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James Joyce Araby; practice quiz Essay Example

James Joyce: Araby; practice quiz Paper Which type of irony is represented by the boys disillusionment at the bazaar? Ironic contrast between romance and reality Which statement best summarizes the story? Dreams often end in disillusionment. For the boy in the story, his epiphany brings him — the knowledge that his desires have been vain and foolish In this story the word Araby refers primarily to a — fair or bazaar The story is narrated by — the main character later in his life What does the boy in Araby feel when he hears his uncle talking to himself? anxiety Which detail in this passage from Araby is the strongest indicator of the boys inner feelings? I found myself in a big hall girdled at half its height by a gallery. Nearly all the stalls were closed and the greater part of the hall was in darkness. the halls darkness The boys experience at the stall of the young lady adds to the story because the incident — characterizes the bazaar as drab, seedy, and ordinary In literature, the term epiphany refers to __________. a moment of sudden insight After the narrator speaks to Mangans sister about the bazaar, he tells her that if he goes to Araby, he will bring a gift for her. How does the narrators behavior at home and in school show how this decision has affected him? Cite one or two examples from Araby to support your response. Sample answer: The narrator is distracted by his promise to the girl. He cannot concentrate on his schoolwork and is restless at home. The story takes place — in Dublin, Ireland about a hundred years ago At the end of Araby, the boy experiences anger and sadness because his epiphany reveals that he will never be able to satisfy his desires

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Using Writing Bursts to Generate Ideas and Enthusiasm

Using Writing Bursts to Generate Ideas and Enthusiasm Using Writing Bursts to Generate Ideas and Enthusiasm Using Writing Bursts to Generate Ideas and Enthusiasm By Ali Hale Many of us want to write fiction but rarely manage to get round to it. We struggle to find a free hour to write in – or the energy to write. Doing writing bursts is a great way to get going when time is short and motivation flagging. What is a writing burst? I came across the concept in Robert Graham’s How to Write Fiction (And Think About It). Mini-exercises are scattered throughout the book, and Graham explains: Every class I teach begins with a 10 minute writing exercise which I call a writing burst. I give a stimulus and ask the class to start writing, keep writing for 10 minutes and not to worry for one second about the quality of the work appearing on the paper. When the thought of sitting down and writing a whole short story is daunting, it’s much easier to find 10 minutes. Open your notebook or word-processing program of choice, write the burst at the top, then set a timer – and write without stopping or looking back. How do writing bursts help? I use writing bursts when I have very little time in the day to write, but wanted to feel I’ve achieved something. They’re also great for establishing a creative mood at the beginning of a longer writing session. You can use the material you produce as a starting point for longer pieces. One of mine became a thousand-word â€Å"twist in the tale† short story that I’ve submitted to a woman’s fiction magazine. The bursts help you to generate new or unusual ideas – I come up with more creative and interesting concepts than usual, because I don’t stop to self-edit. Where do you find them? There are plenty of sources for writing burst prompts. The Writers’ Book of Matches, by Writers’ Digest Books, is a collection of â€Å"1,001 prompts to ignite your fiction†. The Pocket Muse: Ideas and Inspirations for Writing has some similar exercises, as well as photo prompts to help spark your writing. Competitions which give a first line can be used as writing bursts. Famous quotes can work well, so long as they’re short. Phrases or lines from a story you’ve read that inspire you are also good starting points. What variations are there? If you’ve tried a few writing bursts and you’re starting to get bored, the concept is open to any number of tweaks. When ten minutes starts to seem too rushed, you could lengthen the burst to fifteen or twenty minutes. If your ideas seem stale or trite, try writing with a friend: use the same prompt and swap the pieces that emerge. Alternatively, use multiple prompts – pick two prompts at random and figure out how to use them both. If you’re writing a novel or extended piece of fiction and have ground to a halt, use a prompt to get going again. You can always cut the scene out later – but it just may give your story the new life it needs. Some writing prompts After completing a solo camping trip, a woman gets her film developed and discovers that several photos are of her †¦ sleeping. (From 1,001 Prompts) â€Å"That was the moment I wished I could remember what we’d been taught.† (from How to Write Fiction) â€Å"She’s been told.† (from How to Write Fiction) â€Å"When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.† (Samuel Johnson) A man sneezes painfully. He looks into his handkerchief and finds something that looks like a microchip. (From 1,001 Prompts) â€Å"The place is very well and quiet and the children scream only in a low voice.† (Byron) Pick one of the prompts now – you can afford ten minutes – grab that blank page, and go! Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Fiction Writing category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:20 Great Similes from Literature to Inspire YouComma Before ButList of 50 Compliments and Nice Things to Say!

