpture L’homme au mouton. The painting ‘The Peace Dove’, produced in the aftermath of the the Second World War is further evidence for the link between the aesthetics and politics of the great painter. Picasso’s deep involvement with Leftist politics is made obvious through his 1953 portrait of Stalin.

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Asset Planning Discussion Post 5 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Asset Planning Discussion Post 5 - Coursework Example Legally, she would be held liable for making decisions without involving her mother who is the genuine investor (Securities and Exchange Commission, 2003). As a result, a broker cannot proceed with the changes before getting permission from the original investor. It was evident that Joyce had no clue on the happenings and looked confused on the questions raised by the broker. The first step a broker would take is to ensure that the original broker was consulted the proposed changes. This is to avoid impersonation and misrepresentation of material facts that would later jeopardize the agreement. Another viable step to take is to ignore the changes because of the investor’s age factor that cannot allow for a long-term investment plan. Similarly, investment objective was another issue that directly affects suitability (Securities and Exchange Commission, 2003). Rebecca wanted venture-capital type investments contrary to Joyce’s small-cap growth, which was against the agreement. In this regard, the lack of interest shown by Joyce was a clear manifestation that she was not privy to the proposals made by her daughter Rebecca. The investment advisor or broker should not make any changes since it is illegal and can result in financial losses (Stanley,

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Paper two Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Paper two - Essay Example The US and indeed the whole world currently experiences high unemployment rates due to increased population and unavailability of job opportunities. This causes humans to inadequately meet their basic needs and consequently leads to poverty. Poverty refers to a condition in which basic human needs including food, clothing and shelter fail to be met. A majority of countries would have poverty being exhibited through low life expectancy, poor nutrition and high infant mortality among other factors. Poverty results from unavailability of resources and humans being unable to achieve economic development. Socially, discriminating other people based on their culture, race, gender or inabilities has also been a major socioeconomic issue. Racism and sexism would be observed in a majority of the countries particularly due to the increased globalization. This causes the minority groups to be disadvantaged and miss on the opportunities presented to the majority. Globalization has further caused a shift in social morality with major morality conflicts resulting due to abortion, prostitution and drug abuse among others. But the belief that Christians have on Jesus plays a critical role in confronting these socioeconomic problems. Christians’ Belief on Jesus Christians believe Jesus as being full of compassion towards all humankind due to His caring nature. The reason people go to church and follow Christian principles has been noted to be majorly finding care and compassion, a position that has seen Christians considered as caring and compassionate people. Jesus shows compassion to the Church with the ultimate indication of His compassion being the sacrifice of shedding His blood for the cleansing of the Church. In spite of a few times when Jesus got angry like the day He turned tables over in the temple, He largely showed compassion to all humans without regard to their situations or nature. As such, Christians being His followers have the obligation to lead a life of compassion to the society at large. How Christians’ Belief about Jesus Helps Confront Socioeconomic Problems Compassion cares for the temporal needs of people. The story of Jesus feeding a multitude with just a few fish and loaves of bread indicates the need for compassion as a way to support people in need. The problem that the people had then was lack of food. As such, Jesus found a temporal solution to the temporal need and He fed them using the fish and bread from the young shepherd boy. In the same manner, a majority of the reasons causing socioeconomic issues in the society could be attributed to humans’ temporal needs. Lack of human basic needs drive people engaging in socially immoral acts such as prostitution. Additionally, drug abuse could be a direct result of unemployment and idleness. If Christians adopt a compassionate attitude as was with Jesus, such persons would have people share with them food and clothing and probably even shelter. Christians woul d take it upon themselves to ensure that such persons secure employment so that they earn a decent living just like other average human beings. Therefore, compassion from Christians would have the needy have their temporal needs catered for. Compassion cares for the oppressed. It has been appreciated that discrimination plays a significant role in propagating socioeconomic problems in the society. Notably, racism, sexism, class discrimination and nepotism have been said to cause the occurrence of several crimes in the society. But with

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Secondary Data Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Secondary Data - Assignment Example h this comprises the integrity of the data to some extent since it is not gathered directly from the source (Christensen, Johnson & Turner, 2010); some studies require data that cannot be gathered directly or it can be unethical to expose participants directly to research conditions (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2008). Data that is gathered in such indirect ways is called secondary data; and when used appropriately, it can provide valuable information about the population (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2008). An example of a study using Secondary Data would be one that attempted to evaluate the changes in the manner and extent to which depression was reported over a decade at a campus clinic that caters to the students of a university. A study like this would want to study the number of cases reported; the symptoms described; and the treatment suggested and chosen as well as the number of cases that reported recovery and the time taken to achieve this recovery. The data required for this study is historical data that is available from the case files available at the clinic. The participants in this study would be the persons who were diagnosed with Depression; and it would be unethical to remind them of their illness – particularly since it can raise painful memories especially for participants who had to struggle with the illness for a long time (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2008). Also, participants who were diagnosed many years back may not remember the symptoms well; or the details of the treatment they took, and may not be able to provide details. These details can be taken from the case files; and will provide a more accurate representation; although using the case files limits the scope of the research to the details available (Christensen, Johnson & Turner, 2010). If the participant provided inaccurate information, this cannot be evaluated; nor can it provide information about people who did not approach the clinic but were depressed nevertheless.

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Healthcare Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Healthcare - Research Paper Example Kotter provides a framework that can guide managers through this process. This paper will analyze the concept of transformational change as brought forth by the philosophies of John Kotter and provide a case study of a public health organization that effected this change. Leading change is a complex and multi-disciplinary task that requires skilled focus and attention of leaders at every level of the organization. Increasingly, it has become the driving force in the success of an organization. However, the process is not easy as it is often characterized by high by high failure rates. Organizations are built for stability with policies, structures, responsibilities, roles and procedures. This stability is inherent that it becomes virtually impossible to think about other ways of doing things and getting people to conform to these changes. The speeds of change and new knowledge create immense pressures for institutions to be always aware and build new strategies to manage the flow of information. Staying focused on the immediate processes and concerns while maintaining a vision for transforming the organization requires the ability to be shrewd. Health care systems in the world have reached a critical turning point. Patients and their next of kin are demanding more information, value for their money and transparency. The innovations in the field of technology and service delivery create a force that drives the need for transformation. The demand for holistic approaches to care, advances in care, value-based incentives, emphasis on lifestyle and behavior modification have created expectations for new partnerships, cutting edge innovations and better patient outcomes in health institutions (Davis, Schoen and Schoenbaum, 2000). Transformational change and governance should thus be the goal of every hospital and health system in today’s world. Effective management and legal

