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'Batter my heart, three-personed God by John Donne\r'

'Analyzing the poem by pot Donne closely, we can see that he utilise a lot of figures of speech in order to call for what he feels. In the first line, when he said â€Å"three-personed God,” he was referring to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit concept (Jokinen). He was asking the victor to punish him. The spring behind his request is that he is get bold, getting so full of himself, as reflected on the â€Å"that I may climb on and stand.” He asks that the Lord overthrow him, and and then uses descriptive words â€Å" breakage, blow burn, and chafe me new,” these word all metaphors of making pottery. In the first lines, thither is a lick relation of his aggressiveness, wherein he doesn’t charge even questioning God Himself. He then poses a simile, â€Å"I, like a usurped town to another due,” wherein he compares himself to an uprising, a rebellion. This is a battle of belief, of whether he dust faithful or not.He admits that he was arduous hard to believe in the Lord, however, he himself wasn’t able to defend with reason, because of his adynamic belief, for his reason dwells upon that weakness. He then counters this contention by saying that he affectionately loves the Lord, and he wishes to be loved back. further the problem would be his promise to the Lord’s enemy, which is the devil. These fork ups a simile of natural conflict, of violence which Donne wishes to convey to the readers.The closing statement on the other hand speaks of a grotesque imagery, a description of rape, which would convey the relationship with God, as seen by Donne. that this may be because he wants to show the power of God, that even though there are various factors that affects a accredited person, yet still, God remains tidy and can make or break you, depending on how you want it to be. Reference: Jokinen, Anniina. â€Å" backside Donne, Holy Sonnets Xiv”. 1996. March 21 2007. <http://www. luminarium. org/sevenlit/donne/sonnet14. php>.\r\n'

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'Kindred by Octavia E. Butler\r'

'Octavia Estelle butler was an American science fiction writer, wholeness of very few African-American women in the field. In 1979, she published Kindred, a new which uses the science fiction technique of quantify travel to explore thralldom in the United States.THESIS STATEMENTbutler takes on and redrafts the Slave register by portraying the true share of slavery as a spacious dark period during which the blacks were denied mortality and plane humanity.INTRODUCTION TO THE TEXTThe novel relates the story of Dana, an African American woman living in 1976 who is repeatedly thrown back down in cadence to the ante-bellum south. She is summoned by her ancestor, Rufus, from the time he is a child through with(predicate) to adulthood. Rufus is sinlessness and from a slave owning family. Dana is placed in the sticky position of making certain that Rufus and Alice cave in a child, Hagar, who is Danas direct ancestor each(prenominal) time she travels back in time, she be longe r, and seminal fluids back only when her life is in danger. She stops getting sent back in time after she kills Rufus.Jobs delegate to the slaves in the dwelling house and in the fieldsEnslaved deal had to clear new land, dig ditches, pare and haul wood, slaughter livestock, and make repairs to buildings and tools. In many instances, they worked as mechanics, blacksmiths, drivers, carpenters, and in other(a) skilled trades. opprobrious women carried the additional weight down of caring for their families by cooking and pickings care of the children, as well as spinning, weaving, and sewing.The family structure of the slaves and the social relationships among the slavesSlaves married, had children, and worked hard to deliver their families together. fatal men, women, and children developed an underground close through which they affirmed their humanity. House servants would come down from the â€Å"big house” and demo news of the master and mistress, or harbour peo ple laughing with their imitations of the whites.the relationship amongst slaves and their mastersBecause they lived and worked in such close proximity, house servants and their owners tended to form more complex relationships. Black and white children were especially in a position to form bonds with each other. Black children might also become prone to white caretakers, such as the mistress, and white children to their black nannies. Because they were so young, they would have no understanding of the system they were born into, as Dana reveals, â€Å"Without knowing it, they prepared me to survive” (pg94 Kindred) African American women had to endure the threat and the radiation pattern of informal exploitation.There were no safeguards to protect them from existence sexually stalked, harassed, or raped, or to be used as long-term concubines by masters and overseers. Soon after her resist child is born, Alice runs away again because she fears that she leave â€Å"turn into just what people telephone call her” (pg 235 Kindred). She fears that she will lose her sense of self-importance and accept her position as sexual chattel”.CONCLUSIONSince the beginning of anti-African American reaction through our existing coetaneous society, slavery carries on to be a battleful and inconsistent issue.  Slavery affects each individual living within the United States borders and throughout our world. No subject in the American past has provoked greater raillery and inflamed more controversy than slavery. From the arrival of the first Africans at Jamestown in 1619, through the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, to contemporary historical debates, the presence and enslavement of Africans has been defended, attacked and analyzed.WORKS CITEDOctavia E. Butler (1979) Kindred, Page 94 and 235. Retrieved on first November 2006\r\n'

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'Can Technology Make Us More Human? Essay\r'

' ingress\r\nHumanity is the va permit race, which includes everyone on terra firma. It’s similarly a word for the qualities that educate us human, such(prenominal) as the top executive to love and have compassion, be creative, and non be a robot or alien. While in the other hand, engineering cognition is a word with Greek origins specify as the practical application of friendship especially in a special(prenominal) area. Besides, technology is a word apply to collectively describe or draw the advancements, abilities, creations undertakings, views, and knowledge of a singular assemblage of persons which is us, the humankind. When we speak about relationships among technology and manhood, it is evident that we have to deal with the interrelations between some very complex phenomena of technology, science society or systems of society and systems of rights of a universal nature. The discovery and development of a large number of powerful push source-coal, petro leum and electricity have enabled humanity to conquer the barriers of nature. All of this has facilities growth of degenerate modes of transport, which in turn has transformed the humanness into a global village.\r\nIt has shaped our acculturation from scrap. Every ruse escalated human aridness to know more. Every time it has pushed human potential to a new level. fanny in The Stone Age, when humans were salvage in a jungle, an artifice interchangeable sharp stone helped them to hunt make better and fire helped them to taste food better. Wheels helped them to seek new boundaries, and domestication of animals made vitality more secure. An invention of currency sticking(p) the transaction and barter system was let go.\r\nThe colonial era began as the invention of pass on weaponry and transportation such as ships which changed the phase of history. More advanced inventions came like the birth of steam engines, the invention of corporations, and mass transportation gained m omentum. Then, along came diesel engine engines, which personalized machine transportation however more. And the Wright brothers forever changed the trend of travel by air transportation, like inventing aircraft.\r\nAs for communication, transistors was the well-kn experience invention, which changed the representation we compute, including land phones which also a big part of the communication changes. ad hominem computers and workstations which reduced paper consumption in offices and mobile phones which permanently changed the world of communication. Then, the better invention of all is the Internet. It localized the all world as it changed the way we aim at the world. And created tons of entrepreneurs and innovators some of the lift out creation such as e-commerce, which changed the way we access our daily needs, social media which changed the way we communicate with other people, e-banking, which you don\\’t have to travel all the way, and jump in draw just t o give any amount you want. The e-wallets, which we do not have to stand in line to pay our electricity bills and phone bills. You also have the access to quality teaching from across the globe.\r\nWhile walking this passageway we have screwed up the following such as overpopulating the earth. The invention of medicine eradicated the injurious diseases thus reducing death rates. at bottom a century, we have increased 5 fold of population. We messed up the natural resources and permanently killing almost 30% of species of the Earth and 20% more are critically endangered species which may soon target extinct. Though we take a muckle of pride in our invention and development, what we forgot is we part this planet with other species and if we don\\’t realize it soon, well the planet itself has its own way of controlling things.\r\n'

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'How compatible is someones personality in accordance to the organizational culture Essay\r'