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Main Costs and Benefits of Monetary Union in the EU Research Paper

Main Costs and Benefits of Monetary Union in the EU - Research Paper Example Countries around the world do not have many choices when having to develop their relationships with other countries in the international community; the participation in unions and organizations of various forms is then proved necessary especially if the improvement of the political or financial position of a country is required. European Union has been the most important example of the specific practice. Despite the fact that the establishment of the Union was related to the interests of specific countries, soon its priorities were changed (Kotlowski, 2000). Through the years, the survival of the European Union has been related to its enlargement; countries from all the region’s areas had been called to participate in the Union – even if the relevant terms and conditions have not been appropriately evaluated in advance, an issue that has been revealed gradually especially within the context of current financial crisis. The current paper focuses on the examination of ben efits and costs of monetary union in the European Union zone. The case of two countries – Britain, a country that has been among the first members of the European Union and Bulgaria, a country that is expected to join the European Union zone – is used as an example for describing the context of the monetary union in Europe. The costs of the specific initiative are also evaluated – as possible – and are critically explained – in terms of their role in a country’s decision to enter the eurozone. The benefits of monetary unions have been traditionally regarded as the reason for the development of these unions worldwide. However, the effects of  these initiatives need to be taken into consideration before taking the relevant risk.

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Is Biomedical Model out of Date Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Is Biomedical Model out of Date - Essay Example From this study it is clear that  the main focus of this model is on the pathology, the biochemistry and the physiology of a disease. The role of the person's mind or society in the cause and treatment of the disease is discarded in this model. The main reason behind the birth of this model was the influence of Cartesian paradigm on medical thought. This model is considered as the conceptual foundation to the modern medicine. There is a growing perception, however, that the biomedical model cannot fully reflect the broad realities of modern health care.This discussion highlights that disease is considered to be malfunctioning of certain part in the body. It is based on 'the notion of the body as a machine, of disease as the consequence of breakdown of the machine, and of the doctor's task as repair of the machine.' This approach has a serious shortcoming because by focusing on smaller parts of the body we lose the sight of patient as a human being. Also by considering health as pro per functioning of organs we are unable to deal with the phenomenon of healing as it is not only based on physical factors but on psychological factors of the human body.  The concept of health and the concept of life are closely related. Around the globe people follow different cultures and life styles.  They are adapted to different environment and slight change in the environment may lead to change in their health.... So here the ecological dimension is also considered while considering the concept of health. This contradicts the bio medical model. In the biomedical model, health is defined as the absence of disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as 'a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'. This clearly shows that the biomedical model fails to address the social and psychological issues and thus can be considered to be outdated. The new era of medical science witnessed tremendous advancement in technology and physicians succeeded in knowing human body deeper and deeper. In spite of much advancement physicians are failing to deal with the unique self of their patients. The medical profession, which is mainly based on reductionistic biomedical model of human being, has left no room for the social, psychological and behavioral dimensions of illness. Due to this patients are unable to communicate their exact problem to the physician and are responding only with a spate of malpractice suits. This clearly shows that by following the outdated biomedical model physicians were failing to treat their patients well. There has been difficulty in assessing the relation between medicine and health as most health statistics use the narrow biomedical concept of health which defines it as the absence of disease. The correct approach is to consider the health of the individual and also health of the society .this should include mental illness and social pathologies. This clearly shows that the biomedical model can only contribute to the elimination of certain diseases but cannot guarantee complete restoration of health. Holistic view of illness tells that

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Admissions Essay - What personal characteristics do you posess that

Admissions - What personal characteristics do you posess that may help you reach your goal of becoming a registered nurse - Essay Example Therefore, I went to college where I majored in communications and minored in psychology. After my 2001 graduation from Campbell University, I moved to dazzling lights of Connecticut to work in the big city as a big shot public relations executive. But even so I was restless and knew that the time had come for me to move on to more greener and exciting pastures. So I treated myself to the option of entering the field of Education and enlisted into the National Service as an Americorps Volunteer, while all the time searching for contentment or as they call it ‘job satisfaction.’ Though there is no getting away from the fact that to a certain degree I did enjoyed all the company of children and their families over the past few years, yet the niggling at the back of my mind did not disappear because I felt that this was not what I wanted to spend the rest of my life on. After a lot of soul searching over the years, I began to clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel that flashed these words – â€Å"Home is where the heart is.†! It was then that I was hit like a bolt from the blue, that all that I had achieved so far was not my calling. Though it was a rather rude awakening call, I surrendered to it realizing that it was time to come home to my roots and surrender into the noble calling of the nursing profession. The beautiful quote of Gail Devers sums up the characteristics that I have imbibed through my professional journey: â€Å"Keep your dreams alive. Understand, to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. â€Å" Yes, I do believe that all the experiences of my past have guided and prepared me professionally for the challenges of Nursing School and the Nursing Profession. I love to end this with some of the sweetest lines by Lewis carol from her classic story of â€Å"Alice in