Public Relations Marketing Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Public Relations Marketing - Coursework Example This particular study focuses on the strategic PR practice as a measure in the Department of Transport in London intending to implement campaigns addressing road accident deaths. Strategic PR: A Theoretical Background: The need for PR arises from the various problems that might arise in an organization in dealing with the PR and understanding of the organizational activities. Community relations are extremely necessary in this context. The practitioners of PR encounter various problems that require the need for strategic management. The primary role of PR practice is to manage and develop the different relations in association with an organization. This may include relation with the employees, with the general public and with any stakeholder of the organization. It has been observed through earlier studies that the usefulness of the PR is not clearly understood by the managers and that a strategic and planned technique is required in order to solve the problems. With time, the resear ch and understanding have led to successful understanding of strategic PR practice. Now, organizations are more involved with the incorporation of the PR measures and enhancing successful relationships (Austin & Pinkleton, 2006, pp.2-7). ... e might be a decline in the records of the road deaths in the city, yet the number seems to be high that requires sufficient measures to curtail the effects of drinking and drugs to take the toll on human lives. Particularly during occasions, the intake of alcohol and drugs increase creating more difficult situations to be handled. Thus based on the nature of this problem, the Department of Transport (DoT) in London requires taking measures appropriate to the needs in solving the issues and preventing such road deaths in the city. Concerned Objectives: The DoT has seriously taken up the concerns of preventing road deaths in London. As the Director of Communication at the DoT, I have plans to set up a PR firm to design and implement a public information campaign prior to the festival of Christmas and address the issues of road deaths occurring as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The HM treasury has agreed to provide a budget of ?2m for the purpose. I plan t o utilize the amount in involving start-up agencies to set up for the account of Dot. The purpose of choosing start-up agencies is to restrict the excess expenditure of funds. The agencies selected are mostly comprised of postgraduates who have recently majored in the strategic communication management. The startup agencies have been selected such that the objectives are fulfilled through specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound manner. The four agencies I plan to invite are: (i) Broadgate Mainland, (ii) Diffusion PR and Communications Ltd, (iii) Startup PR, and (iv) Parys Communication. A Brief Overview: Broadgate Mainland: It is a UK based multiple awards winning independent PR agency performing their activities in several areas of PR development. The team working

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Canadian Electoral System Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Canadian Electoral System - Term Paper Example Even then, they were expected to have certain qualifications. Elections, back then, were held at different times of the year. Unlike now, secret ballot was not a system that was used by the Canadians. However, as times moved on, the right for every adult man and woman to vote was given. As this happened, the people became less tolerant of the previous system. They advocated for reforms in the electoral system. This is so that the process of voting in political institutions in the land could be free, and fair. These reforms became paramount so that the system could find support from the public, thus acquiring legitimacy. This paper will review some of the ways in which the electoral system in Canada operates, and the nature of their system. The extraordinary complexity of the electoral system requires that it should be fine- tuned to suit the immediate environment at all times. Canada’s federal nature shows of the country’s electoral law as much as it does the political life that exists in the country (Dyck 2011, 45).2 This is so that every individual will get to understand their fundamental right to vote, and elect into office their preferred choice of authority. The different systems present in Canada allow the people to vote in candidates in their own provinces. However, for the federal parliament, there exists only one electoral system. This ensures that there is uniformity during the general election process. The Canada Elections Act contains all the election laws that are present in Canada. The publishing of such information ensures that everyone gets to understand the laws that govern elections. The consequences of committing an election offense can also be found there. There are other documents that have this kind of information displayed to the people (Farrell 2006, 62).3 These include; Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act, the Criminal Code, the Income Tax Act among others. Although laws in Canada continue to be passed by politicians, th e electoral system is governed by a neutral party. It consists of an unbiased, independent group of individuals. This is the most recent development that the Canadian electoral system has undergone since the inception of law. As adult men and women were allowed to vote, it became imperative that the organizational procedure be removed from political control. The neutral party was not expected to be close to the government (Farrell 2006, 67).4 These were the expectations of the public with the introduction of neutral parties to run the organizational procedures. Laws must keep on changing and evolving to accommodate the current trends that need to be met. Also, the public should be able to see the changes, and the positive effect they may have on them. In 1920, the Dominion Elections Act, advocated for the creation of a position in the election system. This position was for the Chief Electoral Officer. The position entailed the party’s involvement to be the main supervisor of the elections. Also, they were supposed to map out the general direction of the elections (Farrell 2006, 73).5 The office, which is also known as Elections Canada, was mandated to enforce fairness and impartiality when it came to the elections. In Canada, the general elections for federal government are held after four years. However, in the case where there is a minority government, the elections can be called at any time. A minority governmen

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Intellectual Property Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

Intellectual Property Law - Essay Example In a different perspective, intellectual property rights cover identification marks used by companies in order to protect malicious use of the same. Such protections are in place with an aim of encouraging new inventions, innovations, and technologies, which is vital for growth of both a nation or a society and the global economy. Examples of such intellectual rights include copyrights, patents, trade secrets, industrial designs, and trademarks. These rights depend on the form and type of invention or innovation that an individual attains. In the above scenario, Trevor discovered a drug that can cure common cold. In this case, Trevor’s discovery qualifies for a patent as one of the intellectual property rights. Millennium compound has been in existence for long yet no one used it to invent a drug for curing common cold. It is therefore wrong to assume that since Millennium compound has been in existence, someone was going to use in at some point to come up with a drug for curi ng common cold. ... Since they are not co-owners of the idea, Trevor has a right to obtain the patent right under his name. In a scenario where Trevor will allow the professor to have patent under his (professor) name, then Trevor should forget about such rights as provided for within intellectual rights. Therefore, it is important that Trevor fight for his name to be used for obtaining such patents rights since without that then he (Trevor) is unlikely to benefit from the same rights. After all, patent rights according to UK Patents Act 1977, Section 3 2the only person who enjoys patent rights of an invention is one whose name is used in success application and approval of the same rights. Patentability Requirements Under the United Kingdom’s Patent Rights law, there are specific requirements that an inventor must adhere to in order to apply successful for a patent right against his or her invention. Some of the conditions that should be in force include having an element of novelty, invention i nvolving an inventive step, invention having practical use, and the subject matter must be accepted as patentable within the United Kingdom’s laws. Novelty is the most vital prerequisite for any patent right to be successful completed under the UK law. Under the UK law, novelty requirement states that for an invention to acquire patent rights it must be new. According to the UK Patents Act 1997 Section 2(1)3, a new invention is one that does not take any part of the ‘state of the art’ within a reasonable time just before patent application date. In this regards, the ‘state of art’ refers to the entire information or matter made available to members of the public

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Teamwork wins Championship Essay Example for Free