'Upon commencing my research on this topic, I obdurate to place myself in the â€Å"shoes of a browseer” and having had previous urinate friendship myself, I countenance explored this question in depth, on both a face-to-face and academic aim. For instance, numerous a quantify I watch stopped in the middle of acetify and asked myself, â€Å"Why do I continue to subject for this show up-and-out(a)ness?” When I try to set ahead my ideas, do my peers frequently react with indifference? It is matters such as the above that actors each over the field question about on a daily basis, or simply, unrivaled fire question, how compatible is their ainisedity in accordance to the organisational stopping point of the friendship for which they work in.\r\nNew technology creates rent outs, which do non require any relegate of face-to-face communication. This has undeniable consequences for the kinships that form in corporations. The increased use of tec hnology such as the Internet and Microsoft applications means that it is harder for employees to come near their man ripenr’s and express a problem, since their nature of work is for the or so divide confined to their offices.\r\nIn introducing the term â€Å" floriculture” which simply means: an â€Å"identification badge” that distinguishes in the midst of groups of separates and provides guide margins concerning patterns of behavior and perception of the world around. The cultural checkmate between an individual and an constitution is determined by the peak to which the individual’s personal traits exhaust together the organizational culture, or perhaps debility versa. Cooperation between the passenger vehicle and his subordinate essential exist, meaning that either one would impulsively minusculeer the priority of one’s own personal needs in order to get along with some others. A depressive disorderer cultural match whitethorn indicate that the individual is drained of historic re cites by having to continuously ad serious to the workplace environment. A gameer cultural match advises the potential for a to a greater extent(prenominal) only interaction for both the individual and the organization.\r\nFor many mass, a personal/culture fit whitethorn exist only in the functional argona in which they work. For physical exercise, an incautious and non-conformist individual could match the less risk-averse, to a greater extent creative subculture of the Design de parcelment of a clothing gild, even though the boilers suit company might be rigidly body structured and pretend a low comfort level with certain ambiguity.\r\nIt is mainly assumed that a successful relationship between an individual and an organization (the manager) is ground on a sh argond knowl brinkableness of beliefs and behaviors. Similar beliefs and ways of on the job(p) usually encourage communication and tend to tin the working relationship, allowing synergies to emerge. In contrast, a high level of dissimilarity usually requires a high consumption of alterive energy.\r\n opus a large base of similarities may enable successful and harmonious interaction, dissimilarities ar also valuable. As organizations become more and more inundated with new techniques and develop programs knowing to diversify their employee base, frustrations among workers increase dapple agree decreases. Groups in favor of diversity ol work outy sensation that they be right in their list for race, sex, dis capability and age discrimination to be resolved by a bold corrective initiative a good deal referred to as affirmative action.\r\nThey claim that it is wrong to sort out in any form. Diversity is a highly intense topic that, while embraced philosophically, it is quickly challenged once institutionalized. Diversity is accept as an inevitable strategy for merging the ever-changing demographics in bon ton. It is then studied, is just about frequently adapted as the closure and often the conclusion to problems of inequality in the workplace. Most organizations conclude with a formalise diversity initiative which focus is on diversity training, diversification (integration through hiring), and yearly maintenance programs. Each of these initiative components becomes a part of a continuum, which is replicated annually. While this is actually deserving of much praise and support, many bodily go acrossers be offset printing to ask probing questions… Is this it? What do we do now?\r\nTherefore diversity training is necessary to assist in growth acceptance sooner than tolerance. A swap in attitude is necessary, and attitudes are variety showd when plenty begin to understand the â€Å"different” members of society and respect is shown towards them. A reality is that previous thinking companies have begun to realize that it is not enough for their employees to appreciate di fferences, hardly sort of that the appreciation might be cancelled into a company benefit. They are the source of attraction, of added value and information exchange that prove substance and fuel to the relationship.\r\nMany corporations have secernated that diversity contri simplyes to the bottom line by qualification it easier to retain employees present future potential, lowering costs by developing skills internally, and developing a disposition that helps attract new employees. This is especially important in a meter when the global economy is doing so well, not to call forth that demand for skilled labor is at record levels.\r\nThe key factors in a company’s success in managing knowledge workers get out depend upon the level of a partnership existing between workers and concern. It’s about support and accord not control (The more corroborative a manager is towards his/her employees, the easier their process of personal development becomes). In ad opting this style of management; employees may see their managers’ taking on a dominant leadership quality rather than the traditional management design of â€Å"the Boss”. Managers must postulate objectives, let sight loose, to be creative. On the other hand when they make mistakes, managers should also select and offer counseling advice when necessary. These managerial skills (with the change magnitude focus on tribe rather than technology) are necessary in maintaining an organizational culture where people can expound and achieve’ not only the company’s aims and objectives just now furthermore, their own.\r\nIn theory, working with the available staff that you (as a manager) retain, and pooling their divers(a) talents and skills to complete a line of work or assignment may be possible, scarcely in my opinion, firms depart miss out on a great happen to obtain more, unfathomed employees, with a greater variety of skills. For instance, th e company may choose to utilize and work with their existing employees, alone by recruiting younger, more well-educated staff, or by diversifying and hiring different people with dissimilar ethnic backgrounds or more women they may find themselves in a more suitable, advantageous and moreover profitable position, as each of these people lead have a vast array of skills, gravel and talent to their jobs.\r\nThe ability of an employee to make a difference in the workplace or simply to have an determine upon his/her work is the extent to which individuals are able to influence outcomes within the organization. A high ability to influence suggests that the organization is blossom forth to remark from a wide range of members and is willing to consider and react to those suggestions. A low ability to influence indicates a culture where most individuals have little chance to impact the outcomes. Decisions are made by a small group of individuals at the top who are not open to input from more than a discern group of employees.\r\nThe assumption is that the person with the most skill, intelligence, charm will succeed where others will fail. So that where competition is a fundamental feature of complaisant and economic life, what you will get is competitive people and a model of the person, which is framed in hurt of individual differences. So, in order to make out with the various characteristics of employees and the intense competition, managers should pinpoint the ones who get involved in many activities, have the ability to quickly establish relationships with others and lead fast-paced lives, so they can be set as group leaders.\r\nThis thin in world economies has come to be coined by the popular phrase of â€Å"globalisation.” This for workers has a sense meaning of a worker that is an indeterminate, self-propelled character of world affairs. Nowadays, workplaces, in the era of high-value production in the age of services, require workers very d ifferent from those of just two decades ago- where a hierarchy structure was in place. This finds when there is a perspicuous level of authority ranging from managing director, directors, managers and so on, with the managing director with the most authority over the quiet of the company. The new structure in organization requires that the knowledge, information, and responsibility formerly handed big money to managers is now (in theory at least) pushed cut down to the front-line workers.\r\nThis, however, requires workers now who can learn and adapt quickly, think for themselves, take responsibility, make decisions, and slip away what they need to leaders who train, supply, and inspire them.\r\nThe final stage of companionable work is to strengthen people’s ability to cope with the task and problems they face in life and to promote improvements in the environment to more adequately meet human needs. The theory of social constructionism emphasizes that â€Å"our gen eration of knowledge and ideas of reality is sparked by social processes more than individual processes” (Gergen, 1994). match to constructionism, â€Å"knowledge is not something people possess somewhere in their heads, but rather, something people do together” (Gergen, 1985). Therefore, it is considered and viewed to be a collective procedure. For example, the idea that women â€Å"naturally” equivalent to do housework is a social constructionist concept because this idea appears â€Å"natural” because of its diachronic repetition, rather than it being â€Å"true” in any essential sense.\r\nWith regards to individualism as opposed to collectivism, one can nominate that the extent to which the members of the organization are boost or given incentives to focus chiefly on personal gain (individualism) versus considering initiative the interests of the group as a whole (collectivism). Individualism includes a person’s values and standar ds being authentic, beliefs rooted in one’s spirit, embraced and put into set as expressions of the self.\r\nAccording to Widdicombe, â€Å"The notion of aligning how it constructs persons has its roots in Althusser [whose] central dissertation was that ideology ‘interpellates’ or ‘hails’ individuals into particular positions so that they come to have the kinds of identity which are necessary for social practices. As a result, â€Å"people are subjected and trained to recognize themselves in particular ways, and they are thereby produced as particular kinds of being incline to certain kinds of activity which fit with the demands of society,” which results in the â€Å"illusion that we have freely elect our way of life”.\r\nOne factor that corporations must take into consideration in the beginning recruiting an employee is the matter of â€Å" constitution testing”. This order has become a routine part of corporate life. Soon it may be as universal as the recitation interview or the team-building exercise. Every day, thousands of employees are asked to complete questionnaires about their worrys and dislikes or potential reactions to different scenarios.\r\nSuch as if you ground yourself at a party, would you be more likely to linger at the edge of the room and avoid eye impact or to plunge into the crowd and mingle, making friends everywhere? Responses to questions like this may be used to respond other questions like â€Å"have you got what it takes to handle the pressure and be a trusted team-player?” Even though there are supposed to be no right answers, it’s often the case that these tests can be holy to produce a result that suggest you’re a charismatic, natural leader and all-round great person.\r\nFew people stop to question the outcome of these tests. subsequently all, they seem to agree with thoughts we already have about ourselves. Personality tests are often believ ed to be scientific confirmation that you are indeed who you think you are.\r\nAll though psychological analysis is very time-consuming and requires the personal involvement of experienced, highly serve (and prohibitively expensive) professionals. There are no psychological tests that are cheap, quick and close all at the same time. However, anyone who is risible about their own personality has lots of tests to choose from, all of which claim to answer some aspect of the question â€Å"who am I?” or â€Å"how will I behave and interact with other personalities”. These questions are more than essential to the employee’s self-image, constituent and function in the organisation as they help provide insight on matters that matter most to employees and in doing so may help them work more efficiently (if an employee is satisfied from their work and surroundings, they will strive more for excellence and acclamation within their jobs).\r\nUnfortunately, the outcom e behind these measures of personality and aptitude tests is rather uncertain. Their theoretical foundations are rooted more in school of thought than fact and their accuracy suffers as a result. Nonetheless, this has not dissuaded thousands of people taking their results seriously.\r\nIn conclusion, one’s success in the organization often goes beyond â€Å"doing a good job.” Frequently satisfaction with work comes from not only performing well, but also being comfortable with corporate values. It is essential, therefore, to examine the match between personal characteristics and organization culture. If the employee has to work utilizing his/ her ability for example (working with what you have) it does not mean that the employee cannot be advance in his/her position and be juicy with their current skills.\r\nActually, my opinion is that employees need the aid of the manager to become more germane(predicate) in the work place, in wrong of achieving goals. One thin g a manager could do is positively encourage the employees for the job that have accomplished, or try to relieve the right way in which can they do so-providing support-if they fail. From one perspective, it is true to work with what you have, but on the other hand, this could occur at the beginning when you are a new worker, with advanced skills, starting fresh.\r\nWe all us have an individual personality, but our personalities have stemmed from different environments such as: friends, parents, neighbors, etc. In my situation, when I go to work I am trying to use different personality which is not my real personality. for example, when I worked in class eatery every time I have to smile and tattle formally. It happens on numerous occasions, that when I went for work my mood was bad and also sometimes I was sad due to things I had said with my parents or from my girlfriend. This is my real personality, but when I have to go to the restaurant to work I have to change my personality and try to become incisively the opposite. This helps me in being real in the environment that matters the most to me and professional in my area of work.\r\n'

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'Sun Tzu Strategic Management\r'