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Assessment Of The Burger King Chain Commerce Essay

Assessment Of The Burger King Chain Commerce Essay Burger King is one the fast food chain which is abbreviated as BK, it is operating almost all over the world with its headquarter in Florida, United States. The first store was opened over the piece of Insta Broiler. This equipment was so much popular for cooking burgers. In 1953, BK began as a franchise chain in Jacksonville, a place in Florida. In 1955, where this franchise was facing a financial problem, it was then purchased by David Edgerton and James McLamore and then it was named as Burger King. Burger King is operating in 73 countries with over 12000 outlets, of which 66% holds in US and 90%, has been runned by the private owners. It became a Corporation in 1959, and this is where when all the franchisees purchase the right to open stores and operate it. Initially, when the company started they use to sell burgers, French fries, soft drinks and ice creams. Then later in 1957, BK introduce Whopper which turns out to be the signature for them and they adopted the motto as The Home of Whopper, (Mouw, 2007). Theoretical Background The development of new ventures makes the way for most individuals to come up with an idea and develop it by generating a product or service (Gyamfi and Tontoh, 2007). According to (Morse and Mitchell, 2006), the new venture development can be competitive in the market because many activities are involved in creating a business. Barringer and Ireland (2006) said that the establishment of new ventures gives the society globalization, job creation and innovation. Different scholars and institutions have proposed many ways of developing new ventures from different angles. Moreover, many entrepreneurs have established new ventures competitively without any external influence. Wickham (2004) defined an entrepreneur as a manager which carries out a particular activity; an individual which possesses a personality, psychology and personal characteristics and an agent that adds the value to the society. Sarasvathy (2001) found the dependency of a venture issue on an individuals past knowledge, the experience of its formation, culture and his other distinctive achievements. According to Timmons (1999), the development of a new venture involves the vital factors team, opportunity and resources that are seen to be in a corresponding process. Although there are numerous ways for venture creation, there are also various failures and even it does not become successful in the long run for the few ones (Gyamfi and Tontoh, 2007). Gilkerson and Paauwe (1998) showed that most businesses fail because the choice of business opportunity was poor. Gartner (1988) suggested that entrepreneurship depends on your action and not on your identification. This has generated the interest of looking at business planning process in new venture development. It is important to know about the variables or considerations in developing the new ventures that makes the process feasible or practical and this is what has been presented in the report in accordance with the opinions of different authors (Bhave, 1994). Discussion Business planning is an important aspect that needs to be considered to fulfil the plans for a new venture or renewing an existing venture. It serves as a method to achieve the desired goals (Gyamfi and Tontoh, 2007). According to (Davidsson, 2003), a good planning process provides a good approach of having a niche in the market. It also gives you a process view of entrepreneurship. He believes that it is impossible to take a business in one decision or one act from its non-existence to existence in one step. Therefore, in creating a business, entrepreneurs have to do a number of activities sequentially. Business planning helps in finding the competitive advantage of the operation by finding, describing and refining it (Stan et al., 2003). Profit (2007) says that the planning process gives very good steps needed to reach the goals that have been set for the future. It describes the opportunities, business strengths and a road map for continuous improvement. As the growth and success of a business lies in creating a road map for it but many entrepreneurs, having the knowledge of it, do not have a good planning process (Profit, 2007). This makes it difficult to start up ventures successfully (Gyamfi and Tontoh, 2007). Harper (1991) noted that as many novices do not hesitate to position and elaborate themselves well in the market so the trial and error methods have been unfavourable for them. Profit (2007) suggested that the requirement of an entrepreneur can be accomplished by analyzing the business issues and refining the goals from a good planning process. Timmons (1999) clarifies that it is important to take a decision about the investment of time and effort because some ideas may not lead to business or success. One should also size up about the existence of potential business. Therefore, a good planning method helps one to get confidence, test ideas and see the flaws in his business to avoid the waste of resources and to take the right steps forward (Gyamfi and Tontoh, 2007). In fact, for every 100 ideas presented to investors in the form of a business or proposal of some kind, usually just I or 2 or 3 get funded. Over 80% of those rejections occur in the few hours; another 10 to 80 get rejected after the business plan has been read carefully (Timmons, 1999). Theoretical Spheres The development of a new venture has been discussed by many authors in entrepreneurship. The theories from three experts of business administration, in