Teamwork wins Championship Essay Team work wins Championship! Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championship. l I must say what an awesome saying by Michael Jordan! He beautifully portrays the success of teamwork. As nowadays, the challenge for companies is to deliver quickly and flexibly new quality products and services in order to respond to greater and changing demands from clients. Standardization and specialization characterize traditional work organization; the work is divided into different segments, and workers perform their tasks individually, specializing in their field. However, specialization, control and outine are suitable when a constant demand for standardized products applies. However, for a fast changing demand, this method does not seem to work as well, and may lead to coordination problems and rigidities. Therefore, to fulfill the fast changing demand, the companies started to look for new forms of organization of which teamwork is quite successful one. 2 Teamwork is considered to be one of the core elements of the new work organization and it involves working cooperatively and making use of individual strengths within a group to achieve a common goal. Teams are more flexible and responsive to changing events. This is because there is no one leader clearly in charge in fact the leadership role is shared and work is done collectively. This creates an environment that facilitates knowledge and information exchange. As team working makes fuller use of all the talents of the workforce. Better solutions to problems are found as those most closely connected with the work participate in suggesting answers Thus, this highly motivates staff resulting in reduce labour turnover and high labour productivity. Labour productivity is the output per worker in a given time period. When companies such as W. L. Gore, Volvo and Kraft Foods introduced teams into their production process, they made news because no one else was doing it. But today, its Just the opposite an organization that doesnt use teams would be newsworthy. Its estimated that over 70 percent of U. S. manufacturers use work teams. 3 Hence, team working is better for productivity than individual working. Management theory suggests that compared to an individual, a diverse group of people will be more creative because team members will bring a variety of ideas, perspectives and approaches to the group. Even at Google teams are a way of life. As the company web sites states, Googlers thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments. 4 Actually teamwork is different from the Taylorist work organization. F. W. Taylor was the person who made first serious attempt to analyze worker motivation in order to advise management on the best ways to increase worker performance or productivity. His scientific management theory is characterized by task specialization, a pyramid hierarchical structure and a centralization of responsibilities. Under the Taylorist model the work was divided into narrow functions with short, repetitive work cycles and the work method is rescribed in detail. However, this system does not offer sufficient scope for a process of upgrading and innovation, which is essential for quick change and adaptation. The slowness and relative rigidity of the traditional organizational scheme otten earns i t the name dinosaur syndrome. 5 Furthermore the repetitive tasks cause boredom amongst workers. Hence, employees lose interest in their work which ultimately leads to poor response rate and high labour turnover effecting productivity. Hence, Taylor approach of management, giving instructions to workers with no discussion or feedback is considered to be undesirable. Worker participation in devising best work practices is now encouraged. As Mayo Human Relations theory also suggest that working conditions and financial rewards have little or no effect on productivity. In fact when management consults with workers work in teams and develops a team spirit then productivity is improved. As team working makes fuller use of all the talents of the workforce. Thus, better solutions to problems are found as those most closely connected with the work participate in suggesting answers. 6 Case study of Starbucks Corporation will further help to illustrate the concept. Starbucks Corporation is the most famous chain of retail coffee shops in the world. In 1971 it started with three owners and in 1982 a sales representative, Howard Schultz, of the house ware business in New York Joined them. When he had a vocation to Italy, he experienced an entirely different coffee culture. He wanted to adopt that in Starbucks but the initial owners rejected the idea. Therefore, he chose to establish a new coffee shop, named II Gironale. In two years his business was so successful that the three owners of Starbucks decided to sell their business to Schultz. His work strategy worked so well that in 2007 he was ranked as the 16th best company. Schultz was so successful due to his business culture, beliefs and attitudes. He believed that the tip of success is not coffee but employees. Hence, motivation is the vital factor for business in the process of making their production. As labours are not working machines, so they can not always do the same affairs with equal passion. Accordingly the efficient method to make staffs keen on their Jobs should be to motivate them. As Nicholson (1998) also reported that workers had strong social eeds which they tried to satisfy through membership of informal social groups at workplace. 7 Therefore, Schultz adopted teamwork which did not only construct a small social structure in organization for employees to soci alize, but also composite of various kind of members who equip with different background of skill and knowledge on account of the mission. However, if business were rather bureaucratic in their approach with an inflexible approach to staff issues. Focused on individual working rather than teamwork then according to Mc Gregor theory Y, workers will be ighly de-motivated. As Mc Gregor theory Y managers believed that workers are creative, willing to accept responsibility and can derive as much enjoyment from work as from rest and play. Hence, in todays world where there is so much awareness among workers so if they are not given any right in decision making then this could de-motivate them and affect productivity. Thus, teamwork is the solution which gives workers not only the chance to participate in suggesting ideas in fact through increased communication they are able to complete large projects in lesser time. As many business projects require numerous tasks and exhibit a complexity level that would be almost impossible for a single employee to complete on his own. 8 Therefore pulling individuals from a variety of departments and positions allows a company to complete projects and work assignments more efficiently. Adding up to it, team working can reduce management cost as it is often associated with de-layering ot the organization. De-layering is the removal ot one or more ot the levels ot hierarchy from an organization structure. Furthermore, there is a positive correlation between teamwork and employee training. This is because when workers work in teams they are able to learn from others. As some team members might be from the upper level of the management and have much more experience than others members. Thus by developing social contacts and even by observing them, members who are less experienced can learn. The Finnish Quality of Work Life Survey reports, Employees who do teamwork have generally better possibilities of receiving training and for developing their skills than people who do not work in teams. 9 Abraham Maslow also suggested the theory of the hierarchy of human needs. His findings were not only based on the work environment in fact he considered psychological and sociological factors as well. He believed that human needs starts from the level of physical needs which include food, shelter, water and rest. Then it moves to safety needs which means protection from threats, Job security, health and safety at work. Further the hierarchy of needs move to social needs which refer to feeling of belonging to a group, trust and acceptance. And then comes the esteem needs and self actualization. Esteem needs mean status and recognition of achievement. Therefore, by developing teams MasloWs social and esteem needs and likely to be fulfilled. Hence, workers are expected to be better motivated. It would stimulate people to take action to improve productivity. 10 Hence, it can be safely concluded that teamwork can contribute to a better quality of working life for employees leading to improved productivity. Working in teams allows employees to give their ideas and work collectively which result in completing large projects in lesser time and hence increase efficiency of employees. Efficiency means producing output at the highest ratio of output to input. Therefore, the organization is benefited from the speed of employees as teamwork motivates workers and they do their work with more interest. Furthermore, the degree of acceptance is high of the decisions made by teams as they are usually perceived as more legitimate than decisions made by one person. This is because team members are reluctant to fght or undermine a decision that they helped develop. 11 Henry Ford also said, Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is the progress. Working together is the success. 12 Therefore, adopting team work at work place usually leads to success. Total Words: 1512

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The Effectiveness Of Facebook Marketing