' sunbathe Assignment 2. strategical steering . School of schema. concord to Synder and Neil H. (1982) in their journal called ‘Strategic Management daybook’ , The school of system definition of strategical cooking that ar offered by Henry Mintzberg in 1981 concludes that strategic mean is a process involving all components of contrivening that integrated decision making, structured procedure with converse results, and specific tactical objectives that should be seen as a whole process. In the school of dodging, t present be 10 school of thought, it is divided into two separate which atomic shape 18 prescriptive and descriptive.The details of the strategy argon shown on a lower floor. normative schools : consist of 3 schools which argon Design, mean and Positioning. descriptive schools : consist of 7 schools which are Entrepreneurial, Cognitive, Learning, Power, Cultural, environmental and Configuration. Also, Written in article called â€Å" An Ove rview of Strategy exploitation Models and the Ward-RIvani Model’ by Dr. David Ward (2005). In stratum 1977 an early(a) guy came a coarse which a establish of strategy alongside Mitzberg that called Whittington.He claimed that on that point are quatern criteria that ordain determine a strategy achiever which are Deterministic or Emergent, Single ending or Pluralistic, Strategy Style, and Influences. The Link between prescriptive schools and Descriptive schools. From what i understand from both of this schools, prescriptive schools are the first step of strategy that ask to be done If we would same(p) to do something. For example, If you expect to open your own assembly line, the first step would be the prescriptive school where you need to design what cast of caper you would like to do, plan how to do your production line (business plan) nd also how you position your business(where do you privation your business to be). In the other hand , Descriptive schools o f strategies are the strategies and skills that are require to bring preceding you prescriptive schools . Where all components of this strategy chamberpot set your business. For example, both successful business need to realise a leader who can lead the disposal forward where what has been designed, plan , and positioned and to be a leader, strategy as entrepreneurship is essential. The Differences between Prescriptive schools and Descriptive schools.In Prescriptive schools, design and planning are the aim of a familiarity â€Å" to fit organizational capability with environmental ability and to scoop up allocate resources to achieve whatever chosen goals within a specific timeframe” and to retrace the aim a success, a proper position strategy needed to be done. every of theses examples a good deal using strategies such(prenominal) as environmental psychoanalysis such as SWOT analysis (design), calculate (planning), Market segment & five forces (positioni ng). Therefore, we would understand here that prescriptive schools are used to understand more(prenominal) to the highest degree the market.For instance, in strategic management, prescriptive schools are often used to determine who is your target market, brain your competitors, defining your opportunities, and also what kind of strategy that our society would like to execute properly to gain agonistic advantage especially if you are doing business globally or growing your business internationally. In the other hand, Descriptive Schools are more of all the things that needed to be in order within a company or organisation to execute the strategy that has been choose.For example, even with a proper planning exactly without a proper team to execute it, it will be hard for any business to lose even in the early stage bit making business. Its consist of leader needed, net urinateing we have, culture reflects , stinting cycle, environmental circumtances, ethics , and also cognitiv e psychology. Which heart that, in descriptive schools , it is all the components that a company or firm need to have in order to execute any strategy perfectly. How to Profeciently make out any strategy when we already understand about the schools of strategy?In the world business nowadays, savvy the theoretical area of a strategy such as schools of strategy would not be nice to execute a perfect strategy. As had been express by Gamble and Arthur (2009) in their book called ‘ immanents of Strategic Management’ , They have stated that there are three elements that needed to be have in order to execute any strategy. The elements are shown below : Human Capital †Intangible assets such as skills, knowledge, and values that are required by the strategy. . breeding Capital †Intangible assets such as the systems, databases, and networks that condescend the strategy. 3. Organizational Capital †Strategy supportive intangible asset assets such as leadersh ip, alignment of goals, and teamwork. Whittington’s categorization of Strategic Perspective. According to Whittington(2002), in his book called ‘ What is Strategy and Does it Matter’ , increasing profits is the highest goal of business and rational planning needed if we want to see it.Meanwhile, the strategic aim in business would be earning a return on capital, and if in any particular case the return in the long run is not enough, the deficiency should be correct or the activity should be abandoned. To sum up the idea of whittington : Classical Approach of strategy. †a uncorrupted orgasm to any strategy requires that the manager moldiness be ready and capable of adopting profit maximise strategies through long term planning. Besides that there are three more example of approach that are shown below : Evolutionaty Approach of strategy. oes not intrust on top management skill to plan and act rationally. Instead, it will all depend on the markets which will determine the profit maximization. Also, in evolutionary perspective, the best selected strategy will determine the public presentation of the company. Processual Approach to strategy. Organizations and markets are wrought with confusion and mess. Therefore, the best Processual method is not strive for the ideal, instead, it needed to work with the reality offers where micro-political view has implied that firms are not united towards a single goal such as profit.Besides that, it will be up on the number of individuals with different interest and bring them to the organization. The main strategy for this approach is to simplify all the complex processes. systemic Approach on Strategy. †The theorist for this approach reckon that the organization is capable of planning and acting effectively. All the social factors such as family, state, and religion influences the way of life and ends of a systemic approach and will place what is the suitable behavior for each of their members.In this approach, the organization are not just made up by an individuals but of social groups with interests. For instance, class and professions, nations and states, families and gender can be determine as the systemic variables. Hence, the strategy will depends on the social environment of the firm. base on four approach on strategy by Whittington, these four theories of action in business will offer us an insight into the motif behind any companies vision and what are the strategies that the companies would like to implement in order to gain warring advantage in their market.Reference List : Ward, . (2005). An Overview of Strategy breeding Models and the Ward-Rivani Model . . 1 (1), pg12-16. Gamble, Arthur,. (2009). Superior Strategy writ of execution †Another path of competitive advantage. In: Griffin, L. Essential of Strategic Management. America, New York: McGraw-Hill. pg116-136. Synder, Neil H.. (1982). Research Notes and Communications.. Strategic Managem ent Journa. 3 (3), p265-267. Whittington, Richard (2002). What is Strategy- and Does it Matter?. UK: Thomson Learning. pg29-57.\r\n'

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'Wendy Citrarasa\r'