a sequential mode, have been chosen to make the report more exigent and practical. These are of Hult et al. (1991), Stan et al. (2003) and Profit (2007). Opportunity Analysis of Burger King SWOT Analysis After the goals have been set by managements, it is their responsibility to analyse the companys current position. And to evaluate the position of the organisation, the management use SWOT analysis. This helps the upper management to plan and compare the internal organisation strengths and weakness with the opportunities and threats which are external to the organisation. This helps the management to fulfil the objective which they have stated in the mission statement. Main core competencies of the company are the main strength of the organisation in which they are best at. It is the strength which the customers values and pays for it and which the competitors lacks of. Companys faces problem when they know their weaknesses and did not work on it, the environmental threats will probably molest the weaknesses of an organisation. And these weaknesses can be overcome if they avail the opportunities which can create value to the firm (Marke, 2006). Burger King Strengths Burger King or BK is a worldwide brand which everyone knows about. It attracts all type of customers such as sex, race, age, income etc. It is one of the largest fast food ham burger restaurants (FFHR) in the world It not only distribute in US, it has many franchises situated around the globe. Weaknesses The main weakness of the BK is that they have operated mainly in US; almost 65% of their operations are in United States. BK has not focused on their brand name very well, it relies mostly on franchisees which are carries their brand name along and any mistake by them will decrease the Goodwill of the organisation. BK has the menu which is unhealthy and it does not appeal to the consumers. They brand their products less likely than their competitors such as McDonalds etc. Opportunity BK should develop a new product which can attract customers in the breakfast as well. BK is called the House of Whopper so they should emphasise their brand focusing mainly on Whopper Virgins. They should expand their business in countries like India, Malaysia, and Kuwait etc. Where there is an emerging market. Threats The main threat of BK is that they have to face a healthy competition with McDonalds, KFCs and other restaurants. BK menu is healthy food which the consumers dont prefer much, they should change their habits to attract customers diverting to healthy food. It may affect the profit margins of BK, when the labour cost rises. Source: (Kurtz, 2008) Environmental Analysis It is critical to indentify the variables which can affect the supply and the demand of the products and services by analyzing the macro environment. Whenever there is a change in the environment or the place where the company is operation, it has an impact on the organisation as well. So there are possible criterias which the analyst has to check which can have the effect on the organisation. And these can be Political, Social, Economical and Technological factors. PEST analysis examines the impact of the factors which can affect the business. If Burger King opens its new Venture in Pakistan, they can first analyse the factors which can affect their business or they think that if it is feasible to open up a chain in Pakistan. Burger King PEST Analyses Political: This includes the regulations imposed by the government in the country where they are operating. This relates to the elections, law of employment, environment laws, war, terrorism, governing body, and its structure. These are the factors which the burger king has to analyse before opening their chain in Pakistan. The political condition of Pakistan is not stable at the moments, there are lots of suicide attacks but they can still open a franchise in the popular city such as Karachi and in those areas where the security is high. Economic: It is the level of spending the local government does, taxation, growth of the country, unemployment, rates such as interest and inflation. Country such as Pakistan is one of the developing countries. This country has seen the growth but the interest rates and the inflation rates has been double in over few years but people living there are more keen to have fast food restaurants and a places like these so that there can be an increase in the economy. Social Factors: Social relates to age, gender race etc. It is the standard of living which the people adopt. Technological Factors: These factors are the inventions, research and development and information systems. In Pakistan, investments in terms of social and technological will increase the competition and requires a lot of investment. BK can invest in salads, and low fat food but again there will be a danger for moving away from its identity. It can be good economic purposes of changing their policy to sell high calorie menus because there are few costs which are attached to it. Investments in terms of technology can give an advantage over its competitors such as McDonalds. They can open up a call centre which can be centralizing where the customers can place their orders online. This will increase speed of the customer services and will cut the staff cut. After analyzing the current situation in Pakistan with the help of macro environmental analysis, we can conclude that opening a chain of Burger King, it will not be difficult for them to make money because there are so many restaurants today who have lock their suppliers and the largest companies which are already operating in Pakistan such as McDonalds have the high bargaining