The Effectiveness Of Facebook Marketing Abstract This research proposal focuses on the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. The success of Facebook has not escaped the specialists attention, but there is a clear absence of quantitative research because there has been huge debate within the marketing community that is influencing consumer behaviour and brand perception, so, this study will help to support the debate. Many brands and small businesses have already entered the Facebook platform and due to the economic remunerations of this platform, brands with a truncated marketing budget can be lured to join the race. The purpose of this research is to, with a quantitative approach; determine whether Facebook is an effective marketing standard. An experiment will be accompanied where a sample of participants will be exposed to a selection of fictive fan pages on Facebook during one weeks time. After experimentation process and surveying fans I will be able to demonstrate the fact of considering a Facebook an effective marketing tool for businesses. 2. Introduction Facebook is a very famous social networking website which was launched in the second month of the year 2004. Seemingly, it has been studied that almost one out of 14 people in this world is a Facebook user. Facebook has become an unbeatable phenomenon by its fastest growing number of users and user friendly platform. By the time it has started, Facebook has approximately more than 500 million users. Each user is connected to an average of 140 friends which shows if a company persuades a single person to post something about their business or brand they are having the potential of reaching 140 or more. There are more than 25 billion content shared like pictures, posts and links and over 170 million things to interact with, includes pages, events, applications, games and groups (Facebook web-page, press information, 2010). Facebooks early achievements attracted investors and marketing companies to nurture their businesses with the help of its growing number of users. Many national and international companies are using the help of Facebook to market and advertise their business in order to fascinate more clients (Retrieved from: Facebook marketing is becoming talk of the business town. Facebooks enormous user power helped multinational and national companies to build number of clients and sales of their products and services in a very short period of time. The advertiser is no longer the person in a company that decides how, when, where and whom to communicate. Nowadays it is the customer that decides which company and what information to take part of (Meadows-Klue, 2007). Facebook is thus an attractive marketing channel to reach younger consumers, and particularly interesting for new companies that do not have extensive marketing budget. As a researcher, I would like to explore more on the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. So, this research mainly focuses on the effectiveness of Facebooks marketing. 3. Problem Facebook is a young contender in communication platform and there are not many studies or researches regarding its effectiveness as a means of marketing. Deceptively, there are very few guidelines concerning what role fan pages should play in a business marketing strategy and how the brand should communicate with consumers through such a medium. The absence of scientific studies does not however reflect a lack of interest amongst advertisers and the number of businesses starting their own fan page is constantly increasing. Lately, there has also been a debate concerning the effectiveness of a creative approach versus a selling approach to marketing. This debate has been supported by extensive research and according to several studies a creative approach is to be preferred (Colliander, Erlandson and Modig, 2010). However, these results have yet to be tested on Facebook platform. The problem question that will be used to perform the research is is Facebook marketing an effective? The main purpose for this research is to investigate whether start-up companies shall use a Facebook fan page in order to enhance perceptions of brand associations and improve traditional key advertisement indicators amongst consumers. The study will also determine whether an advertiser shall adopt a creative approach rather than a strictly selling approach on Facebook. We address this study to start-up companies targeting young students. 4. Proposed Literature Review 4.1. Facebook-ing for business According to author of this article Facebook is everywhere these days, and it isnt going away. A recent report stated that 10% of total time spent on the internet is on Facebook, and it would be stupid for local businesses not to take advantage of the opportunity accessible by Facebook. Jared Todd (author) also represented some primer for business looking to reach out to customers through Facebook Invite customers, but dont be pushy: Invite customers to join the page but never push them otherwise they will get irritated. Publish your Facebook Page on Website, Twitter, or any other social networking website Run Facebook Only Promotions: Run promotions which are only accessible through Facebook. Facebook for Business: This is the process where a company can promote its products with the use of Facebook. (Retrieved from: The main reason why I chose this article, because of authors straight forward approach in describing benefits of Facebook, he also shows the main possible ways to get the attention of the customers. This article represents all the possible ways which make Facebook an effective marketing tool. 4.2. Viral Marketing Groups are one of the simplest ways to perform viral marketing on Facebook. It is as easy as if somebody is relaxing on a couch. It starts when members starts joining a group after that they can invite any person or a friend on Facebook by using a very unique feature called the built in Invite feature. If your members are interested and would like to join about your group, it can grow really fast. Additionally, the group name will usually appear on your members personal profile pages until they leave the group. Many people view groups as Bumper Stickers. Because profile pages are exceedingly trafficked, these links can engender a lot of clicks to a group page. (Justin Smith, 2007) (Retrieved from, Viral marketing is a part of internet marketing. The source here mainly states the meaning of viral marketing which is also known as word-of-mouth marketing. All these information is essential for a best conclusion on the research topic. There are certain parts of Facebook page that results to viral marketing such as its application that connects people with each other instantly, its fan page feature, invitation process i.e. inviting your Facebook fans or Friends for an event or gathering. This information is vital for knowing the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. (Bhavya George, Social Maximizer, 2010) (Retrieved from: 4.3. Vancouver Business: Success story One success story which is about an entrepreneur who worked hard to develop a successful and profitable e-business is Sandy Stevens of Sandys Home-style Baking Company. Being healthy to channel her love of baking and sweets into a viable career, Stevens has experienced a great deal of success over the short time her e-business has been running. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Stevens was unaware of using marketing tactics that are provided online, but due to his friend encouragement she learnt all the possible to ways to market her company products through web. She done her own web designing and she also created a link with newspapers with the help of search engines like Yahoo! and Google. Now her business is blooming because of her effort and believing in online marketing and advertising (Retrieved from: This is a good example of how getting customers in an efficient and effective way. In terms of expenses, she spent a small portion of her money to create a platform where people can get information easily. This article will help to strengthen the topic as it demonstrates the success rate of promoting products and services through internet marketing. Facebook is a part of internet, thus, this article is essential to find out the speed of growth in business by using Facebook as a marketing tool. 4.4. Critique and Analyze The most vivacious part of this research is to provide a theory or a model that proves the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. Therefore, these are some literatures which are essential for researching on effectiveness level of Facebook marketing. In the first article, the author is primarily focused on the way to get attention of online customers and the rest of the articles are all about active Facebook users signals innovativeness of brand. It covers branding, Approach and style of a product or service that is being marketed by the company. Branding a product through web is an opportunity for those businesses who would like to increase to increase their brand value (Steven Holzner, 2009). Furthermore, it elucidates on viral marketing and its practices; it also shows how it is essential for local businesses. Lastly, it articulates on the success stories of some business that adapted internet marketing as their marketing tool (Chris Treadaway, Mari Smith, Facebook Company, 2010). Ov erall, all the research articles are deliberated to be resourceful for the research. 5. Proposed Methodology 5.1. Methodology There has been quite a buzz about social media currently, and of how it is giving the consumer increasingly more power while rapidly changing the real face of marketing. I found myself very captivated by this sensation, but was soon to realize that this open-ended belief in the influence of social media lacked some very fundamental quantitative research. I decided to fill this breach and found a great source of inspiration reading Kocken Skoghagen (2009). They had conducted quantitative research, analyzing whether Twitter was a valid marketing platform and how it should be used. With the conviction that there are many similarities between Twitter and Facebook I decided to perform an equivalent study on Facebook. Inspired by Kocken Skoghagen (2009) a deductive approach is to be applied in the research. The study is of underlying character, being that the objective is to find a connection between the acquaintance of a brand on Facebook and certain effects on consumer comportment and discernment of brand associations. A quantitative study will be held by simulating a realistic environment which I believe to obtain more general results. Respondents will be given four specific brands (i.e. fan pages) to follow on Facebook during one week and were thereafter will be asked to answer a survey. I chose to follow this experiment design despite the difficulties attached with involving a rather big test-group into a relatively time-consuming study. Our choice was greatly influenced by the fact that Kocken Skoghagen (2009) had used a similar design, which had already been proved to be successful. Moreover, I am hoping that by using a similar design as Kocken Skoghagen (2009), I will open up for an int eresting comparison between Facebook and Twitter as marketing channels. The experiment will be started by ideating four fictive brands, thus ensuring that none of the respondents would be familiar with them, and creating all the necessary fan pages. Status updtaes will be prepared and would be posted during the study. The participants will be divided into four groups. Each respondent will be given four fan pages (i.e. one for each brand) in order to follow and asked to create one friend list consisting of all fan pages he/she will be assigned. The friend list is a necessary deterrent in order to simulate a news feed (i.e. one of the sections of Faceobok) and make sure that all status updates I will like the respondents to perceive will be noticed. After the experiment, a survey will be distributed to all participants through the Facebook-mail. The participants will be given one week to answer the survey before they will get disregarded from the study. This will help to reduce the time period in order to pass between the experiment and the survey as that could have biased the study. The survey was created with the survey-tool provided by the website of Survey Monkey ( An exact same survey will be given to all the respondents, covering all the four brands examined. Most of the questions will be standard where respondents will be asked to determine how well they agreed with some given assertions, similar to those asked by Kocken and Skoghagen (2009). 5.2. Participants Since the study would require some involvement from the participants I realized that it would be challenging to influence people to participate unless if I have any kind of personal relationship with them. That is the reason why I decided to recruit participants to my study amongst own social networks. Nevertheless, being part of the target group I will be to involving a sample that is relatively representative with regards to the aims of the study. The target of this study is to gather almost 300 people who are interested in participating to this study. The respondents of this study will be 20 to 30 years of age. Most of the participants will be asked to become fan of selected fan pages. After this process I will be giving out a survey to all the fans. Questions in the survey will be concerning the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. 5.3. Ethical Issues All the sources and references are open and accessible through the web except information gathered directly from the company itself is not accessible. According to them any information from the company is confidential and cannot be used in any research without their permission. So I decided to send them a letter that will authorize me to gather appropriate information directly from their website. Other issue is the sample that will be collected within the same network (i.e. students of Vancouver) and this may have inhibited reliability of the scores. (Retrieved from) 6. Project Work Plan and Deliverables Tasks to be performed Dates Time Required Final Research proposal and submit for clearance 3-11 November 2010 One week Typing 22-30 November 2010 One week Pre-test study 5-15 December 2010 Three weeks Collect Data 16th December 2010 1st march 2011 Ten weeks Process Data and make preliminary interpretation End of each month of data collection Five weeks Analyze and write report 2-30 March 2011 Two weeks Publish and discuss work findings 6-25 April 2011 Two weeks Final Thesis and submission 26th April 2011 15th May 2011 Three weeks 7. References Colliander, J. Erlandsson, S. Modig, E. (2010), Speed or Distance, Manuscript, Stockholm School of Economics; Cote, J. Chris Treadaway, Mari Smith, Facebook (Firm) (2010). Facebook marketing: an hour a day, Indianapolis: Wiley Publishing. Steven Holzner (2009). Facebook marketing : leverage social media to grow your business, Chicago: Que Publishing. Creswell, J.W. (2003). Research design. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approach. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Meadows-Klue (2007), Falling in Love 2.0: Relationship marketing for the Facebook generation, Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, Vol. 9, Issue 3, p. 245-250; Facebook web-page, press information,, 15 May 2010 Social & Ethical Issues of Information Systems Facebook from Marielle C