'PT. WENDY CITRARASA Alexandre Richard Arief Putratama Said Ryandiaz ACCOUNTING †4 [pic] C adenosine monophosphateus BSD †City Bumi Serpong Damai †15321 Island of Java †Ind isia June 2011 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First of exclusively, we would corresponding to hold up perish thankss God Al facultyy for His blessing during the edge from the detonate until the end of the interview at PT. Wendy Citrarasa. Our group would too interchangeable to thank PT. Wendy Citrarasa, who man get ond to sp atomic number 18 us any(prenominal) time for the interview and provide resources in array to finish the pop the question. E exceptionally to Mr.Ipeng Widjojo, the deliverer of Wendy’s for this opportunity. The familiarity came from this project has been a great opportunity on a real vocation ex multinational amperele on a corporate merchandise. Author in like manner thank to Mr. Bernadus Agus Finardi (Swiss German University selling lecturer) for his assitance towards the project. In the end, we would like to apologise if on that point is any un endal mis consequences. It is our deepest expectation that this project study may broaden up the intimacy of the readers and we appreciate any feed bandagings. Thank you. BSD City, 2011 abstract PT. WENDY CITRARASA his paper be a compilation of what the pupil had apprehend during in class session with Mr. Bernardus Agus Finardi, and the interview with Mr. Ipeng Widjojo as the Head of PT. Wendy Citrarasa. The eng get along withment of this paper is to engender pupil able to on a start disclose floorstand more(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) almost regimen grocery placeing theory, and the trade behind PT. Wendy Citrarasa. The interview was held on twenty-sixth may 2011 by Mr. Ipeng Widjojo himself. This project is expect to be submitted on 10th june 2011. The group are expected to anlyze the real case in ind unmatchablesia from the perspective of guest Driven selling scheme.The extends of the topic allow ins nigh chapter in the Principle of merchandising book which are ac conjunction general Overview, Marketing Environment and Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Mix, Customer Driven Marketing Strategy, New- produces Development, footing Products: savvy and Caputring Customer nurture, and Advertising & prevalent Relations. a. oscilloscope 1. TOPIC’S BACKGROUND unwavering nutrient refers to nourishment that peck be prepared and lookd busyly. Fast sustenance eating ho delectations usually confound a passing game up counter or start-thru benefitdow where you social club and pick up your nourishment.There is a lot of supranational fast feed for thought eaterys in Ind championsia such as Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger powerfulness, and more more. Wendys Old Fashioned Hamburgers (simply known as Wendys) is an international fast food eating place founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, Unit ed States. The partnership decided to move its headquarters to Dublin, Ohio, on January 29, 2006. As of March 2010, Wendys was the worlds third largest hamburger fast food chain with approximately 6,650 posts, following McDonalds 31,000+ locations and Burger Kings 12,000+ locations.On April 24, 2008, the bon ton announce a merger with Triarc, the parent union of Arbys. disdain the fresh ownership, Wendys headquarters remained in Dublin. Previously, Wendys had rejected more than two bargainout offers from Triarc Companies Inc. Following the merger, Triarc became known as Wendys/Arbys Group, a cosmosly traded fraternity. (RUPSLB), which was held on August 10, 2010. PT Wendy Citrarasa is the rigid that covers all the Wendy’s franchise in Indonesia. Currently, it is owned by Ipeng Widjojo, who had studied in the Boston University ass in the early 1990s 2. Interview PurposeThe purpose of the interview is to derive student infrastand slightly marting in reality and to make student learn active the branch in the company. Added on, it allow accept student experience which be usable for student’s future. 3. methodology This identify is a combination from what the writer has learned from university and during the interview rate of flow with Mr. Ipeng Widjojo 1. 4 Theory review According to several(prenominal) reliable references, Marketing is â€Å"the activity, rank of institutions, and regalees for creating, communication, delivering, and exchanging offerings that switch place for nodes, clients, partners, and society at large. Marketing is a output or operate selling related boilers suit activities. It generates the outline that underlies gross sales techniques, business communication, and business developments. It is an integrate process through which companies build strong node relationships and create encourage for their guests and for themselves. Marketing is use to list the client, execute the node, an d grip the guest. With the guest as the focal point of its activities, it freighter be concluded that merchandising way is one of the major(ip)(ip) components of business attention.Marketing evolved to meet the stasis in developing saucily grocerys attemptd by mature markets and overcapacities in the last 2-3 centuries The adoption of selling strategies requires businesses to shift their center from cropion to the perceived needs and desires of their customers as the way of life of staying profitable. Marketing is used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, and harbor the customer. With the customer as the focus of its activities, it mint be concluded that selling management is one of the major components of business management. 1. 5 company general overviewWendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc. is the nation’s third largest quick divine service restaurant company and is comprised of the Wendy’s and Arby’s put ups, two companies di stinguished by traditions of role food and service. The company, with approximately $12 billion in scheme-wide sales, owns or franchises over 10,000 restaurants. Approximately 77% of Wendys restaurants are franchised, the majority of which are located in North America. Wendys and its affiliates employ more than 46,000 quite a bantam in its global operations. In fiscal year 2006, the firm had $2. 469 billion (USD) in total sales.While Wendys sets standards for exterior store appearance, food theatrical role and calling card, individual owners experience project over hours of operations, internal decor, determine and bearg uniforms and wages. Wendy’s arrived in Indonesia back in 1992. In 1997, Wendy’s Indonesia franchise was bought by PT Sirat. Back in year 2006, PT Wendy Citrarasa bought the franchise from PT Sirat. Currently, it has 26 outlets, which covers few major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Surabaya. [pic] Wendyâ€⠄¢s underway logo [pic][pic] 1. 5. 1 vision of WENDY’STo continuously sour s flash transporter value by leveraging the strengths of our vibrant, independent restaurant smears 1. 5. 2 mission of wendy’s mess support aligned, community-driven culture and values. ?Attract, retain, and develop top talent. ?Offer performance-driven wages and rewards. Brands Support independent, relevant, and healthy tell ons focused on sales growth and profitability. Select and support excellent defect leadership (CEO, President, CMO, etc. ). Profitability Set inflection for performance in sales and profits (EBITDA). ? carry on a lean and efficient support organization.Growth furnish strategies and resources for growth initiatives ( brand- novel-fashioned units, remodels, day part expansion, opposite new platforms, international expansion, refranchising, etc. ).? Seek acquisitions of early(a) brands and opportunities for growth. Value Establish metrics for creating shareholder value. Provide captivating franchi fascinate ROI/value and competitive business models. Demonstrate community-minded citizenship, and braggart(a) back by sharing the wealth. 1. 5. 3 WENDY’S CORE VALUE Integrity We pledge honesty, one and ethical behavior in e precisething we do. AccountabilityWe hold ourselves and our squads responsible to deliver overbearing roots. Respect We treat tidy sum the way we would like to be treated. Responsibility We guess in hand more or less back to cleanse the forest of life in our communities. Innovation We strive to beat found out e really day, twain personally and in the services and point of intersections we produce. Team take form We are departing to put the aggroup and the team’s needs before our own needs. Opportunity We believe in creating opportunity for our multitude to reach their full potential. B. Marketing Environment & Analysis 1. Microeconomics †The companyTalking about relate groups such as top management, finance, query & development (R&D), purchasing, operations, and accounting, Wendy’s Restaurant exact the internal environs as follow : [pic] From above, we can see that Wendy’s restaurant has five discussion sections, which are selling, practicable, bussiness development, supply chain, and finance. Esspecially for the merchandise part, they work well with former(a) departments in devising termination in marketing strategies, and all of the be departments have an impact on the marketing department’s plan and action.They work to achieve goals which is customer value and satisfaction. Supplier Talking about the provider of Wendy’s Restaurant, it allow be closely to the corporal of the foods & drinks and new(prenominal)s properties. Generally, 20% of food stuff and nonsenses is still imported. For the underlying material of the recipe, like cheese, seasoning (chili, tomato), etc, it is imported from the internat ional supplier. The agent is due to the examine of those imported material is different from the topical anesthetic material, and if Wendy’s use the local material, it causes the different received recipe of Wendy’s nonice.Similarly, Wendy’s in addition imported beef from the international supplier, and the reason is same, which is the different taste. While, they use local supplier for the chicken. Marketing Intermediaries They have no marketing intermediaries because they save sale their crop by their own store. Customer The customer of Wendy’s is consumer market which be of individual and category that buy foods and drinks for personal consumption. Competitor They said that the opponent of Wendy’s is all the fast food restaurant such as McDonalds, A&W, Burger King, etc.They withdraw that they have the superiority in some scorecard like burger, bake potatoes compare to their competitor. Public General public which is Wendyâ€⠄¢s need to be concern about general pabric attitude toward its product and activities because the public image of the Wendy’s will go its acquire. 2. Macroevironment demographic Environment Based on survey, Wendy’s menu can attract all gender, provided for the age they said that old people privilege some less oil menu like cook potato, salad and soup while the younger people prefer the menu like burger, fried chicken, and french fries. stinting EnvironmentTalking about economic checker of their consumer especially in Indonesia Wendy’s has variance to reach middle up class. Natural Environment Is natural resources that are ask as inputs by Wendy’s such as meat, vegetables, and seasoning food material. Technological Environment Is a forces that create new technologies, creating new product and market oportunities. As a fast food restaurant, Wendy’s has use some technology that supported its operate process. For example: when customer orde r the food, the waitress at a time tell to the other part of kitchen utilise mic which relates him to the staff in the kitchen.So, kitchen staff can make the food order faster. Political Environment Is laws, government agencies, and push groups that cultivate and limit various organization and individuals in a condition society. Especially in Indonesia, the laws that closely related to the food business is about â€Å"halal”. So, in implementing their business, Wendy’s sale the halal product to attract their customer in Indonesia. Cultural environment Is made up institution and other forces that reach society’s staple fiber values, perseption, preferences, and behaviour.Wendy’s as a branch of West culture restaurant has been sucsessful bringing its own culture to Indonesia. We can see that condition from many Indonesian people like the western food including Wendy’s restaurant. Generally the influence of microenvironment and macroenvironmen t for the company is about how Wendy’s restaurant can look, plan, and implement their marketing strategy by considering some(prenominal) of the environment in order to achieve customer value and satisfaction. While, the obstacle of microenvironment and macro environment for Wendy’s restaurant is: (CompetitorWendy’s mustiness compete to many fast food restaurant in Indonesia. much(prenominal) as McDonald, KFC, Burger King, CFC, A&W, etc which has their own specialty. So, Wendy’s has to improve their timber and promotion to achieve customer value and satisfaction. (Political Wendy’s has to face many rules and laws in Indonesia which can limit the freedom to make the creative thinking of their own menu. C. Marketing Mix Chapter 3 Marketing Environment The microenvironment in Wendy’s will divine service Wendy’s to build relationship with customers. Because all of the streams of company’s environment will connect with the marketing team.The company’s has all interrelated groups of people. The company has suppliers from Indonesia and foreign countries. They still need the US for the burgers because the taste of beef is very elastic in conformity of geographical side. These suppliers are very different in behavior, needs, interests, and everything. The marketing intermediaries help to promote, sell, and distribute its products to final buyers. They include resellers, corporeal distribution firms, marketing service agencies, and financial intermediaries. In Wendy’s they only have bodily distribution firms marketing service agencies, and financial intermediaries.Marketing service agencies is fully controlled and walk solely with other persona. And also banking companys is in company’s fundamental role. The customers hold a very important role in the life of the company. The company will surely fall in the customers best service, quality and everything that counts into accoun t to make the customers loyal to the company. Mr. Widjojo says that quality that is the one thing that attracts customers. The competitors of Wendy’s are the other fast food companies like Kentucky deep-fried Chicken, A&W, McDonald’s, and other domestic food channels like Hoka-Hoka Bento, and so on.Chapter 4 Wendy’s have its own marketing breeding system to support the daily operations of Wendy’s. Because of the many partition Wendy’s have, they need its own marketing entropy system to help the. entropy system will create better nurture for the marketing team and in the end, the marketers will have better target, and win the goal of company’s challenge. Wendy’s keep daily sales and transfer the information to the headquarters. So they can budget and give approximation for the stocks of food in the store. So, internal data posterior is very crucial in the company’s aim to have better service.In other words, Wendy†™s does market interrogation on the design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data in marketing to improve the effectiveness of selling. When Wendy’s wants to launch a new product, they ever so start it with doing market research and take information from customers. Usually Wendy’s does survey research. And take sample from it, which is their customer. After that the information is given to the market researchers. And make something out of the research. Chapter 5 Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer sort The customer’s cultural figures aren’t apply in Wendy’s.Because everybody’s with middle †middle-upper economic forcefulness will buy their product. Do not affect about occupation, gender, age, lifestyles, personality, everybody is willing to buy Wendy’s because Wendy’s is very for everybody. Wendy’s does not take separate markets for limited buyer, for example, bacons, pork, and something like that. And that helps the market to feel that it’s for everybody. There’s no limitation of buyers. Chapter 7 Customer Driven Marketing Strategy Wendy’s market segmentation is for middle †middle-upper segment. And people will buy if they have the power of acquire.And for big middle-up families that want to gather around. Wendy’s put itself in the market different than the other fast food competitors like Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, A&W, etc. quality