power and are able to bare cost such as advertisement. BK can invest more on the products and technology, they can advertise heavily on their new products so that they can attract more customers towards themselves, (Mowen, 2001). Porter 5 Forces Model Porter 5 forces model deals with factors that is outside the industry that influence the environment of competition. A firm has to know about the industries in which it is operating and should know how to compete in the market. It the forces from the competition can be drive. Competition can be created by the interaction of 5 forces which is the threat of new entrants, the power of suppliers, the power of buyers and the threats of substitute. The threats of new entrants are very high because of the fact that it does not require high investment to open up a small restaurant. But BK can advertise heavily on the advertisement where by the customers can only buy the burgers for them. Burger King appears to be in the list of those industries that have the recognized brand with all their benefits are linked with new customers so that they can attract. Supplier power: for the burgers, the ingredients require are just meat, buns and soft drinks, which can be supplied by any of the supplier and there are other supplies which also provide the services such as restaurants premises including the equipment and staff. Golden state foods started supplying McDonalds but now they are supplying the beef and other products to KFCs and BKs as well. There should always be an upper hand on the supplier by the firm. Burger King has a large number of franchised outlets almost 89%. Since after the increase in franchise for BK, they have the limited control over the franchisees and that is the main reason why there are experiencing problems in removing their supplier again and again, Bk seems to be unhappy with the supplier every time. There is a low buying power in the burger industry. It depends on the customers and their taste to which burger to want to have. There is low switching cost and lots of substitute available so the buyer power has increase. As we all know that there are so many substitutes available, there is lots of restaurant and therefore the threat of substitute is relatively very high. And this is the reason why the fast food restaurant like McDonalds and BK do more branding in order to attract more customers. Competitive Rivalry in the burger restaurant is high because there are so many restaurant but we look for the differentiation, BK promotes its burger as the tastiest burgers because it is flame grill. Differentiation is only weapon in this industry, and those customers who have realized the taste can reduce the competitive rivalry (Kurtz, 2008). Competitors Analysis Analysis of the competitive is very important and useful in the sense that the company should know how their rivals are operating and performing. This evaluation is very critical for the use of strategy formulation. A company has to identify the factors both the external as well as the internal to the organisation which can impact the forces. These factors can affect the companys objective and the goals because on these factors they can change their strategy. When KFC came in to the market, they follow the initiates of Burger King and follow the price cut strategy; it was named as the Big King competitor to the Big Mac. When Burger King came to know about this strategy they responded by: BK lowering the prices and cutting the cost on their standardize menu based on burgers, fries and soft drinks. Revenue and growth for BK are the mixture of their strategy but in the late 1990s, the volume was falling especially in US which cause their market share to decline as well. BK boosts their volume by cutting the prices and behaves accordingly to the competitors. They then use their resources and capabilities to turn into a financially strong company. The strategy used by KFC get an aggressive response from Burger King but the burger market in the world today faces a lot of competition between Burger King, McDonalds and KFCs. Source: (Youngman, 1998) Strategic Analysis For the strategic analysis it is very important to define the industries broadly, there should detailed analysis on the competition through which they can focus on the markets that are drawn narrowly in terms of both the products and geography. In the strategic analysis, the process of industries which has many dimensions is divided into segmentations. In an industry, sub markets can be differentiating through Segmentation. A company can sometimes avoid competition if they change their strategy into the segmentation. Burger King has maintained its sales by selling more Whoppers. They analyse probability at the level of customers individuality. Through Segments, key success factors can be differing. In the restaurant industry such as Burger King and McDonalds, the success of an industry can be analyse by segmenting the customers of the fast food and the luxury restaurant, (Grant, 2005). Conclusion Recommendations When the company have enough resources to utilize to its capability, the company just focus on those products for the customers demand more. After the success in the domestic market, company tries to exploit in the international market. But first they will analyse the factors which can affect them in operating in that country. They have to understand the objective that has been set by the competitors and looking into it they should make their own international strategy. There will be an effect on the market share, if the competitor is a large company, this can be a threat to the company who is entering into the market.