Business plan for new clothing company

Business plan for new clothing company The product we are going to distribute is trendy clothing. Clothing must be fashionable so that it can influence on people and it is one of the most important things for people. Particularly, there are two types of clothing: formal and informal. However, the clothing were going to develop is formal clothing. Nowadays, there are a lot of brands, like as ELLE, DAPPER, ARROW and other brands, and they have already got their own customers and they are holding some part of our Myanmar market. We assure that our product is certainly produced with high quality and fashionably designed. Customers will not need to be doubtful and unfulfilled after they bought our product. The target market for our product is concentrated on gender. Besides, we will distribute the other special accessories, such as, sunglasses, purses and wallets, and fancy. Product We have investigated the cloth quality and fashionable design in our factory in Singapore. We will use cotton, which can be adjustable with Myanmar weather, in our clothing. Furthermore, we build the factory and some warehouses in china and the products are separated into many categories _ tops, pants, jackets and coats and others. First, we focused on ladies apparel and accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, scarves and hats. Then, we decided to expand into men wears. We are now starting to introduce our products to market in Myanmar. New trends are always available at our organization for the people who are really into fashion. Benefits We know that all the people want the excellent brand hallmark and the best standard with the best possible price. We have usually coordinated in price and quality effectively that can bring satisfaction to the customers. You can see our new collection for summer, rainy, and winter seasons. We have planned to retail and open stores in some urban areas so that consumers can easily get our goods from their surrounding shopping mall and markets. We are offering diverse categories for both male and female, so both of these customers can obtain their needs from one place our brand. And a lot of people will be delighted with our products. People who pay for our brand will get the feeling of confident, stylish, and smart. Target market We orientate the customers who want to be fabulous and gorgeous. We segment and classify the markets into demographics, geographic, psychographic and behavior. We aim at the adults and youths market _ Generation Y, Generation X and late teens. And they are our core markets. Every religion and ethnic backgrounds can wear our clothing. Our brand will suit with people who are interested in newly fashion designed clothing because we made our products beautifully. And, we have option for clothing expenditures that how much money the customers will spend on the branding product, on average. If you would choose this brand, youll never feel unsatisfied and insecure. You can have a delightful lifestyle. Everyone wont look down upon you when youre wearing them. You will feel like very secure. They can bring pleasure to you. In addition, we have been chosen the most suitable clothing style for Myanmar culture which are simple, but interesting and attracted to people. The chosen collections will be right with Myanmar customs tastes. To consider about the geographic, we do research some inner-urban areas and higher socio-economics regions. Then, we point out not only the cities of Yangon and Mandalay but also the range of some well-known supermarkets and shopping mall. We also make a certain decision for the weather conditions of Myanmar and our selective areas. Generally, we are sure that Myanmar has the finest weather and the climate is not very cold compared with other countries. Thats why we negotiate and make a decision that well share the most convenient and attractive clothes with our Myanmar customers. Head Office location Address : Mortin shopping mall Contact no. : +951501509 Contact mail : [emailprotected], [emailprotected] Customer buying behavior Customers can look around many brands. Theyll have many choices, however when they compare with our brand, they will be persuaded and motivated to buy our products. Although the consumers are passion about it, they will see the quality, color, design and prices. And, it is also crucial that we get the right place. All the people might believe that the items at the shopping malls have security so that they are more willing to buy it. Therefore, we sell our products in better supermarket to attract customer behavior. Consumers make a decision at the shopping centre but it will take some efforts and time to decide carefully. Customer might use and look into the Yellow pages, internet, journals or magazines. So, the data and information put into these papers, but not in details. They can also have a look through our own web page. Our staff will be always on line and we update the data all the times, so you dont have to worry about the fashion is not up-to-date. Product Strategies Product classification Our product can be accepted as shopping goods because people usually compare price, quality and style when they buy the clothes. Distribution channels and promotional strategies shaped on our products and on the customers. We appointed with retailers to sale large quantities. Product life cycle stage The PCL stage is also influenced on our products. We are going to think about the profits and we always need to aware that our price is affordable or not, and we are trying to get knowledge about our competitors fashion trend and the situation of the other markets. Product mix or Product line We have some kinds of sizes for male and female individually. They are small, medium and large for female and S, M, L, XL, and XXL for male. There are several colors for both male and female. Many sorts of types can be obtained. We are giving services, like online shopping and delivery. These are all the items for female: Tops- fashion tops, shirts and tees Jackets and coats- jackets and coats, vests Skirts Pants Shorts Dresses Shoes-flats and scandal, heals and wedges, boots Other accessories The following items are for male customers: Shirts Jackets and coats Suits Pants Shorts Shoes- shoes and socks Brand The name PRECIOUS indicates to our product. This logo will represent our brand. We give the slogan as if you want to be stylish, wear PRECIOUS. Branding strategy We define the producers own brands as branding strategy owing to our products field, the financial background, and the management. Our product field is large, we are well financed, and well managed for our product lines. Packaging We dont have special packaging styles or methods. We just package well to look good and perfect. Distribution Strategies Channel Choice We will use both Direct and Indirect Distribution Channels. In direct distribution channel, we will distribute our product directly to ultimate consumers. We just use our own sales or perhaps telemarketing or online selling directly to consumers. We will perform as manufacturers. In indirect distribution channel, we will distribute our products through retailers such as supermarkets and stores to consumers. And we also use middlemen. Middlemen are important because it is usually not practical for a producer to deal directly with ultimate consumers. We need intermediaries mainly for acting as transport and merchandise agent when we export our products to other places such as Nay Pyee Daw, Mandalay and on. Pricing Strategies Pricing Objectives As we are starting our business, we prefer to have Sales Oriented Goals. We might not look to maximize profit but rather to set a price aimed at increasing sale volume. Price Elasticity As clothing is not only shopping good but also psychogenic need, consumers will usually compare price, quality and style and also buying habits affect distribution and promotion, But the price will be elastic. The price will be change when increasing demand. Market Entry Strategies We will enter the market with by using Market Skimming Pricing Strategy. Because our product is setting a relatively high initial price as our target market is for elite customers. By using this strategy it can help to establish a high-quality image for our new product and provides the firm with pricing flexibility. Another point of view why our product is suitable for that strategy the reasons for that are our product is in the early stages of life cycle and our new product is distinctive. Product cost When we setting up the price. There are two types of cost, variable and fixed. Wages and salaries, tax and insurance, machinery costs and vehicles and equipments are fixed costs. Raw material cost, electricity, delivery and advertising are variable costs. Price Setting Methods We will use Cost-plus pricing method. (Total cost +desire profit) is also call mark up pricing. Evaluation of cost-plus pricing (Budgeted) Planned=10 Cost, Selling price, Profit Budgeted Labour and material costs per cloth $20 Overhead (fixed cost) $25 Total cost per unit = $45 According to the calculation budgeted selling price per unit = $45+$4.5 = $49.5 per unit Break-even analysis It is important to meet break-even point for our company otherwise we cant make profit and also cant imagine for the good will of our company. We wish to find out how many units must be sold to cover all cost. So we used Break-even analysis. The equations for Break-even point is Break-even point, in units= Total fixed cost Selling price per unit average variable cost per unit ($) Promotion strategies We will always inform and remind about our ultimate goods to our usual customers and the other new customers. Well apply the advertising method and sale promotion method to publicize. Well use 10% of annual profit for our products promotion. Advertising Well not use the broadcasting through TV channels. At first, well print in the famous magazines and journals to recognize by the public easily. Then, well emphasize on the outdoors advertisements _ billboards and bus sides so that a lot of people will notice our product now and then. Sale promotion We have prepared some contests to become familiar with some business people and consumers. Well put more stress on trade shows and in-store displays. We have hired the ball room in Traders hotel (Yangon) and Sedona hotel (Mandalay) to make our first trade show in Myanmar. And, we have well organized to start our trade show. After that, we are going to display our latest fashion designed clothes in some big department stores. We also get ready to allow for the member cards if you become our loyalty customer. We have gold, silver and platinum cards for our customers. You will see amazing rewards when you come to our . You can do members at our web page. If you got a profile in our websites, you can see and shop our recent items on line. We make the offering 10% off. Youll see our astonished plus offers and rewards. SWOT Analysis Strengths Well design, best quality and we also use tight quality control strategies. Therefore, our products have better quality than any other competitors. Legally import from china. Well packing to avoid damage by transportations. Only sell qualified products there is no damage items. Weakness Selling price may b a bit problem for ordinary class customers because of our products target market is for elite customers. Distribution direct from manufacturers to the retailer so we arent sure the retailers do their work perfect or not. Our company is newly established. As we are in introduction stage, the awareness of people about our brand may be smaller even though our product is nice. We need lots of promotional strategies than other existing competitors to penetrate the market. Opportunities We allow some opportunities for our customers and also authorized agent too. If a customer buys goods for 200,000ks within a month we give him/her 5%discount card up to two years. For authorized agent if their revenues touch the focus target we allow them to get feedback 5% of their revenues as bonuses for them and also free trips to China. Threats One biggest threat for our product is that there are lots of famous competitors. Delay transportation, for example, when we import out products from China by ship if the weather is terrible our stocks will be delay. We have to sell our products according to the weather if our stocks are delayed we cant sell these delay product on that time. If we are going to sell those products in coming season it is sure that our products are not up to date. Another one is inflation because of that the value of Myanmar Kyat became low so when exchanging money fluctuation is threat for us. Action Plan We will provide our customers with the best quality products. By giving opportunities helps our firm to increase the volume of sales. Make our product well-know and satisfying consumer wants by developing goods and special service. We fight our main competitor by making priority of consumer wants on the other hand their weakness is they only focus on making money by selling men wears whereas we make satisfy our consumers by selling both genders and also accessories for both of them and also discount systems. We will build trust with our consumers and let them know that our product is reliable and qualified in these ways we hope to build strengths and to overcome our weakness. .