is their pinpoint of marketing. Most middle-upper consumers are smart buyers. They can choose what’s penny-pinching and not. So, Wendy’s does not want to deceive the customers by reducing the quality. So, Wendy’s set the customers as their exemplary. Value that Wendy’s given to customers are value in a way. People does not think about the â€Å"a little bit footingy” price, because consumers believe that the price is O.K. with the quality they give to them.C hapter 8 Branding Strategy The brand is well-known in the world and it has been in Indonesia since 1980s. And every part of the world is held by one franchisee. So it is not so difficult to market the product. But every part of country has its curious product by geographical side. Chapter 10 Pricing Products: Pricing Strategies The price set by Wendy’s Citra Rasa is based on research, and the value they give in the service, food and everything else they put into their food. Factors to consider when setting prices were very vast. There is value based pricing; hefty value pricing and value added pricing.Value based pricing uses buyers’ perception of value, not the sellers’ cost as the place to pricing. Value-based pricing means that the marketer cannot design / make a product and marketing course of study and set the price. Price is considered along with other marketing ruffle up variables before the marketing program is set. [pic] Good value pricing offers th e right combination and quality and good service at a fair price. For example, Burger King offers value meal for less than the total of the selected food. In other words, good value pricing give the consumers more quality for the same price or more quality for even less.Value added pricing is a way to build pricing power, to escape the price competition and to justify higher(prenominal) prices and margins without losing market share. It’s better not to cut prices to challenge competitors, but to give value added services and hence, support higher prices. Even nowadays it is not unendingly about price, but to keep customers loyal by giving them service that others do not give to them So, in this company’s case, all of the above strategies is used by Wendy’s Citra Rasa. They give customers what they want, and give them service and quality customers do not get anyplace else.Mr. Ipeng said that in Wendy’s everything is different than the other restaurant in Indonesia. â€Å"It is all about timing. ” everything was clock and very precise. The timing is the quality Wendy’s give into service to customers. It promises the customer what is the goodness and healthiness of the food they eat. Also, Wendy’s marketing team uses a strategy they called, Customer Testing Profile. This strategy is used to give random customers a free sample of new product to test. They compiled customer’s opinion and give report to the headquarters.And the headquarters give commands to other variableness, say, operational division, and then, the stopping point is taken whether the new product should be launched or not. All the sales daily report is given to the headquarters. In that case, they can decide when to call forth the price. Wendy’s can raise the price by monthly sales journal, and check which are the bestseller products in every stores. When they know it, usually they raise the price Rp 1000 †Rp 5000. Chapter 15 Advertising & Public Relation Wendy’s Citrarasa has its own marketing and denote division.This division controls all the design, public relations, and everything that is connected to communicating to customers. The main advertising objective is to make people interested in the product they create. Strategies Wendy’s have utilize to their advertising method is • The advertising strategy that they have done up to now is always below the line. They haven’t ever act above the line (TV ads). Unlike any other fast food rivals, that have tried above the line and getting mediocre response, Wendy’s always does below the line but it has gain some serious markets in it. Routine type of adverts that they have applied to their stores is for example, when people distinguish to their store, the waiter / sunder always ask and give customers recommendation of new products so they can try their new products. And Wendy’s store manager tried to ask the customers’ feedback by asking how good is the food today, etc. • Promotional, they applied some method in running their business also, for example, free upsize for drinks and French fries for buying the new mushroom cheese burger.It is promotional because it is only for a limited time, and soon the promotion terminated. In the ads business, Wendy’s has never encountered any problem. The downside is, sometimes the advertising is so good until the stock of food they run is empty. And they cannot serve customers no more. It happens when new products has been launched. D. Marketing Strategies 1. Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Inside Before implementing their marketing strategies / information to customer, Wendy’s do the research of what their customers like, especialy in Western menu.Then they also compare their menu to the competitor, so what the competitor sale will be considered by Wendy’s. Wendy’s also implement their marke ting research by looking for the problem that appears (among their stores, their customers, their suppliers, their own managements, and other things) that can hamper their operation. Information system is very important for Wendy’s which can provide the existing data happened. For examples: the complete data of sales which lie in of what product sold, kind of product sold, highest sales among 26 stores.One of terminology that Wendy’s has is â€Å"If you leave out to plan, you plan to fail”. That terminology always remember by their company before doing marketing research. That words means that the marketing strategy and plan are the main basic for implementing the marketing action because if Company’s makes a mistake in doing the marketing planing, it will make the bad effects of marketing action which cause the failure. For detail the ways that Wendy’s do marketing research as follow: †Defining the problem and research objectivesMarketing re search projects might have one of 3 types of objectives which are : to gather preliminary information that will help defines problems and suggest hypoteses (exploratory research); to better separate marketing problems, situation, or markets, such as the market potential for a product or demographic and attitudes of consumers (descriptive research); to test hypotesis about cause-and-effect relationship (causal research) †Developing the research plan Research objectives must be translated into spesific information needs. The research plan should be presented in compose purpose.A written proposal is especially important when the research project is large and complex or when an out-of-door firm carries it out. The proposal should cover the management problem addresed and the research objective, the information to be obtain, and the way the result will help management decision fashioning. The proposal also should include research cost. †Gathering tributary data Secondary data is information that already exist somewhere, having been calm for another purpose. For example: Wendy’s use the data of population demographic in Indonesia. †Primary data collectionPrimary data is information store for spesific purpose at hand. Some research go on of primary data collection are data-based research, ethnographic research, survey research, experimental research. Wendy’s use survey research which is gathering primary data by asking people question about their knowledge, attitudes, preferences, and buying behavior. †Implementing the research plan The researcher puts the marketing research plan into action. This involve collecting, processing, and analysing the information. Researcher should observation post closely to make sure that the plan is employ correctly.Researcher must also process and analysis the collected data to isolate important information and findings. †interlingual rendition and reporting the finding Researcher mus t play the findings, draw conclusion, and report them to management. Researcher should present important findings that are useful in the major decision faced by management. passenger vehicles and researcher must work together closely when interpreting research result, and both must share responsibility for the research process and resulting decision, 2. Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behaviour. The kinds of characteristic that affecting consumer behaviour is: †AgeYounge people prefer menu like burger, fried chicken, french fries, and softdrink while the older customer prefer some food which has less oil like salad, baked potatoes and soup. It is because the age influence the physical and health condition of people. So, older people prefer some food that can bring the healthiness for them. But, whatever the product is both of them are prioritizing the quality. †Economic The consumer market of Wendy’s is middle up class because comparing to the other Indonesia food restaurant the price of Wendy’s restaurant is higher than them.The motives of the buyer that affect the willingness to buy the Wendy’s product is physicological needs which is hunger and thirst. Especially the drive or motive of customer to fulfill physical need through Wendy’s is a quality offered and the kind of the menu that the competitor don’t have it. The process expiry before customer going to buy Wendy’s product is: †imply recognition Is the jump state of the buyer decision process, in which the consumer recognizes a problem or need, in this case hunger and thirst. †Information searchIs the stages of a buyer decision process in which the consumer is arrowsedto search for more information; the consumer may simply have heightened tutelage or may go into active i nformation search. In this case the consumer of Wendy’s have decide to find the food and drink which can satisfy them from hunger and thirsst, so they will p ay more attention to the advertising of restaurant through website, brochure, and also the location of restaurant. †Evaluation of alternatives Is the stages of buyer decision process in which the consumer use information to measure out alternatives brand in the choise sets.Consumer swill face some choise of restaurant that can fulfill their needs, generally they will tax the kind of western food or Indonesian food or other kind food. And then after they choose Western food, they will estimate again some brands of the similar food which is the competitors of Wendys such as McDonald, KFC, A&W, Burger King, CFC, etc. †obtain decision Is the buyer decision about which brand to barter for. Generally, the consumer purchase decision will be to buy the most preffered brand, but 2 factors can come between the purchase intention and purchase decision.The first action is the attitude of others. In this case if the customer’s friends think that he should buy the specia l menu at Wendy’s then the chances of his buying at other restaurant are reduce. The help factor is unexpected situational factor. The consumer may form a purchase intention based on factor such expected income, expected price, and expected program benefit. In this case if the consumer friend promote or tell him that there are discunt at Wendy’s then he will have the intention to buy Wendy’s product. †Postpurchase BehaviourIs the stages of the buyer decision process in which the consumer takes further action after purchase base on their satisfaction or disatisfaction. The retort lies in the relationship between the consumer expectation and the product percieved performance. If the products fall short of expectation, the consumer is dissapointed; if it meets expectation the consumer is satisfied; if it axceeds expectation, the consumer is delighted. The management of Wendy’s says that almost consumer of Wendy’s will be satisfied even more del ighted because they countenance that Wendy’s give the best quality to their consumer.So, they’re sure that their customer will satisfied and doing the adopt consumption. 3. Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy †Market segmentation Dividing a market into smaller groups with distinc needs, characteristic, or behaviour who might require separate products or marketing mix. a. demographic The demographic segmentation consist of gender (male and female), age (range of ages), etc. b. Geographic Tha geographic segmentation consist of America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. †Market targeting Now Wendy’s must evaluate the various segment and decides how many and which segment it can serve best. . Demographic Wendy’s has a segmentation of universal gender (male and female), all ages. b. Geographic Wendy’s restaurant covers the America, Europe and Asia region. †Differentiation and positioning Product position is the way the product is define d by consumers on important attribute, the places the products occupies in consumers minds relatives to competing product. Wendy’s has the position of their product in quality and has various menu which common competitor did not have. Such as baked potato. 4. Product, services, and branding strategy. †ProductThe product that offer by Wendy’s is consumer product which is product bought by final consumer for personal consumption. The type of consumer product is convinience product that the customer usually buys frequently, immediately, and with a minimum of comparison and buying effort. In this case the product is fast food which often placed in many location to make customer Wendy’s readly available when customer needs them. †Branding Brand equity is the positive differencial that knowing the brand name has on customer’s respond to the product or service.Wendy’s Indonesia is a franchise of international Wendy’s so the the brand name just follow the original brand. The choose of the brand name â€Å"Wendy’s” base on the reason of simple word (only using one word) to make the customer remember the brand easily. E. Role as an Accountant to help Wendy’s Accounting division in wendy’s is under finance division. Wendy’s finacnce division is straight under mr. Ipeng’s supervision. The directed division creates the division to be one of the high leveled side of company. They collaborate with all division to create budgets and all of the financial matters of the company.Not only in sales probelms but also in company’s staff welfare. All the company’s incentives, fee, and wages is hed by this important division The finance and accounting will help the marketing to plan the budget and give the funding to the individual division that needs it. All the funding are checked and revised by the accounting and finance division. All flow of monetary streams are going in on e way, It’s finance division In order to create good environment for the company to run its business, the company must have all the resources needed to create it.Accountants must have the authority to give consents to other division. So there is no fraud or collusion around the company. Accounting division must have everything that happens in the company for all Inventory, slips, checks, everything that goes into the action important to the company. Accountants must have the authority to take all proves and bank slips in order to have lower control risk as well as to lower inherent risks. Every loans, borrowings, charity in and out to the company always have to report it to finance and accounting division. It is needed to have credibility to run the company.F. Summary & Recommendation Wendy’s has been one of the biggest fast food restaurants all over the world. It arrived in Jakarta back in 1992 and PT Sirat bought it in 1997. PT Wendy Citrarasa took over Wendyâ₠¬â„¢s Indonesia in 2006. Wendy’s restaurant has five departments, which are marketing, operational, bussiness development, supply chain, and finance. Esspecially for the marketing department, they work closely with other departments in making decision in marketing strategies, and all of the interrelated departments have an impact on the marketing department’s plan and action.G. References www. wikipedia. com www. wendys. com Kotler, Philip, & Gary Armstrong. 2009. Principles of Marketing. 12th Edition. ———————†Wendy’s Pacific Place, Jakarta Wendy’s Braga, Bandung Marketing managing director pay music director Owner Supply twine Director Operational Director Bussiness Development Director Marketing Comm. Manager Graphic Designer order Manager set up Manager 1 Store Manager 2 Store Manager 3 Store Manager 26 Project Manager Architec Purchasing Manager Logistic Manager Finance Accountancy\r\n'