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Jealousy in Othello: the Cause of Chaos

Jealousy can be found everywhere around us. Between the ones we love, or even between the ones we hate. Jealousy may also serve different purposes. It can be used as building blocks to build up the relationship, but it can act as a hurricane and blow everything down. In William Shakespeare’s Othello, the namesake protagonist’s tragic flaws are possessiveness, insecurity, and loyalty, which fail to serve his ability to see past his feelings. Othello’s first tragic flaw is possessiveness. Othello was a high-ranking soldier who worked in the army, which would have increased his masculinity in comparison to other men. This may be a reason for developing the idea of men being greater and more powerful than women. This idea of him being at a higher level may have resulted him into thinking that he possessed Desdemona, and that nobody else could have her if he could not. â€Å"Sexual possessiveness come from male personality traits, and that the traditional perception of masculinity indicates that male has full power, and control, which runs counter to his dependency upon his wife†(Ben Zeev). Othello explains that the reason he killed Desdemona was because of her affair with Cassio. Ay with Cassio, Had he been true, If heaven would make me such another world Of one entire and perfect chrysolite, I’d not have sold her for it† (5. 2. 155~158). He ended up killing Desdemona because of his possessiveness. If she loved Cassio then she needs to be killed, even though he tells Emilia that he loved Desdemona so much that he would not have traded her for anything in the world. Othello†™s envious emotion overpowered his actions, not just because of his possessive attribute, but also because of his insecurity. Othello was different than everyone else in Venice and Cyprus. Because was a Moor, he was constantly bashed upon with racial comments and was treated unfair because of his race. â€Å"Whether a maid so tender, fair and happy, So opposite to marriage that she shunned The Wealthy curled darlings of our nation, Would ever have, t’incure a general mock, Run from her guardage to the sooty bosom Of such a thing as thou-â€Å" (1. 2. 69~74). Barbantio, the father of Desdemona, was against his daughter’s marriage because Othello was black. Despite Othello’s high social status, rank, money and respect, Barbantio refused to accept Othello as his son-in-law. Now for want of these required conveniences, her delicate tenderness will find itself abused, begin to have gorge, disrelish and abhor the moor. Very nature will instruct her in it and compel her to some second choice† (2. 1. 11~16). Iago said this to Othello, persuading him of the rumour between Desdemona and Cassio was due to Othello’s race. Iago states that Desdem ona will soon find a man like her own, and leave Othello, because he is ‘different’. â€Å"When the man perceives the woman to be his whole world, he feels that any separation from her entails a loss of his own identity† (Ben-Zeev). When Othello believed that the affair between Cassio and Desdemona was true, he could have felt like he lost his identity, making him insecure and more vulnerable to jealousy. Lastly, Othello’s tragic flaw is that he is loyal. Othello was a very honorable man, and trusted Iago, a little too much. This is shown when Othello repeats â€Å"Honest Iago† numerous times throughout the play. Iago tried to destroy Othello with his cunning words and actions, by betraying and abusing Othello’s trust, persuading him into thinking that he was an ‘honest’ man. â€Å"I think thou dost. And for I know thou’rt full of love and honesty And weigh’st thy words before thou giv’st breath† (3. 3. 123~125). It is not wrong to say that Othello’s insecurities developed his trust towards Iago. When you are insecure, one of the escape routes you choose is to depend on someone else. If you have no one to trust, then you can feel fear and paranoia, and to get rid of these emotions, your instinct is to rely on someone else (Wilder). Othello’s insecurities lead to Othello’s reliance towards Iago, and his faith and royalty prevented him from seeing past his jealous feelings. As a tragic hero, Othello has tragic flaws, and his flaws make him more vulnerable towards jealousy. Throughout the play, Othello showed three traits: his possessiveness towards Desdemona, insecurity towards himself and loyalty towards Iago. These three characteristics created a home for the green-eyed monster to grow bigger, and create chaos. Othello’s jealous feelings grew so big that it could not be controlled. Jealousy can be a healthy to maintain a relationship between two people, but if it is abused, it can be dangerous.

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Biological Perspective Essay

One client I worked with had very low levels of assertiveness and because of this was often treated very badly by friends, family and work colleagues. This led to her becoming really rather depressed, which meant that she tended to avoid interactions with other people whenever possible, lowering further still her confidence and her ability to deal with social situations. She was becoming increasingly withdrawn. Whilst the counselling helped her to understand how she was contributing towards her own distress by having so low an opinion of herself, the antidepressants helped her to feel well enough to start to re-engage with people and to put into practice some of the ideas and life skills she was learning in therapy. By the time the medication was slowly stopped after her depression had lifted, she had firmly established new patterns of behaviour and relationships. She was easily able to continue this new and more useful way of being, therefore removing the need for further medication . Back to Top The Disadvantages of Antidepressants Many people I know would say that when you are profoundly depressed, there are no disadvantages to taking something that makes you feel better. Certainly I know many clients whose lives have been transformed by taking the right antidepressant, prescribed by their doctor or psychiatrist. Having said that, no medication is without its problems. With antidepressants, the main problems are firstly, finding the right antidepressant and secondly, side-effects. Antidepressants seem to help about half of the people who take them and different antidepressants work better with some people than others. The process of matching the right medication to the person is far from a precise science and one psychiatrist I know will admit that it often comes down to luck and guesswork. Having said that, the choice of antidepressant is usually informed by the exact nature of the symptoms experienced.