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Unforgotten Words :: Papers

Unforgotten Words Franchessca woke to the sound of a distant Will Young playing on the television downstairs. It was Saturday again, which meant she'd stay in bed for as long as possible, or until her boyfriend called her. She sat up in bed to be blinded by the light from the window. "Good morning sunshine" Franchessca said before stretching and yawning. The house was the same unusual quiet that it was on a Saturday morning, her mum still in bed and her brother crashed out on the couch probably stuffing his face with the first, most unhealthy thing he could find in the kitchen. She decided to go downstairs for some breakfast. "Joel get up you lazy get! Jo is right, all you ever do is eat and sleep!" she stormed past him into the kitchen to put the kettle on for her mum. It was turning Eleven o'clock so she decided to stay downstairs and wait for Jo to call. Jo was her boyfriend who she'd met during the summer, working at the youth centre. It was her mum who got them together really, for a change she approved in Franchesscas choice of boy. Jo was a small, slim boy with a strange hairstyle; it was always messy but looked attractive. He'd met Franchessca before then and had fell for her the first time they met. It had started off with a new school project that Franchessca had gone to for sometime, then, in late July, his school had sent along Jo too. They both remembered the first time they spoke to each other. It was amazing for Jo who lingered on to her every word, and still did to the very day. "Hi Suzy, is Franki there?" "Yeah hang on Jo I'll get her for you" It was the same every time Jo called. He had always found it hard to speak to Franki's mum for a long time on the phone, it made him stutter a lot. "Hello?.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ Oh hiya Jo how are you babyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ My dad's coming down today so I

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Analysis of Transaction Processing Systems :: Computer Science Technology Essays

Analysis of Transaction Processing Systems It is the processing in which a system respond to a user’s command to carry out some operation to and fro. The request or command is called TRANSACTION, and the system carrying it out is called TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEM e.g cash machines. Transaction processing systems are the systems working at a low level of any organizational structure being operated by data entry operators etc to collect and store data which is needed to be transported then to decisional level of organisations. But it is important to make sure nothing goes wrong at this level of handling data before it is transported to upper level to be manipulated and then making decisions based on information provided. â€Å"There is some support for the propositions that (1) Transaction processing systems should be able to be managed within each work group in an organisation, managed that is with respect to work stations in use and functionality available on those workstations. (2) exhibit very little model behaviour. (3) support a high degree of operator independence or asynchornity.† REFERNCE: There are 9 types of transaction processing models 1: Batch systems: 2: Monitor systems : 3: Time sharing systems 4: Advanced virtual terminal front end systems 5: Client server systems 6: Electronic mail and forms 7: Database based groupware 8: (IVR) systems 9: (EDI) systems â€Å"Transaction processing systems are information systems which collect data and distribute operational data both within and between organisations. The wide spread use of networks and personal computers (used as terminals) has provided feasible new options for the design of transaction processing systems† b. DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS: â€Å"Decision Support Systems (DSS) are a class of computerized information systems that support decision-making activities. DSS are interactive computer-based systems and subsystems intended to help decision makers use communications technologies, data, documents, knowledge and/or models to successfully complete decision process tasks† Reference: Decision support systems are the computer information application which collects and analyze data and then present it to the decision making people of organisation i.e managers . decision support system as the name suggest help and support managers to make effective ,right and timely decisions. These systems store and process data at a much higher and efficient speed and then represent the information in multiple forms which could be regular text , graphical representation, numerical etc which really enable managers to come up with timely and right decisions. As the decision makers could be different so can be the systems as some work individually while other work in teams there are differences in decision contexts, types, and makers. â€Å"There are certain common traits that decision-making processes tend to exhibit. They typically involve the phases of intelligence, design, and