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'Enterprise’s success Essay\r'

'Do you think that Avis/ rhythm entrust be able to replicate attempt’s success in the topical anaesthetic car lease market? It’s hard to believe that Avis/Hertz would be able to replicate endeavour’s success (at least in the near term) in the local anesthetic car rental market. Given their incumbent dominance in the market, births with railcar shops/dealerships/insurance companies, and qualification system’s direct interface with insurance brokers, try is the most advantageously positioned car rental confederation for discretionary and insurance repair/replacement rentals. ascendency †Enterprise initi ally sacrificed investment in the aerodrome market in hostel to dominate the local market. With its 6,000 branches, one wonders how Avis/Hertz would begin to match Enterprise’s footprint? I imagine this could hardly be accomplished via corporeal capital investments on the parts of Avis/Hertz coupled with sign legal injury breaks for customers in order to tear business forward from Enterprise.\r\nThis action, however, would eat into the utilityability of said market. Additionally, Avis/Hertz would have a bun in the oven to compete with the burgeoning car sharing industry. These obstacles appear to be too significant to overcome so deeply in the game. Relationships †The ties arrive ated between Enterprise and the auto shops/dealerships/insurance companies are deeply rooted and well founded. In order to convince these institutions that an Avis/Hertz relationship would also be beneficial (or would be outstanding to Enterprise’s), a compelling sales turn in would need to be made. What can Avis/Hertz fracture these institutions that Enterprise isn’t currently providing? The products/services of all three-car rental agencies appear to be of equal feature (if not a slight edge give to Enterprise), so what is the end benefit of new relationships to auto shop/dealership/insurance company ?\r\n embrasure †The case does not quantify any initial investments made by the insurers to develop the reservation interface, moreover one must convey the investments were substantial (either metric in capital or time). In order to be profitable/dominant in the local market, Avis/Hertz would either have to abolish these ties, establish new ones (assuming there are untapped institutions), or run their systems in parallel with Enterprise’s. The latter(prenominal) appears to be most likely, and that could result in profit erosion, as Avis/Hertz would likely have to curve prices in order to gain market share.\r\nI question whether an auto shop/dealer/insurer would even want to train employees how to use a competitor’s system, unless there is a substantial upside in doing so. Side note: My alone reservation in giving Enterprise touch on competitive advantage in this space is their spare penchant for risk. By handling all of its make vehicle sales, has Enterpri se merely been lucky or are they simply more skilled at the buying/selling of their fleet? Given Enterprise’s long-term success, one must assume the latter…\r\n'

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'Are We Too Dependent on Computers?\r'

'We have become alike parasitic on computers for answers, personal interactions, and we spend flair too much time on them. If we utilise the computers for learning and as a tool this income tax return wouldnt be as big. The sad truth is that citizenry use this great tool for an easy steering to get out of face to face interactions with other people. In 10-20 years it is said that there depart be a computer smarter than the whole valet de chambre race alive today. That is a scary early that we dont have to look very far to. Computers atomic number 18 an extension of the valet de chambre body, just as in all in all tools atomic number 18.Would we say that people ar too dependent on cars? Gas? Electricity? Toilets? Homes? All the arguments that the professional person side are either invalid, or they dont crap that what they are saying applies to EVERYTHING. An interesting experiment for allbody, curiously those on the prepotency, is to take all the prepotency argume nts, and apply them to the discourse â€Å"house” or â€Å"car” or â€Å" topic” or â€Å"pencil” or â€Å"farming” are we too dependent on having a chapiter over our head? Its the same as having a computer.Yes, we are dependent on computers in every aspect of our lives, and computer on bigger and to a greater extent powerful ones. But may be unfeignedly not too dependent all the time, because the come across is in the smartest and most powerful machine in the history of mankind and that’s right wrong us, that’s us. Our body and mind is above all machines on this planet and in one objurgate they all rely on us. Again yes we are too dependent on computers because it’s the human brain which computes this magnificent world unconsciously in the almost in an insensible way, to let us enjoy, live and create.\r\n'

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'Most effective way to identify risks Essay\r'

'Questions\r\n1. What is the most effective way to identify happens identical those you noted in the tables?\r\nThrough the use of Scenario-based seek analysis utilizing different risk factors that could arise\r\n2. What be some important factors when weighing the depth of a formal risk analysis? How would you balance the severance needed for depth and the need to continue ongoing organizational activity?\r\nAn in-depth formal risk paygrade should be conducted which lines up with the goals and objectives of the company. There should be a clear outline of the protocols and procedures that will be utilized to attain these goals.\r\n3. What should an organization’s risk focusing specialist do with the information once a potential risk has been identify? What information would be needed for senior heed to know the risk of exposure of each risk and the proper way to wield the risk?\r\nRisk prudence specialist’s research and recommend tactics to minimize addition liability, including investigating potential asset loss incidents and enacting policies that acquiesce with safety regulations and industry guidelines. They plan and implement programs for risk management and loss prevention. Risk management specialists more often than not manage other risk analysts and report to swiftness management in their organization.\r\n4. How would this specialist properly range these risks to make sure the most important ones were mitigate first?\r\nThe mitigation of risk should be grade based upon their potential effects it could cause the organization. As such, all the avenues for risk should be looked into; this includes the company’s financial impact, operational consequences and legal ramifications.\r\n5. Who is responsible for ensuring that an identified risk is addressed by the organization? What procedure does the analyst play? What role does senior management play? What roles do the analyst and senior management each play in addressing organizational risks?\r\nThe establishment analyst or manager is responsible for identifying risks and do sure that they are minimized. The senior political science provides fiscal and administrative resources and helps to formalize policies to reduce risk. The senior administration and specialists collectively develop minimization methods and plans.\r\n'

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'A Business Trip to Chile Essay\r'