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Qualitative Data Collection

Qualitative Data Collection This qualitative research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of various academic activities and determine which of them should receive more attention. In this paper we need to work out strategies of data collection and sampling. At the moment Green Valley Community College has faced the necessity to implement changes into the curriculum due to the fact that many students feel dissatisfied with absence of technology use in the classroom and inappropriate educational methods.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Qualitative Data Collection specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is why it is crucial to assess the attitude of students, parents and teachers toward the curriculum. On the basis of these findings, the administration will be able to tailor the courses, offered to the learners. The key method which is going to be used is qualitative survey. This survey will include different types of questions. First, I intend to include contingency questions in this survey. For instance, one of them will look in the following way: â€Å"Do you feel satisfied with the quality of training, provided at Green Valley Community College? If no, tell which areas require improvement.† Furthermore, I would like to apply a five-point Likert scale item in order to measure students’ and teacher’s attitudes toward the curriculum. This question can take this form, †How do you feel about the curriculum in Green Valley Community College?†. The respondent will need to choose one of these options: Very Satisfied; Satisfied; Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied; Dissatisfied; Very Dissatisfied. In this way, I will be better able to evaluate the perceptions and attitudes of the participants. The questions in this survey will prompt the learners and faculty to make recommendations about academic curriculum, the use of technologies, and educational methods. I do not plan to use Yes/No and force d-choice questions in this survey because they are not very suitable for measuring people’s perception and attitudes. Under the circumstances, a longitudinal survey study will be necessary, because it helps to understand how attitudes and perceptions change over a certain period of time (Lodico et al, 2010, p 202). In my opinion, this approach will let us see whether the new teaching methods and academic activities have managed to improve the quality of education in this college or not. At the point, I have yet to determine whether it will be a one-shot or longitudinal study.Advertising Looking for assessment on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The duration of this research will depend on the decision of the board of directors. A longitudinal study requires more time and funding, however, its findings are much more reliable. In turn, a one-shot study only measures current perceptions and attitudes, b ut it cannot track the change of people’s attitudes. This study will have three groups of subjects: 1) students; 2) faculty; 3) parents. I have yet to determine the exact number of participants; however, I would like to use the so-called snowball sampling, which means that the respondents, themselves, help a researcher to find new subjects (Gray et al, 2007, p 117). In other words, those students or faculty members, whom we have already interviewed, can refer us to their group-mates or colleagues. It has to be admitted that such approach to sampling is usually very time-consuming, because the number of participants may grow at a very fast pace (Babbie, 2008). Nonetheless, this strategy will enable me to better understand the needs of both learners and educators. According to my estimations, this research will involve at least thirty representatives of each group. It should be taken into consideration that in the course of this research, I will also need to study several locat ions within the college. As it has been noted before, it is necessary to evaluate the implementation of new technologies. In this case, I will need to pay special attention to computer labs, library and class rooms. The key task is to determine whether computers and software solutions, used in this college, are well-suited for the needs of the students and faculty. This analysis will allow the administration to see what kind of technologies is most needed. Perhaps, some computers and programs require updating and upgrading. The most convenient method of data collection is observation. There are several steps which I need to take in order to gain permission for the study. First of all I need to contact the board of directors. These people are the key decision-makers in Green Valley Community College. They will determine the amount of time and funding that would be available for the needs of this research. I will need to explain the potential benefits of this research for this educati onal institution. Moreover, I will need to contact the faculty members to make an appointment with them. It will also be necessary to contact both parents and students and explain to them the rationale for this study.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Qualitative Data Collection specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The findings of this research can be of great assistance to the administration of Green Valley Community College and other educational institutions, which have also encountered such a problem as students’ dissatisfaction. Still, the reliability and usefulness of this study will strongly depend on the research design, data collection procedures and accuracy of analysis. Reference List Babbie. E. (2008). The basics of social research. NY: Cengage Learning. Creswell, J.W. (2008). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle Riv er, NJ: Pearson Education. Gray. P. Williamson J. Karp D. (2007). The Research imagination: an introduction to qualitative and quantitative methods. Cambridge University Press. Lodico, M. G., Spaulding, D. T., Voegtle, K. H. (2010). Methods in educational research: from theory to practice. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc.