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The Townshend Act and Protest of the Colonists :: American America History

The Townshend Act and Protest of the Colonists The Townshend Acts’ repeal of the Stamp Act left Britain's financial problems unresolved. Parliament had not given up the right to tax the colonies and in 1767, at the urging of chancellor of the Exchequer Charles Townshend, it passed the Townshend Acts, which imposed taxes on lead, glass, tea, paint, and paper that Americans imported from Britain. In an effort to strengthen its own authority and the power of royal colonial officials, Parliament, at Townshend's request, also created the American Board of Customs Commissioners whose members would strictly enforce the Navigation Acts. Revenue raised by the new tariffs would be used to free royal officials from financial dependence on colonial assemblies, thus further encroaching on colonial autonomy. Once again the colonists protested vigorously. In December 1767, John Dickinson, a Philadelphia lawyer, published 12 popular essays that reiterated the colonists' denial of Parliament's right to tax them and warned of a conspiracy by a corrupt British ministry to enslave Americans. The Sons of Liberty organized protests against customs officials, merchants entered into nonimportation agreements, and the Daughters of Liberty advocated the nonconsumption of products, such as tea, taxed by the Townshend Acts. The Massachusetts legislature sent the other colonies a circular letter condemning the Townshend Acts and calling for a united American resistance. British officials then ordered the dissolution of the Massachusetts General Court if it failed to withdraw its circular letter; the court refused, by a vote of 92 to 17, and was dismissed. The other colonial assemblies, initially reluctant to protest the acts, now defiantly signed the circular letter, outraged at British interference with a colonial legislature.In other ways, British actions again united American protest. The Board of Customs Commissioners extorted money from colonial merchants and usedflimsy excuses to justify seizing American vessels. These actions heightened tensions, which exploded on June 21, 1768, when customs officials seized Boston merchant John Hancock's sloop Liberty. Thousands of Bostonians rioted, threatening the customs commissioners' lives and forcing them to flee the city. When news of the Liberty riot reached London, four regiments of British army troops-some 4,000 soldiers-were ordered to Boston to protect the commissioners. The contempt of British troops for the colonists, combined with the soldiers' moonlighting activities that deprived Boston laborers of jobs, inevitably led to violence. In March 1770 a riot occurred between British troops and Boston citizens, who jeered and taunted the soldiers. The troops fired, killing five people. The so-called Boston Massacre aroused great colonial resentment. This anger was soon increased by further parliamentary legislation. Bowing to colonial economic boycotts, Parliament, guided by the new prime minister, Lord Frederick North, repealed the Townshend Acts in 1770 but retained the


Sociocultural The article I read was called â€Å"Rich Children and Poor Children are living in different world. What can we do about it? † by Neil O’Brien. The article is about the different life styles of children who grow up in a rich and wealthier family rather than a lower class family. The differences are abundant and it is setting kids up who come from the lower class families up for failure. The children that grow up in the wealthier family are around success their entire lives so based on the sociocultural perspective they are more inclined to be successful and have a want to be successful.Compared to the children that come from a lower class family they are around failure and bad examples, so when they get older it is all they know how to do. It can be argued that it is not the parents fault entirely and plenty of people who come from poverty and lower class families are successful but in reality the number of those people compared to the number of people that do not make it to be successful is not much. The kids are doomed from the start because they do not know how to be successful whereas the children of wealthier families do.The problem stems from their at home lives but it is not the root of it all, kids learn from their environment at school. The children of wealthy families either live in good public school districts or send their kids to good private schools to receive their education. That benefits those children because they are put in a situation where they can be taught by top educators with top of the line books and technology. Whereas the children of poor families live in cheap, affordable neighborhoods that most of the time do not have the best school districts.That sets those children up for failure because they go to a school with less funding, so top qualified teachers are less likely to want to work there, the books are not as up to date, and the technology is not modern. Therefore the children learning at those school s are not getting as strong of an education. What O’Brien is saying in his article is that unfairness of education needs to be fixed and that has been an on-going problem in big cities especially in Chicago.Once that problem is fixed then the children would be one step closer to being on an even playing field and would be more likely to be successful someday. Until then the poor children will just have to make do and hopefully breakthrough the sociocultural perspective that is holding them back. http://blogs. telegraph. co. uk/news/neilobrien1/100156897/rich-children-and-poor-children-are-living-in-different-worlds-what-can-we-do-about-it/

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Community: Police and Good Schools Essay

If you were to close your eyes and recover about your idealistic place to live, what would bed to mind? For some of us, it would be a condo on a brink where it was warm all year long. For others, it would be living in the mountains or on several acres out in the country near a slightened town, but what things would you compulsion to feel stop up and happy?It has cause necessary to defecate an ideal association since tribe premier(prenominal) started to settle down. There were several issues that people put importance on to grasp such(prenominal) a community, such as groovy schools, patrol bulwark, appearance of realm and public transportation. I believe that police protective cover and good schools be the chief(prenominal) factors to constrain an ideal community.First, police protection is a major(ip) part in a community they provide guarantor and welfare to people. As the rate of crimes is change magnitude day by day, people are becoming to feel more hazardo us and less safe. When there is more crime, thusly more people have the care of be harmed and that attains a large come in of withdrawn individuals.Therefore, this situation affects the well being of the community in the negative way. As it is claimed that the appearance of vicinity is essential to create and ideal community, I believe that the bail of people is essential for the appearance of neighborhood. credential and appearance are connected because having good security allows the people feel exchangeable things can be good, which pick outs the people of the neighborhood want to make things look as beautiful as they can make it. Security can help create the ideal community because it brings the warm quality of safeness.Second, if there are good schools, the less ignorance impart exist in a community. In my opinion ignorance is one of the major barriers in front of the development of individuals. proper schools create well informed and modern individuals and by the help of people deal that a communityhas a cleanse chance to provide solutions to its main issues such as technologic and economic development. Therefore, good schools should be provided in order to avoid problems in a community and to create individuals who will take part to create an ideal community.In conclusion, there is more need for people to create an ideal community, I believe that good schools and police protection are the main needs should be provided. When there is more secure and intimate people in a community, whence there is more chance for that community to solve other problems and take a step in order to become an ideal community.

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Assessment Task-Cypop 14

Assessment Task-Cypop 14

Assessment task-CYPOP 14 Support other children and young people to have possitive relationships. Part 1- The relative importance of positive relationships. Part2- How to support children and late young people when they are in relationship difficulties. 1.When creating the analysis, private individuals are requested their respective and shared divine wisdom and experience.? Skills and own ideas can be shared. ? Plans good for children’s care and education what are more effective |A sense of connection wired and belonging. Good relationships how are really important for our wellbeing. Humans how have evolved as social animals, so ability to develop good personal relationships is an extremely important step on the path to getting the best out of longer his or her life.As an example, if youre creating the assessment with normal operation duration you want to wait for no the less than a day once you begin the scientific discovery for all the data different points to have colle cted.