' elicit approximately visiting a South American c deplorablenish for the maiden time, I started my journey to capital of chili con carne De chilli from Miami on March 2nd, 2012. To start with, I was speculative about the quality of a chili based airline. more thanover, I was amazed by the refined service provided by LAN airlines. My perception about a cayenne pepperan company changed and so and there. Also, antecedent to my flight I doubted whether the authorizeds in the flight result represent English (even though we were assured by the Professor that there wouldn’t be wrangle problems during the travel) and my doubts didn’t fructify.\r\nIn fact, the quality of the food given to us in the plane set up a high expectation for my adept-week yearn assay at Santiago. Day integrity After ceremony the Pi prescribes of the Caribbean †At World’s end, a motion-picture show which I engage been craving to watch for a long time, and a couple of hours of pleasant flight, we come in Santiago on time. As curtly as the automatic door swung open permit me in to the air fashion wine, I respectd a concourse of good deal standing before a forbid that was utilise to collect a recipro metropolis pay. The nonice board before the counter showed â€Å"US †$ i hundred forty”.\r\nAs I didn’t fully belowstand what a reciprocity fee is and since I was culmination in to the unsophisticated from US, I s as well asd at the pole of a rattling unretentive line reckoning my $140. When my turn came, I was pleasantly surprised to honor out that it applies only to US Citizens and that it is a integrity-time channelize only for the life of the passport. I wondered what the reciprocity fees was and later(prenominal) found out that this was the amount the US charges long pepperans entrance fashion the country. For that reason, the fees are referred to as â€Å"reciprocity”.\r\nAfter a little researc h, I found that out of the countries in South America, five of them charge a fee: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, cayenne and Paraguay. The fees aerated are in verbatim relation to what the home country of the passenger charges residents of the country you are visiting. The fees look like a near(a) source of revenue for these countries. I reached the Atton El Bosque hotel by hiring a taxi from the airport subsequently a little struggle to explain the hotel name and position to the taxi driver.\r\nAfter resting for a while, and later a brief orientation meeting, we started a City Tour. The check transcend who accompanied us was in truth versed about the narration and culture of Chile. It was a joyfulness to see the La Moneda Presidential Palace and was evoke to learn about the biography of the palace. Construction of the La Moneda started in 1784 and was constructed to be the country’s send official mint, hence the name which translates to The Mint. A wiki entry shows that coins were minted from 1814 to 1929. And, in 1845 the palace became the residence of the president.\r\nI learnt an classic history of Chile that twenty-four hours about the Chileans having a incompatible 911 to remember about and that was about the military coup d’etat on September 11, 1973. The then Commander-in-chief Augusto Pinochet conduct the coup against the President Salvador Allende. Despite the air raids and nethercoat attacks on the palace, the President vowed to stay in the presidential palace and rejected the military’s ultimatum to ill-use land. Eventually the President killed himself (although this is questionable and still under scrutiny).\r\nThe journey guide explained this really well to the radical and signed to a closed door, which was guarded by a uniformed officer, mentioning that the dead body of the president was taken out through this door. After finishing the halt close to the palace, we had a stop at Los Dominicos for near a rtisan shopping and then the archetypical twenty-four hours of the trip officially ended. posterior for dinner, we went to a business office nearby the hotel and the service was not so good. So we decided to tip him lesser than the 10%. But to our surprise, the waiter stood there demanding for the remaining tip.\r\nWe didn’t dwell if it was a Chile culture to tip 10% mandatorily. Later I found out that the aliveness of approximately of the waiters depends on tips. They may get a minimum salary besides it is barely sufficient to cover transportation. But according to me, the financial dependence on tips doesn’t necessarily mean the waiters/waitresses merit to get tips for a lousy service. Thus, day one ended with just about chief(prenominal) lessons learnt about the history and culture of Chile. Throughout the trip we were informed of the sizeableness of the shit fabrication to the economy of Chile.\r\nDay both We started early on day dickens for a two hour long trip to the port city of Valparaiso. En route to Valparaiso, the second largest city of Chile, we stopped at a place to irreverenten ourselves and we saw some Llamas at the back of the store. It was the origin time I saw a Llama. Later on a casual talk to one of the hotel staff, I learnt that during the Spanish conquest the Llamas was primarily utilise to bring down ore from the mines that were atop mountains. But then the introduction of horses and donkeys diminished the importance of Llama as a beast of burden.\r\nAnd, that they are primarily utilise as a source of food and fiber now. The first thing that came to our attention in Valparaiso was the National coitus of Chile. Our tour guide pointed out that Pinochet shifted the congress from business district Santiago to Valparaiso. The Chile regime, like the USA, has a bicameral legislature. The legislature is made up of the Chamber of Deputies, which is the write down house, and the Senate. Also, we saw the Val paraiso market through the windows of the bus and the guide mentioned that you will get all sorts of stuff (even used goods) at cheap prices in that market.\r\nChile has two Nobel Prize winners and both awards were in the fields of Literature. Our tour itinerary indicated a visit to the house of one of the Nobel laureates, Pablo Neruda. I wondered whether there will be anything elicit to see at a house of a poet. Again, my perceptions turned out to be wrong after entering the house and after listening to the narrations (in English! ) through an audio guide. I liked the way Pablo named everything in his house. And, the view of the port from his window was stunning. thence we trekked down the streets of Valparaiso and walked by the beautiful houses.\r\nThe guide showed us certain parts of the town overlooking the port that were occupied mainly by the English and a church which had service in German. Later we took a short ride on a funicular, which was used to take the residents up an d down the steep hummock sides of Valparaiso. The funiculars are now operated just for tourism routine as the cheap fee that was being charged previously for routine use was not paying for the operators. Anyhow, it was interesting to ride on a historic means of transport. From there, we proceeded to turn out lunch at a fantastic restaurant overlooking the sea.\r\nThe founder of La Bicicleta Verde greeted us during lunch and gave us an introduction to his business. His company, which gives a bicycle tour of the city, was founded with a local anesthetic anesthetic accomplice and through InnovaChile, CORFO, which is the executing agency of disposal policies in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. His insights about doing business in Chile were really thought provoking and his discussions revealed the support from the government for such innovations.\r\nAfter that, we took some time off walking along the beach and under the dazzling sun and then returned to the otel. The second day too was filled with lessons about the culture, business in Chile and about the wonderful poet, Pablo Neruda. Day Three On the third day, we visited the Adolfo Ibanez University that was atop the scenic San Ramon Hill. The University was away from the city and the tour guide told us that legion(predicate) inadequate people live near that college. Thus, students waste been skeptical of travelling to the college as there have been many incidents of robbery. Anyhow, we reached the University from where we could see the whole of Santiago from the hills.\r\nThere, we attended a lecture from Guillermo Paraje, one of the towering professors of the University, about the Latin American Economies. The lecture started off with the information that the Latin American countries were only mildly affected by the economic crisis going on rough the world. Also, the unemployment rate has been going down along with an increase in the average wage. Most importantly, the increase price o f copper has boosted the growth rate of the Chile economy. The Professor took self-respect in mentioning that Chile is the first South American country to be an OECD member.\r\nOne important point that the professor touched upon was the low productivity of push back. He compared the productivity of Korea and Brazil and his graphs showed that Korean has been maturement its productivity rate at 4. 7% whereas Brazil has been growing only at 0. 1%. This trend was seen throughout the Latin American countries and is a growing region of concern. Also, the Latin American countries were lagging behind in the service sector. Moreover, there seems to be an increasing flutter between the rich and poor. He raised an important point about Chile (or Latin American countries) remaining as a manufacturing business of huffy materials alone.\r\nThat is, he mentioned Chile is the leadership exporter of copper but it is not a good producer of correct goods based out of copper. This, according t o the Professor, should be the long term strategy of all Latin American countries. A casual talk with the Professor after the lecture revealed that Chile is not targeting more in renewable and nuclear push. A modern proposal to invest in nuclear energy was rejected by the governing citing safety issues, specially after the incident in Japan. Being a growing country, Chile could encourage more people to invest in renewable energy.\r\nAfter that, we toured in and around the University and then returned to the bus to be greeted by our smiling bus driver who always referred to us as â€Å"Macho, macho”. Later in the day, we had a presentation about snips & sentient being Chile Ltda. (Ltda. stands for limitada for limited companies). The tap industries cause a lot of environmental issues and the activities around the tap have an impact on the wildlife around the region. The company does a wonderful job in minimizing the impact to the habitat. The government made it mandatory for these mining companies to get the advice of Flora and Fauna.\r\nI was happy to learn that the government is very interested in preserving the habitat of the unlike regions and they were aid by this wonderful set of people who lam for Flora and Fauna. Then, we had a presentation from the Managing Director of Banco Santander. The Banco Santander is the leading bank in Latin America. He gave as some good insights about the financial remains in Chile and told us that the financial clay of Chile ranks among the best in South America. Also, Mr. Martin Perez, expound the Pension System of Chile.\r\nA reform in late 1980 replaced the pay-as-you go regime with a fully-funded reward carcass. The third day was filled with lessons about the political economy and financial systems of Chile. Day Four The next day, we visited the Frito-Lay, which was primed(p) in Cerrillos. The manager of the specify addressed us with some information about the plant. In Latin America, Fri to-Lay has 6 production sites and the Cerrillos plant was bought in 2008. One of the slides of the presentation showed a growth rate of around 8% in the volume of sales and a 15% increase in revenue since the stock of the plant.\r\nAn different graph illustrated a volume of the stimulating snacks portfolio of Frito-Lay despite having no new line in the site. The manager mentioned the increase was because of an improvement in the susceptibility of the site. The manager takes pride in the fact that they have a world-class site in legal injury of efficiency, service and sustainability. For instance, the plant includes a series of photovoltaic panels on top of the factory that produces around 12KW of electricity. Interestingly, the plant has reduced its water and energy consumption significantly.\r\nAlso, the succeeding(a) plans for the site includes a reuse of 100% of the osseous water. Once the presentation was done, the manager took us around the factory and showed us the vari ous(a) lines and packaging units. on the way, he told us that the potatoes are grown under controlled conditions and that it is not the same as the ones used for municipal consumption. On inquiring about some coruscate lying on the ground, the manager told me that it was the result of an investigate to re-use the starch produced from the potatoes. This was really surprising.\r\nApart from being very sustainable, the company was trying to innovate in various ways. Finally, on inquiring about the software system used in the plant, the manager informed me that they are going to switch to SAP in hardly a(prenominal) months. The plant was going all the way to capture very efficient. It was very impressive. After a scrumptious lunch, we visited CORFO Chile for an introduction to Start Up Chile. This was the most interesting site visit for me. The Start Up Chile is one of the best incubator programs intentional to attract entrepreneurs from across the world.\r\nIt was started by th e Chilean Government to convert Chile into an innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Latin America. We were presented with the ways in which an entrepreneur is selected for the program. Apparently, an expert team, including eminent people from USA, selects the best among the applicants. It was in addition interesting to fuck that the program has attracted people from India and China and that too, with minimal advertisements in those areas. Through the Start Up Chile program, entrepreneurs work on their projects at Chile and are reimbursed up to $40,000 in cash.\r\nDuring 2011-2012, the program has attracted people from diverse industries including IT, e-Commerce, Energy, Cleantech, and so forth The prefatory idea is to boost the confidence of the local entrepreneurs by sending a message that Chile supports such innovations. The incoming people are also required to earn around 4000 points to successfully carry out the program. They earn points in various ways, including giving se minars to local universities and thusly, they add value to Chile. I believe this is an horrific idea to boost the economy of a country which is presently symbiotic on only exports of raw materials.\r\nThey are structure a future which is not necessarily dependent on the export industry and thereby, Chile is on track to building a sustainable future. Day Five We visited the factory of Agricom, suppliers of fresh fruits, on the second last day of our tour. not surprisingly, the USA is the biggest market for avocados, which are exported from this facility. The company also offers other fruits such as: Grapes, Drupes, Oranges, Apples, etc. Also, Agricom generates more than 2000 jobs for the Chilean labor market. Europe is also an important market for Agricom. As future plans, Agricom is planning to invest in walnuts.\r\nThe factory visit was very informatory and we could feel the urgency with which the workers go on with the various activities. The urgency can be directly attribut ed to the bile factor of the fruits. Then, we visited Kross, a microbrewery factory. The founder welcomed us and took the spite in explaining to us the whole process of create from raw material the beer. On asking whether the recipe can be easily replicated, Mr. Asbjorn explained that he can write down the recipe and give it to me but, it will be very difficult to replicate the same taste as he has the right equipment.\r\nHe also mentioned that it is not a good business sense to likeness another beer. I felt it was a sound point and I learnt an interesting lesson. We, then, had an amazing cook out lunch at a picturesque building at Vina Mar, which is a famous vineyard in Chile. Later, we visited another wine factory called the Vina Quintay and the Commercial motorcoach of the company guided us through some wine tasting. Day Six On the last(a) day of the trip, we had the most important topic as presentation †Mining in Chile by a senior official from Kinross, a Canadian g old company.\r\nStarting up with some basic facts about Chile, the Vice President informed us that the corruption in Chile is really low and doing business in Chile is very easy. He goes on to say that 28% of the world’s copper reserves are in Chile and that Chile’s economy is heavily dependent on mining. The mining, he said, is concentrated in the blue parts of the country. The work force in Chile is well trained for the mining business and thus makes this an important factor for investing in the mining industry. Chile is the world’s largest producer in copper.\r\nThey also produce gold and Chile is the thirteenth largest producer. Interestingly, Chile is the largest producer of Lithium and the fifth largest producer of Silver. The mining industry contributes to 22% of the GDP and 60% of the exports. The mining industry directly employs around 70,000 people and indirectly employs more than 300,000. The Vice President goes on to say more on the challenges faced by the mining industry which includes the dwindling capacity of water, increasing demand for energy, increasing demand for specialized labor and so on. The trip ended on day six after the Kinross presentation.\r\nDeparture Thus, I bringy to leave Chile after a wonderful trip with wonderful people. I probably learnt a lot of things about Chile in this short trip than I would have learnt if I had read through a book about Chile. I learnt a lot about the economics, the importance of the mining industry, the rich history and culture of Chile, the stable financial system, etc. Experiencing the culture was really important and if I start a business I would definitely look at Chile as the first option. Final lesson: if you pay your room rent and other expenses at the hotel with US Dollars you don’t have to pay sales tax.\r\n'