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What Mean Means

What Mean Means What Mean Means What Mean Means By Mark Nichol The verb mean, in the senses of â€Å"destine† â€Å"direct,† â€Å"intend,† and â€Å"signify,† is from the Old English phrase mae nan. To say that someone â€Å"means business† signifies that he or she is earnestly serious about something; to say that someone â€Å"means well† means that the person has good intentions. (One is said to be well-meaning when his or her intentions are good; the person’s actions are said to be well-meant.) Mean has multiple adjectival meanings. Used to convey the ideas of â€Å"base† or â€Å"contemptible,† â€Å"petty† or â€Å"stingy,† or â€Å"malicious† or â€Å"troublesome,† it is from the Old English phrase gemae ne, meaning â€Å"common.† It also has the less negative senses of â€Å"ashamed,† â€Å"dull,† and â€Å"humble† and actually has a positive connotation as a slang synonym for â€Å"effective† or â€Å"excellent† in references to having admirable skills, as in â€Å"He plays a mean saxophone.† (This may derive from a confusion with the idiom â€Å"no mean† followed by a noun or noun phrase, as in â€Å"He’s no mean poker player,† where â€Å"no mean† means â€Å"not average† or â€Å"not inferior.) The expression â€Å"lean and mean† likely derives from the notion of aggressive competitiveness. The adverb meanly means â€Å"in a humble, inferior, or ungenerous manner.† The sense of mean as a synonym for â€Å"average,† â€Å"intermediate,† or â€Å"midway† is ultimately from the Latin term medianus (by way of Anglo-French and Middle English), which is also the source of median. (Mesne, borrowed with an alteration in spelling from Anglo-French, means â€Å"intermediate† or â€Å"intervening† but is used only in legal contexts.) As a noun, mean can refer to something intermediate (as in the mathematical sense), something helpful (as in the phrase â€Å"means to an end†), or resources (as in the sense of having the means to accomplish something). Related idioms include â€Å"by all means† (â€Å"certainly†), â€Å"by means of† (â€Å"through the use of†), and â€Å"by no means† (â€Å"not at all†). The synonymic compounds meantime and meanwhile both derive from the â€Å"intermediate† sense of mean, while mean-spirited alludes to the sense of â€Å"petty.† (The slang term meanie, also spelled meany, refers to a person who is cruel; this usage is considered dated, however, and is now used only in a jocular sense.) To demean, meanwhile, is to debase or put down, while meanness can refer to poverty, stinginess, or weakness. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Farther vs. Further"Replacement for" and "replacement of"Forming the Comparative of One-syllable Adjectives

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Computer information Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Computer information - Term Paper Example hysical parts of a computer and the software which are the intangible parts of the computer also called programs that enable the user to use the computer. Computers have evolved over time in terms of size and processing capabilities. The modern computers are capable of handling complex operations at a faster rate as compared to the early computers (Rajmohan, 2006). The physical components of the computer also called the hardware parts comprise of all the tangible parts of the computer both internal and external. They include the central processing unit, the monitor, mouse, keyboard, printers and scanners. These devices help in the feeding of instructions to the computer and in producing output from the computer. The mouse is the basic input device for a computer. The printer and the monitor are the output devices of the computer and provide hardcopy and soft copy output (Rajmohan, 2006). Software refers to the intangible parts of a computer. They are programs that are used to run the computer. The computer cannot function without programs. There are two categories of software, the system software and the applications software. The system software is the set of programs on which other programs run on in the computer. These include the operating system software such as windows XP and windows seven. The applications software helps the user to use the computer in doing day to day tasks. These include Microsoft office suit and other tailor made software (Shearman, 2006). Computers have various uses depending on the environment in which they are used. Computers are used to carry out general office work that includes processing, storing and transfer of information. Computers are also used for entertainment purposes where they can play music, movies and many other media. They are used in monitoring weather patterns in weather stations. These are special purpose computers that are designed to monitor changes in weather patterns and report to the base station. Computers

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Migration History Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Migration History Paper - Essay Example Firstly, it is the understanding from the interview that was conducted that ultimately the migrant experience within the United States has remained unchanged since late 18th century. Although technology has increased, jet travel has enabled individuals to rapid transit from international origins, and the complexity of paperwork and documentation within the United States has shifted, the first experience for the migrant is one in which hardship, deprivation, and most generally a step backwards in terms of quality of living is ultimately assumed. With regards to the interviewee in question, she described an experience in which once arriving in New York, she moved in to an apartment that was no larger than 500 ft.? and housed no less than six people; whereas in her home country, she had lived in the apartment that was nearly 700 ft.? and housed only three people. ... o the United States within the past 250 years, the reader should be mindful of the fact that the immigrant experience is ultimately different due to the rules and regulations of US visas and permits. Whereas 200 years ago the United States was willing to accept individuals as a means of providing labor to the rapidly industrializing system, the United States is currently reach the status of a highly developed nation and no longer requires the massive influx of unskilled immigrants to power the means of economic growth. However, this is not to say that migration and integration is no longer encouraged. As was the case with the interviewee in question, it was rapidly determined that rather than merely representing unskilled labor that had come to the United States as a means of bettering her life, this individual was highly skilled and represented key assets of education and experience can be utilized within the US economic system. The ultimate financial incentives that drove her to se ek out opportunities within the United States remain the fundamental defining characteristics of why I like the United States is continually attractive. With regards to the question of whether or not she would consider going back to her own country, the response came not as a function of seeking to define the fact that she now considered yourself an American where that she identified with, understood, and appreciated American culture; rather, the response was concentric upon the fact that she would not be able to make the same level of money and her own country as she was able to within the United States. This understanding necessarily brings the reader/researcher to the realization as to why it oftentimes takes to or three generations in order for the individuals to consider themselves an