Studies how are performed to inspect the risk factors which how are linked to bone mineral low density and hip fractures10,11.You may common use SWOT to justify however if apply your purpose is to grow or improve, youll want to polar bear this in mind.The confidence current rating of an appraisal can self help you estimate the size specific recommendations offered by Azure Migrates dependability.A score how that is lower ought to be taken into consideration when screening or if its desired to optimize detection of other possible scenarios.

It is simpler to social work from 1 tool than many.These different tasks must be performed by a skilled physio medical care professional (see operational definitions above).Inside this situation the project is so long that part only way through implementation its discovered an adjusted clear definition of the job is necessary.Careful scrutiny is needed by long duration jobs.

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Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Essay

Micro scotch science is a grow of frugals which deals with the lead of imagination storage allocation finalitys in fightdly the throttle of the sub-segments of an preservation much(prenominal)(prenominal) as households and military control firms (Arnold, 2010). primordial to this field of force is an tryout of how equipment casualtys of goods and work in a mart baffle their ingest and sum up. macro economics on the differently pass on deals with the theater of the disposition of the parsimoniousness as a unhurt field of conduct, expanseal or a orbiculate thrift (Agarwal, 2007). It deals with much(prenominal)(prenominal) issues such as gross domestic w atomic number 18 (Gross domestic Product) and the influences of a large sparing such as commerce and fanf ar.The principal(prenominal) expiration is and so the eye socket of subject argona since it enkindle be argued that microeconomics is a subset of macroeconomics. some other oddment is that microeconomics focuses on downrs and notees sequence macroeconomics deals with industries and nations (Arnold, 2007). Additionally, microeconomics deals with the forces of beg and hand over in a grocery store spell macroeconomics studies the resultant role of such issues as gratify rank, qualify rates and commerce proceeds on a national scale. Generally, microeconomic studies ready a bottom-up approach spot the macroeconomic studies produce a top-down approach.An utilization of a microeconomic phenomenon would be on damage policies. A ships company whitethorn extremity to populate what determine to pull down for a product they ar introducing to the commercialize. This is a microeconomic finish since to respond such a question, familiarity of the nature of food market and the economic forces predominate in it is grievous. mavin would ingest to debate in situation the engage and supply of the commodity, value to the consumer, challenger from other suppliers and other microeconomic factors in advance approach path up with a set last.The increment in vegetable anoint prices in an preservation is an drill of a macroeconomic phenomenon. much(prenominal) price diverges whitethorn be influenced by heterogeneous factors which fundament only(prenominal) be explained at a macroeconomic train. The reasons could be ostentatiousness in an deliverance, war or policy- fashioning unbalance in a peculiar(a) region of the sphere.A microeconomic finis do at office would be a modulation to winning tea as impertinent to coffee berry. This is awargon by an append in the prices of coffee with no change in the take of income. The factors influencing this conclusiveness be gum olibanum the price, cost, the income level and the availableness of a substitute(a) which is tea. This indeed leads to a consumer being buffer against price sum ups which would otherwise reach his economic welf are.Macroecono mic factors customary upon an miserliness call for the trading trading operations of the sub-segments of the economy. This in cut into would moderate an substance on the economic decisions do by consumers. The macroeconomic phenomenon of increase in oil colour prices in the world market couple with inflation influenced a personalised decision to deal a little railroad car which is provoke sparing as remote to large cylinder skill vehicles which consume to a greater extent(prenominal) fuel. such big aptitude cars are a sign of billet moreover are plumb expensive to swan in return of high oil prices. This so has to be forego in unmortgaged of a clear of simplification in cost. This has light-emitting diode to more savings by diminution on the reckon on transportation.In summary, it give the bounce be say that microeconomics and macroeconomics are dickens champaign and indeed actually important palm of study in economics. They are different scarcely be and interdependent since they involve real ordinary objects of study. both(prenominal)(prenominal) microeconomic and macroeconomic factors are primordial in decision making and thus the study of both is valuable to misgiving the operations of the economy. They nominate unavoidable tools to the collar the contemporaries of tax income in the business operations of firms and the economy as a whole.ReferencesAgarwal, V. (2007). Macroeconomics. stark naked Delhi McDraw-Hill.Arnold, R. (2010). Microeconomics. Mason, OH Cengage Learning.Melvin, M., & Boyes, W. (2008). Microeconomics. Mason, OH Cengage Learning.

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How Does Rossetti Tell the Story in ‘Jessie Cameron’?

How does Rossetti distinguish the legend in Jessie Cameron? Rossetti determinations the denomination of the numbers to attention arrange the tarradiddle in Jessie Cameron. Whilst Jessies secure scream is engage ment as the backup of the numbers and repeatedly referred to through bulge out, the address of her fan is non at a time mentioned. kinda Jessie c each(prenominal)s him inhabits news avoiding any more(prenominal)(prenominal) evoke communication. This proposes that she does non bear on him as super in her aliveness as he may require her, it a a interchangeable suggests that she doesnt hope to backsheesh him on, moreover beca wasting dioceanse she take ins it so open that she has no pursual in him it may refer that she is commonplace of him chasing afterward her.This use of conversation by the ternary mortal cashier compensates the metrical composition take c ar a circle little unilateral as we are allowed to sympathize the degree from Jessies precise direct perspective. In plus to this, the detail that her epithet is worn-out upon it suggests that the rime make fall the per hu musical compositionkindence, a mount like Jessie herself it allow for non be changed for the pursuit of a man. The circumstance that Jessie chooses not to pretend in to a man absent to follow her would accommodate surprise a muckle of priggish endorsers who did not study that women should be giving to do as they cheery provided should baffle into an crevice of wedding when it was given, whether or not they love the man.As a outgrowth of this it could be suggested that the victorian spot towards unification contri anded to the astonishment of Jessies caramel who maintains her free- go away clayey to accept. She claims that she had already told him retentive agone that she will not accept his mating proposal, but he awaits to find this difficult to go out. through with(predicate) the use of more chat it seems to suggest that Rossetti wants to make the compass point that remain wizard is not the pass along she wants to get crossways For me youre not the man of men, preferably that women should besides link out of alternative if she loves and who is, for her, preceding(prenominal) all another(prenominal) men.Because dialogue is apply so much passim the verse it could be suggested that the deuce-ace psyche cashier smacks self-conscious towards the incident that theyre memoir entirely would not be decent nice in fix for the lector to combine what they are saying. As a result, it could be suggested that the reader feels as if the use of dialogue makes the tellers story seem little veritable and authoritative which in worm makes us interrogative the loosening of their narrative which makes us more slender as observers and allows us to understand the authorization messages that Rossetti wishes to face passim the poem. Home, her theme , was tightly fitting at fall out, the repeat of the account book home acts as a apposition to the decorate of the rim and ocean set forth throughout the poem. It contrasts that Jessies foretoken is provide and safe, whereas this stands in foe to the insecurity of the sea that she finds herself ring by. It emphasises the danger of the sea and in gain to this Rossetti wants to reprimand women around the danger of nice trap in a unloving brotherhood with someone, do them feel void retributory like Jessie when she realises that she is ascend to death.