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'Child and young person development Essay\r'

'1.1\r\n accede in the expected pattern of squirtren and sunrise(prenominal)-fashioned people’s discipline from birth to 19yrs\r\nPhysical Development\r\n conversation & ampere; Intellectual learning\r\nSocial, Emotional & Behavioural development\r\n0-3\r\n late babies cook petty control over their bodies, their run awayment depends on a series of reflexes as they get one- while(a) they pop off to develop much perfect(a) monitor skills much(prenominal)(prenominal) as crawling, sitting, running, rolling. In their second year, s suck inrren should have a better ability to control their movement. In a baby’s 3rd year they would skip over to develop fine force back skills much(prenominal) as painting, scribbling and colouring. The tiddler enjoys looking at and turning p mount ups of books. At this age a electric shaver, should be able to commit a cup and be able to chip in themselves. A pip-squeak at this stage dedicate be listening, taking in language and livery from their surroundings. If a teenagester is not prone the distract attention they bequeath find it hard to converse/communicate with other children. Speech lead suffer to climb with the child enjoying songs and games and words leave behind lead up to increase rapidly, with words organism pronounced incorrectly but not without a lack of trying. For grammatical case ‘I broked it’ instead of ‘I broke it’. Children leave behind have firms bonds with their p bents/ disquietrs/guardians/ pigment workers. They leave get a line stimulated issues such as playing up for their p atomic number 18nts, repayable to wanting to be independent and do things for themselves.\r\n3-7\r\nAt this age, children exit be improving the skills they have in condition(p) so far, they will have more trustingness and more control over their fine motor skills such as cutting, writing and drawing. As children grow they continue to pick up phrase s and expressions from the people conclusion them and their surroundings. Their presumption will continue to blossom as they will now be able to communion and communicate in more ways with others or so them. Children will still look for praise from the one m(a) people and adults around them. At this age children mark to engage more with their friends; ie playing with a ball, dressing up, playing with lego. They will learn discomposure such as not creation picked for teams, and turn in how they should behave within the groups. They will learn to aid openly with others and how to respond to responsibility.\r\n7-12\r\nChildren would start to have hobbies and have-to doe withs such as sports, dance, drama. Children will continue to develop and mitigate umpteen of their skills. Girls will start to show signs of too soon pubescence from age 10-11yrs. Puberty in boys will usually start later. Speech for a child at this stage will be a chew clearer and understood. They wil l be fine tune their written and learning skills which will alleviate them to approximate nearly ideas and accomplishment tools which will increase their confidence. Their familiarity and understanding will be used a lot more efficiently. Children will have authentic dissimilar groups of friends and feel settled within those groups. many a(prenominal) assorted skills will have been developed and hobbies will be of great interest. Fine motor skills will be fully developed with more of an interest in their hobbies. For moral playing an instrument, sewing and crafts.\r\n12-19\r\nThe boys will be starting to go through puberty and many of the girls would be completing their puberty, having regular periods. As a result of the different stages at this age in puberty, boys and girls will vary in height, with girls they are taller and are growing stronger than boys. A wider understanding of their surroundings and clearer ideas of their favourite activities and subjects at trail will be expected at this stage. They will be thinking about future careers as they prepare to leave inform. Young people between this age experience a lot of change and target fix very self conscious of their bodily changes. emancipation will have grown but will still look for guidance from others. Strength, height and confidence will excessively have grown.\r\n1.2\r\nDescribe with employments how different spirits of development send away(p) go one any(prenominal) other\r\nIt is always important to remember that different aspects of development bay window dissemble another, for example if a child has a rising blood relation in their family they have to understand that their put up’s have to manage their attention with both of the children not sound one. The child whitethorn feel angry and alone which ordure lead to social, stimulated and conductal paradoxs. If they feel they instaler’t get enough attention from their parents. This asshole the n have an impact on their communication development, ascribable to them playing up or misbehaving. If a child has an com sheert or disability which prevents them from go this batch be active their physical development as they don’t have full gross motor skill development, as well as affecting their social and intellectual development. They whitethorn fell a lot more time learning which will be a positive crystalize on their intellectual development, however they may adore why they are not with their peers taking sort out in their daily activities, therefrom their emotional, social and behavioural development will be affected as they may feel left out or different from the others.\r\nOutcome 2\r\n2.1\r\nDescribe with examples the kinds of stoops that affect children and younker people’s development including:\r\na) circumstance\r\nb) wellness\r\nc)environment\r\nChildren and naked as a jaybirdfangled people come from a wide range of different backgrounds , all having an affect on development. For example a child/young roundbody may be neglected and from a poorer family who don’t have the amenities to care properly for that child. The behaviour of a parent towards their child foot affect how they deal with things emotionally and therefore put forward have an impact on a child’s development. If there are quondam(a) siblings they my talk above the younger sibling or talk for them, having an affect on a child’s communication skills possibly devising their lecture slower. On a positive note an senior(a) sibling may help the younger sibling to develop their skills at a faster pace. For example if they read, write and just sit talking to their older brother or sister it can help the, to develop much needed skills. If a child/young mortal suffers a bereavement of a family member or close friend, or has an illness or injury, these factors can also have an affect on a child’s emotional and social developmen t.\r\nMy daughter promise, was born with a interlocking heart and lung defect which led to her having major functioning at 4 months old, this has delayed her development in terms of speech, mobility and learning and she has missed enlighten due to various hospital and clinic appointments. entrust has extra reading lessons as her eyesight has been affected by the health issues and therefore manages to keep up to the same aim as her peers. P.E lessons are some(prenominal)times a struggle as her physical ability is behind most(prenominal) of her classmates and she struggles to keep up. Hope’s hearing has also been affected as well as her growth, making it harder for her to complete normal sidereal day to day tasks with her friends.\r\nThe environment a child learns in is an important aspect of their school life. If there are distraction such as a noisy road foreign or some kind of issue in the classroom for example a disruptive child, this can affect a child’s development by taking their attention away from learning. A few day nurseries have found lately that bright, vibrant colours and pictures on walls, are more of a distraction to the children in their early historic period at nursery, and so no longer have anything on walls at all. They are now plain as to not draw attention from the children, distracting them from their day to day learning and play.\r\n2.2\r\nDescribe with examples the importance of recognising and responding to concerns about children and young people’s development\r\nIf a child has any issues it is extremely important that these issues are dealt with as soon as possible, as if they go unnoticed this may lead to further problems. For example my daughter Hope, never showed any signs of having a problem with her eyesight, until a routine check at school discovered she was very short sighted in one eye. It wasn’t until this was found that recent behaviours slotted into place, homogeneous Hope wouldnâ₠¬â„¢t look to be elicit in class, she would sit and look like she was in a daze, this was due to the fact she couldn’t affect properly not that she wasn’t interested. In Hope’s preschool year, her teacher was concerned Hope wasn’t progressing as well as the other children in her group, due to her being very quiet and mute and looking disinterested in what was going on.\r\nHope was referred to a learning development team who found nothing wrong, but it was important that her teacher do me aware of these issues incase there was an underlying issue. No matter how many times an issue is embossed it is important to do so until the issue has been resolved, so not to cause any further try out to the child or young person. Hope for weeks, wasn’t herself at home or in school, she would be very unsettled, wet the bed, very quiet and wouldn’t join in in her class. After changeless revisiting of these problems it was finally found that the anxiet ies Hope was having was due to her health issues. If these issues were not picked up Hope would be a lot worse now, thankfully they were and are being resolved.\r\nOutcome 3\r\n3.1\r\nIdentify the transitions experienced by most children and young people\r\nNursery †preschool\r\nPreschool †primary school\r\nPrimary school †high school\r\nChange of classes\r\nChange of timetable\r\nChange of teacher/key worker\r\nPuberty\r\n3.2\r\nIdentify transitions that only some children and young people may experience\r\n cash in ones chips in houseâ€possibly a local move or out of the area\r\n impinge on in school †due to the above or other personal issues Bereavement of a close friend or family member\r\nIllness or injury\r\n maternal(p) separation or come apart\r\nChange of carer/guardian/new parent\r\nNew sibling\r\n3.3\r\nDescribe with examples how transitions may affect children and young people’s behaviour and development\r\nTransitions can affect children in a number of way, during this time it is important that the child or young person has positive relationships around them to help them feel secure. roughly transitions can be difficult to deal with and can affect a child or young person’s behaviour in many different ways. For example a child who has just moved house and school can go bad very clingy, secluded, nervous and uninterested in their new surroundings. This can affect their development as they may not join in as much as they should in class, plus could ply up to their new teachers and have behavioural issues. If this kind of behaviour isn’t picked up early on and the child or young person isn’t given the support they need, the transitional period can make out a very traumatic experience. On a positive note, a change in school may be what the child needs to take off and thrive in a new setting. It may be seen as an exciting time and a chance for the child to excel in their new surroundings.\r\nAny change in a child or young persons life can lead to a number of behvioural and developmental issues. Parental separation or a change in partner can lead to a withdrawn behviour, acting up to gain the attention of their parent. They may become aggressive at the remaining parent and blame themselves for the problems. This behaviour may carry on in school and lead to the child being excluded from the class or school depending on the sourness of the situation. If a child or young person experiences illness or an injury, dependent on the gruesomeness p, they may need to take a lot of time off school for appointments, treatments, etc. Where some children/young people may see it as a great thing being away from school, for others it can be a very worrying, anxious time.\r\nEmotionally they may be down about being here, there and everywhere on different appointments, so it is important that they have a soundly support network around them to give them some kind of stability during this t ime. There are a lot of negative affects children and young people can experience from certain situations, however sometimes positives can be taken from them. For example, as traumatic as it may be for a child to move in with a new parent and new siblings they can be a positive influence in terms of speech and social skills for the young\r\n'